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AMC by Jennifer

Maria and Edmund's kids are very upset to know that their father will not be walking. Nobody can encourage them except Aidan. Anita listens to him talk to them and shows that she really thinks highly of Aidan. Maria is able to get Aidan to inform her that he knows that Bobbie is in Vegas with Erica and they assume he's cheating on Anita again. While there, she runs into a woman who knows Erica and all her business.

JR's and Babe's wedding is about to begin. JR and Adam conceal their secret. Bianca comes to help Babe and Krystal get ready but they are both distraught not knowing what to tell her about the fact that they have her baby. Danielle comes to sue Reggie and Fusion for the scam he tried to pull on her. Bianca offers her a job at Fusion if she drops the lawsuit. But she still has an attitude.

ATWT by Linda

Katie is under sedation and debating whether she saw Simon or if it was a delusion. Sgt. Musgrove reappears with his hat and informs Katie that the alien gave it back to him, telling him to tell Katie he was coming for her and to pretend that she doesn’t recognize him. Simon shows up, posing as an employee for the Illinois Mental Health Department. He takes her back to the cottage and informs her that he turned in the Bartleby brothers et al and they’re in jail and he’s free. Again he professes his love to her and that he’ll never leave again without her, but Katie is hesitant. She falls asleep in his arms. Somehow Pilar raises the money for Russ’ bail and he’s free. Mike is cold toward her, setting Pilar off. Margo and Mike decide to see if they can muscle some answers out of Russ, but when they arrive at the station, they find out he’s posted his own bail and is gone.

Jennifer talks with Craig, Craig being as evasive as he always is but provides her with Annabelle Fettle’s business card. Craig then calls Roseanna and informs her that he’s suing her for joint custody of Cabot, Roseanna retaliating by evicting him out of Fairwinds. He vows to fight to see his son, regardless. Roseanna receives the new adoption, annulment papers to review in her e-mail and also finds out that Jordan is Cabot’s father. Jordan begs Jennifer to quit looking into Cabot’s adoption, Jennifer somewhat agreeing as they kiss. Barbara walks in on them and is furious with Jennifer until her daughter explains about the powerful, dangerous entity that pulled the strings to get Jordan married to Roseanna. Realizing that James must be that person, she forbids Jennifer to look into this further because she has no idea of what she’s getting herself into. Jennifer says goodbye to Jordan and then calls Annabelle. She pretends to be Roseanna and sets up a meeting with her at the Lakeview Lounge. Barbara asks Walker to take her to see James.

B&B by Susann

Massimo goes to Brooke’s house to tell her of an offer to buy her company. Massimo shows Brooke the sales records for the past few months, and how bad they are. Brooke agrees they aren’t good, but she wonders if he is just testing her loyalty to Nick. He assures her he’s not, that it’s a legitimate offer. Sally waits at her office with Darla, Thorne and Clarke for Massimo to get back to her regarding his decision. Darla, Thorne and Clark all tell Sally that Brooke will never sell it to her. But Sally has hope because she has offered Massimo a substantial sum for the company, and she knows that Massimo can’t turn it down. Sally desperately wants her company back; she says it’s her whole life and soul.

Samantha and Caitlin are in Caitlin’s room looking at all her things. Caitlin asks Samantha if she can call her “Mom.” Samantha says she would love that. Caitlin tells Sam that for a long time she couldn’t sleep without her teddy bear because of her nightmares. Samantha tells her how sorry she is that she wasn’t there for her. Caitlin says all that matters is that she’s here now. Then Caitlyn asks her to move in with them so that she and Hector can rekindle their love. Samantha wonders how Hector would feel about that. Hector, who has been eavesdropping at the door comes in and sits on the bed and tells her he would love it. Brooke tells Massimo that if he wants to sell her company she won’t stop him, but he tells her he won’t sell it without her blessing. When she finds out it’s Sally Spectra who is the buyer, she seems surprised. Massimo calls Sally and tells her he’s on his way over with his answer. Sally is sure the answer is yes and calls all the employees together for a celebration. When Massimo arrives, the entire area outside Sally’s office is full of people. He works his way through them, opens the office door, walks in, and asks Sally what that is all about, pointing to the hallway. Sally says they’re there to help her celebrate. Massimo asks Sally if she’s sure she knows what she’s doing. Sally says she’s very sure. He tells her he won’t sell without Brooke’s ok. Sally gets angry and calls Brooke a witch. At that point Massimo tells Sally that she sells Brooke short, that she HAS accepted Sally’s offer. Sally jumps for joy along with Darla, Thorne and Clarke. Sally hugs Massimo, announces the good news to the employees, and tears the skull and crossbones down behind her desk revealing the Spectra Fashions Logo. Darla puts on some music and the entire room breaks out in a dance of celebration.

Days by Danielle

Sami continues to believe that John and Kate wanted Roman and Marlena dead so that they can be together. Kate urges Lucas to stay away from Sami. Lucas asks Belle for help with Sami. Belle arranges for Brandon to call Sami to try to convince her to move on with her life. John is determined to make peace with Sami but Kate fears she will have to break her promise to Roman to take care of Sami. Lucas declares his plans to marry Sami to a shocked Kate. Lucas overhears Sami vow never to have a future with Lucas since he is Kate’s son.

Marlena faints when she sees Abe alive and well again on the alternate Salem Island. Roman and Abe explain to Marlena that they are trapped on the island with no way out. Marlena tries calling John from the island and it goes through only both are under the impression that it didn’t work. Marlena fills Roman in on how Sami has been acting since his death. Abe and Alice talk about Lexie possibly moving on. Tek stops by and helps Lexie put together a remote control train for Theo’s birthday. Celeste warns Lexie that Tek has feelings for her but Lexie insists that she isn’t ready to date again.

GH by Erica

Carly believes Sam is having Jason's child. Sonny is grateful to Sam for going along with the plan. Courtney gets mad when Jax flaunt their "relationship" in front of Jason. Jax gives Courtney a very passionate goodnight kiss. Luke is arrested and charged as being an accessory to murder seeing as he allowed Laura to escape from the Haunted Star. Ric arrests Lucky, too, charging him for obstructing justice. Alexis gets Lucky released from custody and Emily agrees to make sure he won't get into trouble. Skye refuses to help Luke escape from jail. The mystery woman ends up at the barn. Alcazar offers Nikolas a paid vacation. Nikolas wants to take Mary to Las Rocas, in Mexico, so they can get remarried. At the same time, Emily tells Lucky that Nikolas had made arrangements for a Las Rocas vacation before he "died" and gets Lucky to go with her there. Dillon sets up a tape recorder to try to catch the mystery singer he had heard earlier.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Bill prepared to face Salerno. Olivia arrived and talked to him, had him slightly calmed down when Tony showed up to offer his respects. Bill demanded to know who killed her. Danny threatened Jeffery.

Rick told Danny that Michelle made it through surgery but she's in a coma. Salerno sent get well flowers to the hospital. Gus pumped Alan and Alex for information eluding to her possibly being murdered. Alex behaved nervously when questioned. Jeffery brought Eden her new life as Allison Grey, living in New Mexico.

OLTL by Suzanne

Jen talks to Riley about Joey being back in town, and Riley thinks Jen is being too hard on herself, as she is not the same person she was when Joey left. Jen decides to go see Joey at the hospital, but changes her mind at the last minute. Kelly is still a nervous wreck, and Dorian wants some answers.

Asa and Renee say a tearful goodbye to Ben, as the family decides to go ahead with the organ transplant. Viki awakes from a dream, and feels something has happened to Ben. After much family debate, Jessica tells Viki they have found her a heart, which belonged to a good, strong person – Viki realizes she is talking about Ben, and loses consciousness. Viki later regains consciousness, and needs some time to think about losing Ben and accepting his heart. We are treated to many wonderful flashbacks of Ben and Viki. Roxy arrives at the hospital to lend her support to Natalie.

Passions by Brenda

Sheridan objects to Luis kidnapping her, but he is determined to restore the memories she lost when she was subjected to shock therapy. Luis's destination is an island that he used to visit when he was younger. Alistair taunts Antonio about Luis taking Sheridan. Antonio threatens Alistair with the gun Alistair gave him unless he gets the information on Luis's destination. Alistair only tells Antonio to head down to the docks.

Pilar calls Maria and Martin answers the phone. Pilar thinks she recognizes his voice, but Maria tells her that the man she spoke to is Mr. Wheeler. Theresa calls Paloma and gets snapped at when Paloma lets some of her anger out. Tabitha conjures up an "Evil Faith" version of Charity's mother in the latest attempt to break up Charity and Miguel and keep them apart.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Nick tells Grace off for accusing Sharon for Cameron’s “murder”. JT thinks about Colleen and gets interrupted by a visit from Mac, who wants to be their new roommate. He’s surprised to see her again. Daniel still wants to leave GC and Christine tries to convince him to stay. Raul talks about the new Cabaret with Bobby and how it’ll affect Brittany if it doesn’t fly. Brittany and Rose talk about her feelings for Bobby. JT moves Mac‘s stuff in. Nick tells Grace she’s acting like a doormat when it comes to Cameron and he questions it. Once again Raul and Bobby argue over Brittany and then he fires Raul as his bookkeeper. Phyllis is upset that Damon won’t share his past and he explains he‘s a private person. Nick tells Grace he has a feeling there’s more to Cameron’s offer than meets the eye. Christine tells Daniel she‘s in a rotten position and can only say that Phyllis made bad choices. Christine tells him that his mom got what she deserved in court and it’s best Danny raised him. Nick tells Grace not to get too hung up on Cameron and to watch her back. Sharon’s bothered that Cameron wants to hire Nick and she agrees with Nicki that she has to tell Nick the truth.

Thursday Preview: Victor asks Ms. Davis if she wants to play tough with him. Cameron scares Sharon by being in her living room. Brittany is not impressed that Mac has moved in.

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