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AMC by Jennifer

In Vegas, Zack Slater informs Erica he knows all about her past and present family affairs and her problem with booze. But she tells him she wants him to mind his own business.

JR discovers David Hayward, Ryan, Kendall and Greenlee wanting to find out whether his baby is really his or Bianca's. At first he tells them they are all crazy until Kendall informs him that she witnessed Babe privately calling the baby Miranda. At that point, he calls Babe down to ask her if that baby is really there's.

ATWT by Linda

Allison decides to move in with her mom after Susan finds her at Aaron’s. Chris also finds her there and is saddened that she confides more in Aaron than him. Mike kicks Pilar out as Simon tries to win Katie back. Dusty is threatened again by Starzyack (sp).

Craig makes a fool out of himself at Lucy’s graduation brunch, Lucy following him to Metro where she is attacked by two of Starzyack’s thugs.

B&B by Susann

Brooke is rushing around the house getting ready for the wedding. Nick calls her and asks if she’d like to become the wife of a sea captain. Nick refuses to tell her where they are going on the honey moon, but promises her relaxation and that he will dote on her. Ridge is heading toward Brooke’s house first, and then to the Shady Marlin to meet the mystery woman Maya. He calls Eric and asks him to watch the kids for a while longer, hinting that he has a mission that will put an end to Brooke’s wedding. Eric tries to stop him but Ridge hangs up. Nick and Jackie have a mommy/son talk about how happy Jackie is that Nick is finally getting what she wants for him. He tells her he’s glad she’s happy. She tells him that it hurt her to see him search all his life for a family and security, and now he’s finally getting it.

Deacon picks up Hope (who looks adorable) and takes her to the Marone’s for the wedding. He thanks Brooke for allowing him to take her. Right after Deacon leaves, Ridge shows up and goes into his whole “You can’t marry Nick.” Routine with Brooke. He tells her his suspicions about Nick having a lover. Brooke doesn’t believe him, and tells him he has to stop interfering with her life. She tells him that she will not raise her child in a war zone, so if he doesn’t stop, she will shut him out of her life. He tells her not to give up on them, kisses her, and heads out the door. Rick shows up in time to see Ridge head out. He wants to know why Ridge was there. When Brooke tells him about Ridge’s attempts to stop the wedding, Rick tells her she has to move on. He tells her that just because her life isn’t what she expected doesn’t mean it won’t be terrific. (I like that outlook!) When Brooke and Rick arrive at the Marone’s Jackie says it’s bad luck for Nick to see her before the wedding. But Brooke says only if she’s in her wedding dress. Everyone gives Brooke and Nick a few minutes alone. As they hug, Brooke has a worried look on her face remembering all that Ridge told her.  As Ridge boards the Shady Marlin, he finds his father there waiting for him. He is trying to stop Ridge from making a fool out of himself. Ridge tells him all that he’s found about Nick, and says it has to be something bad because if it were business he, as president of the company, would have known about it. He then makes Eric leave before the mystery woman arrives. When Maya finally arrives at the Shady Marlin, she is a beautiful oriental woman. She looks down in the cabin and says “Nick, are you down there?” Ridge grabs her arm and demands to know who she is and what’s going on.

Days by Danielle

Patrick convinces Jennifer once again not to call the police about his attack. Jennifer takes offense at Patrick’s attempts to get Jennifer to relax instead of preparing the baby’s room. Patrick explains that he knows about high-risk pregnancy because he helped Bonnie when she was pregnant with Mimi. Patrick uses his mysterious coin to ask Jack what to write in the “father” section of Jennifer’s baby book.

Celeste has a hard time contacting Abe’s spirit with the tarot cards. Lexie dreams about Abe. Tek intercepts a package sent from Abe to Lexie before he died. In the package is a birthday gift for Theo and a letter to Lexie, urging her to move on with her life. Celeste warns Lexie not to get too close to Tek. Celeste holds Abe’s letter and senses that Abe isn’t dead. Roman and Marlena discuss their plan to try and contact their loved ones. Roman and Marlena notice that things on the new Salem are like back when they were married. Abe warns Roman not to get too close to Marlena and give in to temptation. The siren is heard again as Marlena, Roman, and Abe are locked in the penthouse.

GH by Katie

Emily and Lucky are coming back from the pool. Tracy threatens Courtney with suing her foundation. Jason is helping Sam try on a baby backpack. Sonny says he needs to talk to Jason but before that Sam announces their wedding plans and Sonny says absolutely not. Sonny tells Sam she can't marry Jason. Alexis asks for Skye's arraignment to be as soon as possible. Dillon fails to catch the mystery singer. Sage comes and says that she's getting better and ready to start again but Dillon says under the condition that Georgie can be involved. Emily and Lucky are watching a movie.

Mary and Nikolas get married. Jax tells Courtney not to worry about Tracy's threat. Jason sees Courtney and Jax kiss. Ric overhears Alexis and Skye talking about why Alexis is helping her. Sam and Sonny argue about her marriage to Jason. Jax tells Jason that it might be better if he and Sam didn't show up at the fundraiser. Jax breaks the new to Courtney that Jason and Sam are engaged. Court wishes Jason the best. Nikolas uses the same vows he said to Emily in the wedding. Emily wants to see the private ceremony but doesn't. Courtney tells Jax that he's jaded. Jokingly Lucky kisses Emily on "impulse." Skye's bail is issued, but she refuses. Sonny and Jason argue. Courtney gives Sam advice on how to keep Jason's baby safe. Ric asks Alexis on a date. Dillon finally gets peak at the mystery singer. Emily sees Nikolas on the balcony.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Cassie decided to make the world a better place and decided she wants to help educate parents on the dangers of drugs. Edmund isn't at all for it. Later, Edmund was on the phone with Salerno, who said Edmund let him down. Bill and Eden reunited. Gus gave him a quick rundown on her leaving and told him to forget he saw her. All of them tried to convince him that it was for her protection. Eden put up a tough front to push Bill away, and it worked.

Michelle woke up but only seemed to recognize Tony, not Danny. Salerno visited.  When Tony and Danny were alone, Danny came clean about his involvement with the Feds and bringing Salerno down. Eden bid a tearful goodbye

OLTL by Kathy

Viki struggles, as her family fears the worst, but later recovers. The doctor is optimistic that she will have a full recovery, and the family is overjoyed. Paul begs Natalie for help – she wants to take him to John, but Paul refuses, reminding her that John used Cristian, and got him killed. Paul blames John for this mess, saying because he was forced to testify, John set him up as a target. Kelly and Todd debate what to do next, and Todd warns her not to do anything. A new FBI agent – Ted Scott pays a visit to Todd and Kelly, but he doesn’t want to talk to them – he’s looking for Natalie. Marcie and Jen learn they must attend summer school with Riley, and both are very upset. Bo and Nora take Starr to visit Viki. Viki tells Joey and Clint to return to London, as she will be fine and doesn’t like anyone to fuss over her. Blair and Kevin try to figure out what Todd and Kelly are up to – Blair feels Todd is trying to make them jealous. Todd returns Blair’s call, and Blair asks to see him, asking if there is any way for them to put their family back together. Joey pays Jen a visit, and Jen is worried that the collapse of their marriage was all her fault, but Joey says he is just as much to blame. He tells Jen he is returning to London, and they say goodbye.

Passions by Brenda

Luis is semi-conscious from his underwater accident, and he dreams of a past life with Sheridan, where he was a pirate named Harry and Sheridan was Patience, the governor's daughter (played by Alistair). Antonio continues calling out for Sheridan, but she remains quiet, holding Luis. Eve breaks down over the guilt she feels about T.C.'s accident. Liz tries to pressure Eve into admitting she had been the one driving the car that hit T.C. and ruined his tennis career.

Charity refuses to listen to "Evil Faith", the spirit conjured up by Tabitha to convince Charity to break it off with Miguel forever. Evil Faith has a short fuse, and she ends up shaking Charity and slapping her, and calling her a brat. Tabitha and Kay realize something has to be done and fast.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Ashley asked Olivia if her fiancée, Wesley, could meet with Abby. Olivia revealed that she and Wesley were no longer engaged and that he'd moved back to Europe. Olivia mentioned Drucilla's problem and Ash realized she'd tested Damon's hair straightener on herself. Miss Davis returned to see Victor at the Rec Centre. She brought 3 young boys to help him as part of their own community service. Victor offered to put their names on a plaque outside the building when all was said and done. Jack blasted Damon for stealing from Jabot and an overall lack of productivity, before firing him. Ash swore to Damon that she had nothing to do with it, and demanded that Jack explain what he was thinking. Phyllis warned Diane to keep away from Damon, while Diane countered that Damon was on the verge of unemployment. Michael ambushed Grace and Cameron over dinner and mentioned his disbelief that a woman like Grace would be walked on by a man like Cameron without retribution. Something just didn't add up. Christine told Glenn about the new evidence in Kevin's case. When Glenn said she had to start acting like a prosecutor, she said "I quit". Sharon was glad to hear Cassie convinced Nick to speak with Victor. When he mentioned Cameron, she told him it was time for her to tell him the story of her and Cameron.

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