The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/28/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica wants to help Bobbie with his marital problems but when she learns that he's Bobbie Warner and that she knows his father and they have mutual friends in Pine Valley, she becomes angry, feels betrayed and cannot trust him.

Kendall is able to figure out that there's a strong possibility that JR's and Babe's baby is really Miranda.

ATWT by Linda

B&B by Susann

There’s a bachelorette party going on at the Café Russe` for Brooke. In attendance are Jackie, Bridgette, Katy, Brooke and a couple of her friends. Brooke asks Katy to be her maid of honor. Deacon is at the bar talking on the phone to Massimo giving him the lowdown on what Jackie is doing. As Massimo hangs up Nick walks in to his den and asks him how he’s handling being the best man. Massimo asks him how the groom is doing. Massimo remembers being a nervous groom, and Nick tells him that he got a hell of a dame in Jackie. Massimo says she’s secretive though. Massimo tells Nick where the girls are having their bachelorette party and Nick runs out the door seemingly on a mission. Ridge has used his key card again to get into Nick’s office and is listening to a replay of his phone call with the mystery woman. Then he goes over to Nick’s computer and after several tries, breaks the password code and begins looking through his files. He finds a list of emails to a woman named Maya. He finds wire transfers of $100,000 among other things. He wonders what Nick is up to.

Sam and Hector smooch a lot and talk about all the time they’ve been apart. They discuss what they really want in life and that’s to be together. They end up in bed, and with a decision for Sam to move in with them. Nick shows up at the Café Russe` and approaches the piano player with a plan. He sits down at the piano and starts playing a tune and singing a song he apparently wrote just for Brooke’s bachelor party. (It’s hideous.) He comes over to the table to thundering applause from the girls, is introduced to Brooke’s sister, smooches Brooke and leaves again.  Ridge looks through Nick’s rolodex and finds a number for the mystery woman Maya. He calls her, disguises his voice and makes her think it’s Nick. He makes plans to meet her at the Shady Marlin tomorrow. When he hangs up, his cell phone rings again and it’s Massimo who wants to meet him. He says maybe tomorrow. Massimo says there’s a wedding tomorrow, and Ridge says no there’s not. After a few choice words and reprimands from Massimo, Ridge hangs up

Days by Danielle

Bo tries to calm Hope’s fears about Shawn. Jan dresses up as Mrs. B. to tell the police that she hasn’t seen Shawn. Shawn makes enough noise to make Officer Casarez return to Jan’s house. Shawn frees the gag from his mouth and calls out for help but Officer Casarez had already left again.

Philip admits to Kate to being in love with Belle. John insists on leaving everything the same in the penthouse. Kate and John discuss their feelings and dealing with losing their spouses. Kate tells John about her past. Belle overhears Kate referring to “the girl” that Philip loves and confronts Philip about it. Marlena notices that a recent picture of Belle is missing as she tours her penthouse on the new Salem. Roman vows to protect Marlena, offering to spend the night on the penthouse floor. Marlena and Roman discuss their history together. They search for clues in what Marlena said under the effects of the truth serum. A siren goes off on the island, signaling that someone from the original Salem is about to die and join them.

GH by Erica

GL by Wendy

Buzz showed up at the reception after the funeral at the Beacon. Marina said that the reception was drab and wanted to liven it up. Billy backed her up, they put on some music and got the party started. Joey encouraged Tammy to go talk to Edmund and apologize. Lizzy didn't look all that thrilled about the cease fire. Salerno threatened Tony for the way he was speaking to him. Tony expressed that killing Eden wasn't in his or the business's best interest. Danny tempted Salerno with promises of getting his money back as long as he gave up the name of the drug supplier but Salerno wasn't buying it. Salerno sent him back to the hospital. Bill showed up at Salerno's with a head full of steam. Danny gave him the address where Eden was staying to keep him from confronting Salerno. Bill got to the room just in time to see Eden.

Bill asked Rick if he knew where Michelle was and saw her name on the room plate. He said it was his fault that Michelle was at the warehouse because he told Michelle about a fight that he and Eden had. Harley and Gus set a date for their wedding - his fathers birthday. Sandy asked to move in with Josh and Reva siting that his apartment house was flooded. Josh found out it was a lie but allowed him to move in anyway. Michelle woke up but didn't seem to recognize Danny.

OLTL by Kathy

Passions by Brenda

Eve stares at the car and has a flashback to the night T.C. was injured. She remembers that she was the one driving the car, and Julian switched places with her. The policeman that Liz went to see (the one who investigated the accident) finds his notebook about the night of the accident, but the pages have been torn out. When Liz mentions the Cranes might have done it, the policeman shoves her out the door and says he won't go against the Cranes.

Luis is knocked unconscious by a piece of the shipwreck. Sheridan finally realizes that he may not have surfaced, so she goes back to find him and bring him ashore, then performs CPR. Antonio and Hank are searching for Sheridan and find the island. Antonio uses a bullhorn to call out to Sheridan, but she keeps quiet while Luis smiles at the way she is holding him. Evil Faith tries to talk Charity into giving up Miguel, but loses her temper when Charity keeps asking her why. Tabitha and Kay are watching and hoping that Charity says that she will let Miguel go.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Olivia visited Drucilla with information on hair loss. Dru admitted that her confidence is diminished as a bald woman, and Olivia promised they would get through this challenge together. Christine and Danny agreed to steer clear of Phyllis, despite their anger, and focus on helping Daniel. Christine admitted to wishing she could do more with the Kevin Fisher case, but can't without evidence. Paul told her about Neil's new evidence and Christine agreed to take it to Glenn Richards. Diane told Jack about Damon stealing the vials and Drucilla testing them and ending up bald. Jack thanked her and decided he could finally fire Damon with a clear conscience. Damon teased Phyllis about her belief that Diane was up to something and would now go after him because he rejected her. Jack phoned and ordered Damon to Jabot for a meeting. Nick told Victor about Cameron's offer, so Victor offered to make him an equal partner if he joined the Rec Centre project. Nick surprisingly agreed to work with his Father. Michael advised Sharon that telling Nick the truth about Cameron could lose her custody of her children in a court of law. Regardless, Sharon summoned Nick home and told him there was something she she needed to say that she should have told him long ago.

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