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AMC by Jennifer

Right before Babe's and JR's wedding commences, JR and a big group of concerned people ask Babe if her baby is really hers and JR's or if she is Bianca's. But, Tad Martin somehow saves the day for Babe and Krystal by announcing that the second DNA test has confirmed that the baby is Babe's and JR's. The wedding starts. The preacher goes through the whole process and pronounces them husband and wife, and Bianca and Jamie as the baby's godparents. But Babe interrupts the ceremony to confess something that is eating her up inside.

Danielle has been caught putting unauthorizaed charges on Livia's credit card. She informs her father and her aunt of the job Bianca found for her at Fusion. But Derek disapproves and tells her he has no choice but to send her back to her mother. Reggie meets Jack's autistic daughter, Lily.

ATWT by Linda

Chris and Allison decide that Chris will move into Susan’s house with Allison. When he comes to move in his stuff, he sees Susan, whose towel has just fallen to her ankles. Katie tells Mike that their romance is over and then tells Simon she’s ready to move forward with him. Margo attempts many times to rebuff Doc’s advances, but they are swept away despite her efforts. Dusty saves Lucy from the thugs, but is roughed up badly. Hal questions him about the attack and he refuses to give him any details. Sierra informs Craig that she’s leaving that afternoon for Montega with Lucy.

B&B by Susann

Nick catches up with Maya, drags her back in to the cabin of the Shady Marlin and demands to know her connection to Nick. Maya tells him she is not Nick’s lover but a business associate. She says that Nick is buying her yacht as a gift for his new bride. She then runs out throwing a chair in the way to slow Ridge’s pursuit of her. She jumps in her car and takes off with Ridge chasing behind. At the Marone’s, Brooke and Katie have a talk about Ridge’s visit. Oscar and Bridgett arrive, and Bridgett declines an offer to go up and see her mother, saying it will make her nervous. Deacon and Jackie have a talk about the paternity test. Jackie thanks Deacon for forcing her to go through with it. Jackie and Massimo have a tender moment recalling their own wedding not so long ago…until Massimo spies Deacon across the room and excuses himself to get an update from Deacon on his detective work.

Over at the Forrester’s Kristen has arrived and is having a conversation with Stephanie about the damage done to the family by Brooke. There are some flashbacks of Brooke’s assorted weddings to Forrester men. Kristen is surprised that her mother isn’t dancing in the streets at the thought of Brooke finally marrying outside the Forrester family. As the car chase continues, Ridge uses one of his many talents to drive the car with one hand while calling Brooke with the other to try to stop the wedding. But Brooke doesn’t pick up the phone, so he leaves a desperate message telling her not to do a thing until he gets there. He catches up with Maya’s car, blocks her in, takes her keys and sarcastically asks if she needs a ride. The wedding begins, with Hope scattering roses, Katie walking down the aisle, and Brooke looking at her tummy and telling it it’s time to marry daddy.

Days by Danielle

Kate wants to try another truce with Sami but is still against Lucas and Sami’s relationship. Julie leads Sami to her mother’s grave to explain that seeking guidance from her mother is what helped her when she felt like hurting someone the way Sami wants to hurt John and Kate. Lucas and Kate overhear Sami telling Julie that she doesn’t want Lucas in her life. Lucas decides not to have anything to do with Sami anymore.

Patrick explains that he was able to channel Jack and his words through Jennifer. Jennifer is appreciative to Patrick for writing in the baby book. Patrick’s acquaintance spends the morning spying on Patrick and Jennifer. Lexie refuses to believe that Abe could still be alive. Everyone enjoys Theo’s birthday party. Tek confronts Patrick about his criminal past. Patrick sets Tek up to get covered in orange finger paint. Lexie accidentally walks in on a naked Tek. Jennifer overhears Celeste as she uncovers that Jennifer and her baby are the next to die. Roman, Abe, and Marlena seek out the house of the new island Salem resident and find Jack’s house. They notice that Belle’s plague, given to Jack and Jennifer on their wedding day, has been added to the house and redone to show the current date. Roman tells Marlena that Jack ventured out of the city and hasn’t been heard from since.

GH by Lisa

Emily does not tell Lucky about seeing Nikolas. Nikolas recognizes Emily only as Mary's friend-he has no memory of her. Sonny, Jason, Sam and Courtney visit Mike in the hospital after he was beaten up by loan sharks.

Dillon meets Lynn and finds out she is a runaway. Lynn tells Dillon she ran away because her father was pressuring her to pursue a career as an entertainer. Dillon offers to let Lynn sleep at L & B.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

OLTL by Kathy

Natalie and Paul dodge bullets and end up back in Atlantic City in a hotel room. Paul convinces Natalie to place an anonymous call to Kelly, asking for $20,000. Kelly goes to Todd for help with the “blackmailer.” Kevin and Blair put their heads together, and try to figure out what Todd and Kelly are up to. Blair waits for Todd, and fears he will not show up. Travis invites Starr on a date, and Blair eventually gives her permission. Antonio declines Evangeline’s offer to work as a stripper. RJ appears to follow his agreement with Rex to the letter, and Rex may lose his club and his new restaurant. Jen pays a visit to Lindsay to talk about her Uncle Ben, and to warn Lindsay that Rex will hurt her. Lindsay says she loves Jen, but Rex is just for fun. Kathryn questions Kelly and brings a warrant to search her car. David and Todd meet to get their stories straight, and David swears he is only interested in protecting Kelly. Kathryn asks John if he still believes in Natalie’s innocence, given the fact she has apparently disappeared. Jen warns Riley he will suffer tremendous guilt if he purchases a term paper off the internet. Riley purchases the paper anyway, but later writes his own. Jen picks up the wrong paper, and leaves to turn in the purchased paper.

Passions by Brenda

Antonio continues to call out for Sheridan, who decides to finally answer him. Sheridan runs toward the beach to find Antonio. Tabitha turns Kay into a rabid dog and puts poison on her teeth. Tabitha sends Kay to find Charity and bite her.

Liz pushes hard for T.C. to get a clue about the accident, and asks Eve if she knows anything about who was driving the car the night T.C. was injured.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Arthur and Esther told Jill that Kay had gone a day without drinking and suggested now was a good time to put her in detox. Jill took Kay's side, understanding her Mother's reluctance to go and desire to do this on her own. As Kay broke down and admitted she was afraid, Jill promised to stand by her through it all. Christine visited Paul and told him she quit her job. While she admitted she wished she could have done more for Kevin Fisher, Dt. Weber showed up. Diane let Damon cry on her shoulder about his job loss at Jabot, and suggested he might be rehired. Damon said he wouldn't accept the invite if it was made. Ashley said Dru was more to blame than Damon for the screw ups at Jabot and told Jack that she plans to hire Damon back, since he's her employee anyways. Jack warned her not to, but Ash said if he wanted a fight, she would definitely win. Michael tried to shake up Cameron and Grace by suggesting several things that didn't make sense: Grace's willingness to forgive, and Cameron's knowledge of Sharon's mental state throughout his time away. Sharon told Nicholas the entire story of her ordeal with Cameron, from the beating in Denver to the near-murder on New Year's Eve. Nick, stunned, wondered what Sharon wanted from him.

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