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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee goes to urge David not to make trouble for Ryan, considering the possibility that David might have poisoned Ryan's scotch with the Michael Cambias potion when he was in Ryan's home. Ryan goes to ask Kendall not to hurt Greenlee.

Babe and Krystal run into Bianca and reveal to her that they are very upset about something. But Bianca still has no clue that Bess is really Miranda or what they have done. JR and Jamie go to a bar, where JR may be cheating on Babe but not revealing to his brother what his plan really is.

ATWT by Linda

Katie is glad that Henry was able to leave, but is concerned about what Sgt. Musgrove has told her about the “alien” that is watching her. She tells the doctor and he doesn’t believe her. When he catches her not taking her meds, he forces her to get the injection and just as she’s about to go under, she sees Simon take of Sgt. Musgroves hat in the window. Henry fills in Mike and Margo about what he learned from Russell Terry and then to Mike’s horror, confirms the story that Pilar visited Katie with the picture of them in bed. They decide to let Margo work on some of her leads. Pilar tells Russ she’ll bail him out, but he has to disappear, Russ telling her no way. He’ll take the bail out, but he’s going to hang around until she pays him what she owes him. Pilar doesn’t have the five thousand to get him out, so she tries to borrow it from the Wagon Wheels Motel manager, him telling her to get the money the old fashioned way – either work for it or steal it.

Walker bails out Roseanna, telling Jordan he was only there to inform him about Barbara’s recovery and ability to see again. He has a hard time believing it, feeling that Roseanna hasn’t told him everything. She tells him that she feels badly for the whole situation and if she had been more clear-headed, she would’ve been able to get Cabot back without him marrying her. After reassuring him that she has her lawyers working on the paperwork, she urges him to visit Barbara and maybe see Jennifer as well – her excuse for suddenly changing her mind on that being that she feels like she owes him. Barbara accepts a dinner invitation from Walker, despite a foreboding she gets when she looks at the bouquet James’ bouquet. She’d tried to talk with Paul earlier about the gift from James, but Jennifer interrupted them. Paul asks Walker if he’d spoken with Roseanna, Walker saying the DNA samples were being processed at the moment. He cautions Paul about using the information to make big decisions about other peoples lives. Paul urges Roseanna to tie up the paperwork as quickly as possible and to leave with Cabot. Jordan and Jennifer are happy that they can be together, but are suspicious at the sudden turn around. Jennifer asks to talk with Lucy, Lucy not able to answer her questions regarding Cabot’s adoption but suggesting Jennifer talk with Craig. Jennifer says she will talk to Craig about it.

B&B by Susann

Jackie shows up at Deacon’s where she frets over the fact that Massimo has hired Deacon to spy on her. Deacon tells her that if he hadn’t taken the job, Massimo would have hired someone else and that would have been a bad thing for them. Jackie wonders if Massimo is playing some perverse game with them. Massimo calls Deacon while she is there, and Deacon concocts a story that Jackie is at a restaurant in Beverly Hills on a shopping trip, and that he is watching her closely. As Deacon comforts Jackie, he begins kissing her, and she weakly asks him to stop. He continues, but she finally raises her arms and pushes him away. He grins and tells her to do some shopping on the way home so Massimo will see the bags. Stephanie visits Massimo and they discuss his problem with Jackie. Stephanie assures Massimo that it’s not Eric that Jackie is seeing. But Massimo isn’t sure. Massimo says Jackie should be happy, but she’s drinking, lying and staying out all night. He doesn’t understand it. Stephanie chastises him for hiring Deacon Sharp of all people to spy on Jackie, and warns him that he will live to regret that.

Nick and Brooke are talking about their wedding. Massimo will be best man and Caitlin will be asked to be bride’s maid. Hope will be flower girl. They discuss Ridge, and Nick wonders why he has been staying away. Brooke tells him that he did stop by to apologize for running out on her after she told him about the wedding. Nick assures her that as long as they continue to communicate with each other their marriage will last. That Brooke should be able to tell him anything, and that he understands how Brooke would still have feelings for Ridge after being in love with him for most of her life. Brooke tells Nick she loves him and they kiss. Just then Nick’s pager goes off and he tells her he has to go to the office, and rushes out. When Jackie arrives home, Massimo greets her with questions on what’s going on with her. Exasperated, she again tells him she loves only him and kisses him. Ridge enters the Marone building after hours and uses his key card to get into Nick’s office. He is curious who his so called brother really is. He wonders why a sea captain and world traveler never has any stories to tell. As he’s snooping around Nick’s office in the dark, he hears Nick arrive and speak to the custodian outside the door. Then he storms in and makes a call using a number from his pager. A female answers and asks when she and Nick can meet. On the speaker phone, Nick tells her they can’t meet, it’s too dangerous, there’s too much at stake. He hangs up in frustration, as Ridge watches from the shadows.

Days by Danielle

Bo vows to make Nicole pay for Victor’s murder. Crystal lies to Brady about how she “took care” of Marlena in an effort to get more money and a place to stay in the Kiriakis mansion. Lucas threatens to have Kate come and spend time with them to get Sami to agree to go out to dinner with him. Sami is offended when she sees Bo offering a toast to Marlena. John and Kate try to use work at Basic Black as therapy. After a long talk of what they’ve both been through, they decide to go out to dinner. John and Kate stop by to check on Sami but Sami refuses to have anything to do with them.

Marlena sees Roman again on the fake Salem Island. Roman explains that Marlena and the other victims were given something to simulate death. Marlena has a hard time believing Roman and Alice. Roman also explains that someone has constructed a carbon copy of Salem and everyone Marlena murdered isn’t really dead; they’ve only been living in this fake Salem.

GH by Lisa

Jason tells Sam that he will go along and pretend the baby is his. Sonny prepares to tell Carly about being the father of Sam's baby when Sam shows up and tells them that Jason is the baby's father.

Skye realizes she is being stalked and locks the mystery woman in the storage room on the Haunted Star. Skye calls the police to report the mystery woman's capture when Luke arrives. Luke wrestles Skye for the key and lets Laura escape and tells her to meet him at Beecher's Corners. Jax and Courtney enjoy their good natured sparring over the wager. At the Celler, Jax convinces Courtney to dance with him when Jason walks in.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Tony and Michelle suffered a second blast nearby. Rescue crew finally went back into the building to see if there was anyone else alive. At that time, Tony had recovered enough to carry Michelle to the entrance. Frank tried to take her from Tony but Tony panicked - unable to hear anything Frank was saying.

Eden was told she couldn't tell Bill she was still alive and blew a gasket, begging them to let him in on it. Harley had to deliver the bad news to Bill. Later, Bill found her ring among the ruins. Danny and Salerno toasted to Eden's demise. Danny found out that Michelle was trapped in the blast.

OLTL by Suzanne

Bo and Nora realize Matthew snookered them, and after numerous “disasters” strike, decide to move the camping trip to Nora’s house. Nora explains to Matthew once again, that he cannot keep trying to set them up. Dorian reveals to David how frightened for Viki she is. Todd spent the night holding Viki’s hand, afraid if he lets go, she will die. Blair arrives at the hospital to check on Todd, and encourages him to get some rest. When Kevin discovers he’s being investigated for the money transfer, Kelly confesses she took the money for Paul, but is interrupted by questions from the detective from Atlantic City. Kevin gives Kelly an alibi, but later tells her he needs her support right now. Viki goes to see Ben, and Viki is able to hear Ben tell her their hearts beat as one. Viki returns to bed, feeling at peace, which terrifies her children, as they think she is ready to die. John supports Natalie at the hospital, only to be told that Paul’s disappearance is now a federal issue, and Kathryn is on her way to question Natalie. Dorian visits Ben, and tells him that Viki’s time is quickly running out. Ben’s heart monitor goes awry. After Roxy gets roughed up by a thug from Atlantic City, Nigel sells half his interest in Angel Square Hotel to get the cash she needs. Nigel kisses Roxy, and admits he loves her. Upon hearing this news, Roxy decides it’s time to move in with Nigel.

Passions by Brenda

Fox accuses Ethan of having unresolved feelings for Theresa, and Whitney questions Theresa about her feelings for Ethan. Both Ethan and Theresa realize they have not quite gotten over their love for each other. Gwen seems to be ready to throw in the towel and stop participating in the schemes that Rebecca plots against Theresa. Rebecca urges Gwen not to give up.

Luis rents a boat and tells Sheridan that he intends to spend time with her until she remembers how much she loves him and not Antonio. Alistair has been spying on them, and tells Antonio that he knows where Sheridan and Luis are going. Alistair says that he will tell Antonio, but makes him promise to kill Luis and then hands him a gun.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Grace and Cameron talk about Sharon and plot some more. Daniel asks Christine why she‘s not married or doesn’t have kids. Christine explains the timing was never right and that she really wants a child and tells Daniel that he‘s becoming the son she‘s never had. Damon and Phyllis talk about Daniel and she wonders if she‘ll ever see him again. Nick considers Cameron’s offer, much to Sharon’s dismay. She thinks Nick needs to mend fences with his father instead. Damon tells Phyllis that Diane hit on him. Dru and Diane commiserate about Damon being with Phyllis. Brittany thinks it’s a good thing JT and Colleen broke up and tells him so. Sharon informs Nicki that Cameron offered Nick a job. Daniel asks Christine if she resents Phyllis and Christine tells him that she doesn’t want to discuss her with him but he presses her. Danny cuts in and says mistakes were made my him. Brad interrupts Diane and Dru and them discussing her lack of hair. Cameron tells Grace his offer to Nick. Nicki suggests to Sharon that it could be a possible set up and she suggest Sharon tell Nick the whole truth. Brittany tells JT to get back on a plane to LA and make it right with Beachfront Records. Brad tells Dru to stay cool when it comes to Jabot and Tuvia. Daniel tells them he has to go. Cameron’s out for blood and wants Sharon to pay. Sharon wonders if Nick will forgive her if she tells him the truth.

Wednesday’s Preview: Phyllis asks Damon if what they are doing is just about sex. Raul tells Bobby not to question his love for Brittany. Nick asks Grace why she lets Cameron walk all over her.

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