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AMC by Jennifer

Right when Babe gives her speech that she wants to welcome Bianca into her family as her child's godmother but fails to admit that she knows her baby is really Bianca's, Kendall throws a tantrum about what that lying tramp has done to her sister. Ryan tells her she's only venting about her anger over his marrying Greenlee. Tad catches Krystal privately crying, and tells her he knows there's something going on that she's not telling.

Adam tells JR that he needs to appear as the perfect husband and father in order to successfully pull off his plan to take his baby from her mother. Brooke notices Adam's unnatural calmness and courtesy toward Babe and tells him she does not buy it and knows he's up to something.

ATWT by Linda

Allison and Chris move into Susan’s house, despite the awkward greeting. A country club worker searching for Margo interrupts doc and Margo. Tom is waiting for his wife at the bar and startles her, asking her if anything is wrong. She replies no and they go home to make love. Margo reaffirms her love for Tom, Doc clearly disappointed she left with her husband.

Dusty still evades Hal’s questions despite pleas from Lily and Molly. After Hal has left, Dusty readies his pistol, Molly begging him not to go after Starzyak. Dusty tells her the less she knows the better and leaves with his gun. Craig convinces Lucy to stay one more day so he can properly say goodbye. Jordan and Jennifer visit Cabot despite Roseanna’s misgivings.

B&B by Susann

Stephanie and Kristen have an extended conversation about the havoc Brooke Logan Forrester Forrester Forrester has wreaked on the Forrester family. Complete with way cool flashbacks. Kristen thinks Stephanie needs to forgive. Stephanie says forgiveness is overrated. Maya and Ridge are on their way to the Marone’s in Ridge’s car, with Maya protesting all the way. Brooke and Nick are saying their vows. Family, devotion, forsaking all others, the usual stuff. Eric comes home and he and Stephanie have a conversation about Ridge and Brooke too. Stephanie wants to go out to dinner and invite Ridge, Eric doesn’t see cause for a celebration. Ridge and Maya pull up at the gate of the Marone mansion. Gregory the gatekeeper refuses to let them in, until Ridge threatens him. As Nick is putting the ring on Brooke’s finger, Ridge bursts in the door dragging Maya by the arm and yelling STOP!! He starts with the accusations against Nick, gets everyone in a turmoil, and is asked to leave by Massimo. Ridge refuses. Ridge and Brooke look at each other with despair and misery.

Days by Danielle

Crystal tries to hit on Brady and John, much to Nicole’s disdain. John wants to know more about Crystal, thinking she could be Nicole’s accomplice in Victor’s murder. Nicole urges Crystal to leave town. John urges Brady to move out of the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole tells Crystal about her plan to break up Chloe and Brady, starting with getting the Kiriakis heirs to fight over where the charitable foundation’s funds should go. Philip continues to comfort Belle, wishing that she’d forget about Shawn.

Patrick convinces Jennifer that Celeste’s prediction was wrong. Jennifer receives a call and e-mail message from who she believes to be Jack but no one believes her. Julie tries to convince Jennifer that Patrick and Bonnie are trying to manipulate her. Patrick receives a warning that Jennifer is about to die from his acquaintance. Sami puts her plan to hurt Kate into action. Sami meets with Kate to apologize and vow to try and get along. Kate has her suspicions about Sami’s intentions but agrees to try and get along. Lucas confronts Sami about saying she didn’t want to be with him.

GH by Suzanne

Courtney is chilly to Jax when they run into each other at the zoo jogging because of what he said about Jason. Jason sends Courtney's foundation an anonymous check for $1 million, which Sam overhears. Jax sends Courtney flowers to apologize, but she thinks he also sent the check. He takes advantage by claiming he did send it, so she will warm to him. Sam tries to convince Jason he belongs with Courtney since he still loves her. She is worried that he won't stick by her in their current situation, but he says he will. She tells him about running into Courtney and how nice she was. She wonders if Jason would still be with Courtney if not for the miscarriage. She goes to the Cellar and overhears that Courtney thinks Jax sent the check. Emily and Nikolas chat on the beach; she gets upset when he talks about renewing his vows to Marry. She runs home and asks Jason if he regrets not being able to remember his past. Mary suggests to Nikolas that they stay there instead of returning to Port Charles.

Alexis awakes on the couch to find Kristina playing nearby; she is very hungover and finds a note from Ric telling her that Skye's bail hearing is at 9. She sees Ric on the news with a hickey and wonders what happened the previous night. Skye is shocked to learn that Lucky has gotten a letter from Luke saying that he thinks Skye set him and Laura up. Alan and Edward show up to support Skye. Alexis is very out of sorts and is wearing two different shoes; Ric doesn't help any by dropping hints about the previous night. Alexis gets bail set for Skye anyway; Alan pledges to find out what really happened, to help Skye. Alexis goes home and remembers kissing Ric, much to her horror. Dillon tells Georgie that he met the girl with the great voice; Georgie doesn't believe him at first, but he plays a recording he made of her singing. Ned hears it and says he wants to hear more. Dillon doesn't tell Ned that the girl is homeless and they don't know how to contact her. Georgie sees Lynn (the girl) in the park and starts blabbering to her. She gets offended and punches Dillon in the face when he walks up.

GL by Eva

At the hospital , Bill arrives demanding to know how Danny knew Eden was alive. Danny tells Bill not to ask any questions and not to discuss the subject because it might upset Michelle. Bill asks Danny if he can talk to Michelle. Danny reluctantly leaves them alone to talk Danny asks Harley to talk to Bill because he could blow the whole operation. Harley promises Bill that she will do her best to catch Salairno. Bill promises to stay out of her way. Before Bill leaves Michelle's room he tells her he has to take control of his life and look out for himself. Bill encourages Michele to stay away from anything Santos. Danny gets a call from Salairno telling him to go ahead with his plan to handle the drug supply shortage. Jeffrey warns Cassie to be careful and look for any suspicious behavior from Edmund. Cassie doesn't mention to Jeffrey that she found a slip of paper with Vinnie Salairno's name on it inside Edmund's diplomatic pouch. Jeffrey admits to Cassie he has been on the antomonium drug case since Richard was alive. Cassie wants to know if Jeffrey ever met Richard. Jeffrey is about to answer the question but they are interrupted by Edmund Cassie ignores Jeffrey's warning about Edmund Cassie is determined to believe Edmund is a good man.

Lizzie tells her friends about a new contest that Spaulding is sponsoring for college students. They are to present a fresh new idea to the company and the best idea wins a job at Spaulding and a paid college tuition. Alexandra persuades Alan to go along with the idea but he says they must be very careful to protect their secrets. Gus catches Alan in Eden's apartment. Alan covers and says he was trying to make thins easier on him by disposing of Eden's things. after Alan leaves Gus asks himself why Alan is lying to him. Gus finds a picture of Eden, Salairno, and Brad Green among Eden's things. Gus shows the picture to Harley excited because it proves Brad Green is the Spaulding connection to the drugs. Harley sees an arm in the picture . The arm has a watch on it. Harley recognizes the watch as being Alan's because Alan gave the watch to Zach. Gus is upset to once again suspect his father of being a drug dealer.

OLTL by Kathy

Matthew is crushed when Starr blows him off in front of Travis, and tells Matthew he’s being childish for trying to reunite his parents. Bo and Nora try to console a hurt Matthew, and Matthew gets an idea to make Bo jealous, using Daniel, to help in his efforts to reunite them. Dorian questions Carlotta about the missing $100 million dollars, claiming Adriana has a right to her inheritance. Carlotta warns her not to press the issue. Kathryn suggests to John that Natalie may be dead, as well, but John feels they are both alive. Paul continues to pressure Natalie into helping him, but Natalie wants Paul to turn himself in. As they argue, there is a knock on the door – it is John. Kelly tells David about the blackmailer, but David is suspicious, since the amount asked for is such a small amount. Blair and Kevin confront Todd and Kelly, demanding to know the truth. Todd says they did have an affair, and a very hurt Kevin storms out. Blair makes nasty remarks to Kelly about killing her own brother, and leaves, after asking Todd about lying to her. Todd proclaims his love for her, but she isn’t listening. Todd tells Kelly he’ll reveal everything if he has to, in order to save his relationship with Blair, as he doesn’t have anything else to lose. Nigel tries to prevent Roxy from moving in with him, but she uses her feminine ways to try to convince him otherwise. Lindsay realizes Rex is only using her, and tells him they need to sever all ties – including loaning him any money. An overjoyed RJ tells Rex he only has 10 days left to make a payment. Rex turns to Roxy for help, but she doesn’t have the funds to help him.

Passions by Brenda

Antonio hears Sheridan calling and then spies a boat tied up at the island, but Hank tells Antonio that he didn't see a boat and that he's imagining things. Antonio insists that Sheridan is on the island and heads that way. Eve almost gives herself away when she says "T.C. must never know". He asks Eve what she meant, but then tells her what he thinks she meant.

Alistair whispers something to Liz and she runs like a scared rabbit. Julian suspects Alistair knows a secret about Liz, and asks Alistair about it, but Julian's father is not going to reveal that information. The spell that turned Kay into a rabid dog starts to wear off, so Endora re-enforces Tabitha's spell. Charity slips off the cliff when the dog starts to attack her. Faith, as a ghost, returns to help her daughter. She manages to enlist Miguel's help to find and save Charity.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Michael told Kevin that he now has an alibi that will free him, but Kevin wanted to wait until he was out of trouble completely before being hopeful. Michael warned him not to act too crazy, or risk being deemed too insane to be freed. Dt. Weber told Paul and Christine that Eddie Prather refuses to stand by his log about Kevin in a Court of Law. Paul suspected someone from Marsino's threatened Eddie into silence. Brittany asked if Bobby thinks it's safe for her to be at "Marilyn's". If Kevin didn't hurt her, someone else did, and could do it again. Bobby told Angelo he'd kill anyone who tried to hurt Brittany. Nikki and Victor shared a quiet, romantic night in, in which he admitted to feeling invigorated by the Rec Centre project. Jill kept Kay from drinking for almost an entire night before Kay gave in and downed a glass. Jill swore she'd stand by her regardless. Cameron worried that Michael might figure out their plot, and rejected Grace's sexual advances. Sharon thanked Nick for not running out and told him the rest of the story. He said they need answers and left, not promising Sharon much of anything about their future together.

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