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AMC by Jennifer

Anita is ready to visit Bobby in Vegas until Maria and Aidan inform her that he's with Erica. Assuming he's cheating on her, she refuses to visit him. Babe is torn between doing the right thing by giving Miranda back to Bianca and admitting what her mother did, or having JR believing she gave him a baby. JR is still ready to put his plan into motion with only Adam and Jamie knowing about it. Jamie asks Tad why he kept the secret of the annulment from both him and JR. Right when Babe is alone with the baby, she asks her whether she wants to be with her or with Bianca and she calls her Miranda. Unknown to Babe, however, Kendall witnesses what she's doing.

ATWT by Linda

Allison gets help from Nancy and Aaron, both providing plates for her to give to Bob and Kim. Kim also finds the real one she made – leaving Chris, Bob and Kim with questions. Margo receives dumbbells as a gift from Doc and he also tells her he’s getting a room at the Lakeview. Promising it’ll be discreet, he asks Margo to meet him in half an hour. Jessica comes to pour out her heart regarding the pursuit of pregnancy, but Margo fantasizes about Doc instead of listening. Jessica asks her out to lunch at the Lakeview and Margo takes her up on it.

Roseanna gets word that the papers are ready and informs Jordan to meet her at the courthouse. Jennifer talks with Annabelle and gets a phone call from Jordan saying he’s off to sign the papers. Telling Annabelle what Jordan is about to do; Jennifer is confused when Annabelle tells her there isn’t a way to undo biology. Jennifer then tries to catch Jordan at the suite, but instead finds the DNA papers. Carly is watching Cabot and warns her that if she tells Jordan, his life, as well as her own, will be changed forever. Just as Jordan is about to sign the papers, Jennifer bursts in and tells him not to sign them until he knows the truth. Barbara visits James and he reveals that Jordan is Cabot’s father to her and that he’s sent her a sentimental gift. Frustrated, she returns to the hospital and she and Walker are given the gift. Inside they find a picture of Jordan as a baby outside the orphanage being held by a woman, a lock of hair and a tube with baby teeth. Barbara decides that James wants her to find out about Jordan.

B&B by Susann

Samantha is at the Forresters for dinner. Hector, Caitlin and Jimmy are due soon. Samantha tells them how grateful she is that they invited her to live with them, or she would have gone back to New York and never met her daughter. Hector and his kids arrive and are greeted by Eric. Caitlin greets Sam with a hug and a “Hi Mom.” Hector greets her with a kiss on the cheek and a “It’s good to see you again.” Oscar is in Massimo’s den reading when Massimo comes in. Oscar talks to Massimo again about working for him. Massimo says he’s rather work on the dock than in his own office at Forrester, and Oscar says he would. He feels he’s wasting his time at Forrester Creations. Massimo promises he will try to find him something. Just then Nick comes in apologizing for interrupting. When Oscar leaves, Nick asks if Oscar is looking for a job. Massimo tells Nick that Oscar is family. Nick tells Massimo he is really there to ask hi to be his best man.

Stephanie and Eric are telling Sam and Hector how amazing their story is. How lucky they are. Thomas and the girls are being introduced to Jimmy, Hector’s son. They head out for the swimming pool. After receiving a gift from Stephanie, Sam heads off the guest house to make sure everything is all set for her surprise dinner for Hector. Hector and Eric are discussing the travails of raising a teenage daughter. Eric and Stephanie talk about the bond that Sam and Hector have. They agree there’s no stronger bond than having a child together. Caitlin and Thomas talk about how happy Caitlin is to have found her mother. Thomas says he’s glad to see someone happy. He wishes his own father was as happy. Looking for Sam, Hector heads for the guest and walks in to a room filled with candlelight and champagne. Sam walks in with a sexy black dress on. They discuss Sam moving in, and Hector tells her all he’s ever wanted was to be with her, “It’s always been you.” He says and kisses her passionately.

Days by Danielle

The police find Shawn’s motorcycle tracks and Bo orders a door-to-door search. Jan threatens to kill Belle if Shawn won’t sleep with her. Shawn tries to convince Jan to let him out of the handcuffs. Belle feels abandoned by Shawn. Kate proposes that she, John, Belle, and Philip have dinner together but John insists that he needs to be alone tonight. John spends the night alone in the penthouse mourning Marlena and remembering their life together until Belle joins him. Kate urges Philip to go after Belle. John tries to convince Belle that she should forget about Shawn.

Marlena and Roman discuss the possibility that Stefano is behind the new Salem. Marlena is reunited with Doug, who was burned in an attempt to jump the security fence around the town’s perimeter. Marlena updates Doug on how Julie has been doing and tells everyone what she confessed while under the truth serum. Julie dreams that Doug is alive. The new Salemites come up with a theory that Marlena was under mind control or drugged to make her think she was committing the murders. Doug wonders whether being trapped on the island will bring Roman and Marlena together again. Marlena wonders if everyone they left behind are the real victims.

GH by Lisa

Courtney is shocked when Jason tells her he is the father of Sam's baby. Sonny confesses to Sam that he wants her. He wants to find a way to be with Sam while keeping his arrangement with Carly intact. Jax dumps Tracy to pursue Courtney. Courtney defends Jason to Jax after Jax finds out Jason is the father of Sam's baby. Jason shocks Sam by telling her that they will marry next week. Nikolas and Mary check into their room at the resort in Las Rocas and Emily is in the room next to them and Lucky is in the room across the hall. Skye helps Luke escape from jail after he is denied bail

GL by Wendy

Most of the Springfield cast showed up for the funeral, including Salerno. Bill allowed him to stay, to see how Eden was loved by everyone. Harley expressed her doubts about putting Bill through all of that and threatened tell Bill about it. Jeffery refused. Jeffery confiscated Eden's picture of Bill. Danny held vigil over Michelle and spent time in the chapel praying for her. Danny had a vision that she refused to forgive him. Bill offered his wedding vows during her eulogy. Later, he placed her ring on the coffin, saying goodbye. Ross vowed to uncover the truth of what happened to Michelle. Tammy is moving back home. Edmund has another of his mysterious phone calls - saying that whoever he's talking to has to ‘blend in with the crowd.'  Eden excused herself to the restroom and then took off out the window.

OLTL by Kathy

Viki’s family gathers at her bedside, as she announces she has decided to accept Ben’s heart. She feels Ben gave his life so she could be with her children, much to everyone’s relief. Kelly and Kevin try to discuss Paul, but decide that later would be a better time. David confesses to Kelly that he was the one that killed Paul, and wants to know where his body is. Kelly eventually reveals that Todd helped her hide the body, and gives David directions to the landfill. Todd is furious that Kelly spilled the beans, and goes after David, afraid that David will try to set Todd up to take the fall. Todd gets a mysterious phone call, and learns that the FBI is interested in Paul’s disappearance. Kathryn questions Natalie about Paul’s disappearance, and Natalie maintains her innocence. Natalie accuses Kathryn of making this personal. Antonio tells John that Carlotta was at the Santi funeral. Kathryn tells John and Antonio that the FBI is waiting for Santi’s son to surface, who now goes by his father’s real name – Espinoza. A shocked Antonio tells John and Kathryn that Carlotta’s maiden name is Espinoza. Starr and Blair say a pray for Viki, and Starr adds a pray for her parent’s happiness. Travis shows up on Starr’s doorstep.

Passions by Brenda

Sparks fly between Luis and Sheridan as they spend time on the island. Luis reminds Sheridan of the times they shared, both good and bad. Luis goes diving and gets trapped underwater. Antonio is searching for Luis and Sheridan, and has a loaded gun! Ivy learns that Theresa had herself implanted with Gwen and Ethan's embryo and is so angry. Sam says that something good will come out of Theresa's actions, and Gwen says she is trying to take Ethan's advice and focus on the postive side.

T.C. shows Eve the car that he has kept in the shed - the car that he was in the night of the accident that ruined his career. Eve has a flashback of an accident. Liz contacts the policeman who investigated the accident, and he agrees to help Liz search the files. Tabitha has conjured up an "Evil Faith" to kill Charity. Kay says she doesn't want Charity killed and reminds Tabby that Timothy gave his heart to save Charity. Charity dreams about her mother and the fire. Evil Faith visits Charity and tells her to go to the house where she and her mother lived.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Cassie told Nicholas that she wishes he would take Victor's offer to work at the Rec Centre because she thinks it will repair their broken relationship. Miss Davis, the probation officer, was not easily impressed by the dilapidated building Victor intended to turn into a Rec Centre. When she admitted to viewing Victor differently because he comes from a privileged background, he told her about growing up in an orphanage and about the positive affect of visiting a Rec Centre when he was young. She told him she'd be watching him. Jack told Brad they need to fire Damon. They discussed Victor and Jack suggested Brad pay a psychologist to tell Victor he would be a bad influence on Abby; Brad refused to put his little girl in the midst of an underhanded battleground. Nikki reminded Ashley that she can't delay on letting Victor see Abby. The little girl saw Nikki and identified her as the wife of her 'other Daddy'. Ash realized Abby was affected and promised Nikki she'd talk to a psychologist immediately. JT told Raul he doesn't want to contact Colleen, even if his singing career is over. Raul worried when he learned Mac was moving her things into the Loft. Brittany was initially opposed to Mac's presence, but they spoke and Mac gave her an honest answer to how she'd think of her if she passed her on the street and saw her scar. When Raul and JT arrived, Brittany and Mac revealed new living arrangements: the guys would be sharing a room. Sharon ordered Cameron out of her home, warned him to stay away from her and Nick and demanded he admit to the motel incident. Cameron refused and she nearly hit him with the champagne bottle. She calmed herself and ordered him out. When he left, she tried to contact Nick to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Nick entered the Rec Centre and admitted to Victor that he wasn't sure why he'd come.

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