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AMC by Jennifer

Babe reveals to her mother that she knows that Bess is not really her child, and that she had a little boy who died in the crash. And Krystal reveals that she already knows all about that.

Kendall initiates a party to "welcome" the new couple Ryan and Greenlee and give people the chance to wonder what kind of ridiculous thing Ryan and Greenlee have gotten themselves into. JR assures Kendall that he understands what she's going through, and he's in the same boat with being betrayed by Babe.

ATWT by Linda

Margo and Tom go to Deerbrook to find out why Henry committed himself and mostly why he stole an id and left the grounds. They ask to speak with Katie, but are forbidden to do so – until Katie sneaks out of her room. She begs Margo and Tom to get Henry out of there. Sgt. Musgrove approaches Katie and tells her she’s being watched and that the alien that’s watching her stole his hat. Margo and Tom get Henry out, Margo now curious as to why Pilar visited Katie in the hospital. Russ threatens Pilar that he’s going to spill the beans if she doesn’t get him out of jail. Pilar tries to tell Mike that she wants to just let Russ go, Mike firmly against it. He talks her back into prosecuting him, Pilar receiving another call from Russ in the meantime. He tells her that she has until the morning or he’s going to talk. Pilar lies, telling Mike it was the manager at the Wagon Wheel and that if she doesn’t pick up her check in person, he’s going to tear it up. Mike reluctantly lets Pilar go alone.

Barbara confides in Walker that she’s terrified to have her bandages removed in front of her children, not wanting to upset them further if she can’t see. He takes them off for her and she can see, Barbara wondering why God would give her back her vision after all the heartache she’s caused. Her and Walker embrace. Later, she receives flowers and asks the nurse to read the card, thinking they’re from Walker, but instead they’re from James. Jordan and Jennifer enjoy a passionate kiss, Jordan telling her everything. Jennifer worries about Cabot, but Jordan tells her that it’s not their problem and when the two weeks is up, they can finally be together. He leaves, Jennifer calling Paul and telling him to come to BRO so they can talk about Jordan. Paul tells Jennifer that he knows nothing about the mysterious entity that is behind Roseanna and Jordan’s marriage, Jennifer doubting him out loud. Paul then reassures her that Roseanna wants out of the marriage as much as Jordan does and is drawing up the paperwork as they speak. Before Paul went to see Jennifer, he and Roseanna discussed the situation, Paul finally convincing her to draw up whatever legal documents she needs and have Jordan sign them. He also advised her to leave town with Cabot and disappear. She still wanted to know if James was telling the truth about Jordan’s paternity, so Paul arranges for Walker to come over to take the samples for a paternity test. Walker is suspicious as to why she doesn’t want to take all the legal precautions, but gathers the data anyway. Just as he’s about to leave, he warns Roseanna that she needs to tell her husband about the test and the monetary threat that instigated it. Jordan walks in at that moment and asks what Roseanna needs to tell him.

B&B by Susann

Massimo takes the gun away from Deacon’s head. He then tells Deacon he needs his complete loyalty and offers him a job spying on Jackie. He tells Deacon that Jackie has been lying to him, and that he needs Deacon to gain her confidence and find out who she’s seeing. Massimo thinks it’s Eric Forrester. Out in the living room, Nick and Jackie have a conversation about how upset Jackie has been. Nick tells her that Massimo will get over his anger. But he’s still concerned about how weird Jackie has been acting. They discuss Jackie’s distrust of Deacon. Nick doesn’t understand why Jackie won’t give Deacon a chance. Nick finally leaves. Jackie paces the living room trying to figure out what they’re doing in the study. When they finally come out, Deacon thanks Jackie for a lovely evening and leaves. Massimo tells Jackie he was welcoming Deacon to the family. Jackie sneaks out to the garden and calls Deacon, who tells her about the job Massimo offered him. Jackie is dumfounded.

Eric Forrester shows up at Brooke’s door with a wedding dress he has made for her. He tells her she will always be a part of the Forrester family regardless of what Stephanie says. She’s grateful, they hug, and he leaves. Nick shows up, Brook shows him the dress. He likes it. She asks if it’s ok if she wears it on their wedding day. Nick says if she wants to wear it she should. They have a long conversation about keeping the lines of communication open between them. Nick makes Brooke promise to always tell him when something is bothering her. She thanks him for being so calm even when she’s so uncertain about everything. She calls him her “Captain.”

Days by Danielle

Nicole slips up by speaking Brady’s name; leading Shawn to realize that she isn’t Jan. Shawn pleads with Nicole to let him go. Nicole fantasizes that Brady tells her to let Shawn go but she decides against it. Jan returns, having paid for Crystal’s bail. Crystal shows up at Nicole’s home. Hope fills Bo in on what happened at Marlena’s funeral. Bo wants to try and comfort Sami but Hope talks him out of it. Jan is almost recognized by Bo and Hope. Hope asks Bo to have the police force look for Shawn.

Bonnie visualizes lassoing Mickey. Mimi threatens to tell Mickey the truth about Bonnie. Bonnie refuses Mickey’s gift of Maggie’s pin until Mickey insists that she take it. Lucas steps in to be there for Sami. He tries to convince her that Marlena is resting in peace. Sami wants to exact revenge on Bo and John but Lucas tries to convince her that they are hurting just as much as her. Marlena frantically calls for help from inside her coffin. Suddenly, Marlena’s coffin descends, landing in an alternate Salem where she meets up with Alice again. Marlena is convinced that she is dead but Alice declares that they are both alive.

GH by Erica

Sam figures out Sonny wants Jason to pretend to be the father so he can still have a good family life. At the end, Jason calls Sonny saying Sam left with her boat. Lucky rescues Skye from the mystery woman. Luke goes crazy when Skye says Laura did it. Ric says evidence points to Laura being the murderer.

Mary ends up having to call Lorenzo after Nikolas is shot. Nikolas decides to still work for Lorenzo. Jax makes a move on Courtney but she refuses to give in. Jax offers her a deal: he'll double his contribution to the foundation if he can't seduce her in the next three months. She agrees.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Phillip brought Emma to the hospital. Rick reported that she just had a cold. Danny, unaware that Michelle was also in the building, pushed the button blowing up the warehouse with her and Eden inside. He took a picture of a bloody Eden which he then presented later to Salerno. Rescue workers retrieved Eden but missed Michelle, camouflaged by the rubble. Tony poked around the rubble and reported to Salerno that Danny had done what was required. Danny later tried calling her, causing her cell phone to ring under the rubble and alert Tony that there was someone trapped under it all. He found her in bad shape.

Billy's car broke down at the hospital. Josh and Reva came to give him a lift. All of them end up going over to give Bill the bad news about Eden being at the warehouse. Eden was pronounced dead by the rescue workers but later showed up in Jeffery's car with Harley - very much alive.

OLTL by Suzanne

Todd and Kelly return to Llanview and get their stories straight, as Blair catches them, and becomes suspicious. Natalie is questioned by the police about Paul, and calls John. John arrives, and she is released into John’s custody. He has a few questions of his own, and Natalie informs him she did not kill Paul, nor did she sleep with him. Kevin, Jessica, Joey and Clint rally around Viki, as they remember times gone by. Dorian arrives to lend her support, and informs Clint there is a perfect match for her – but the donor is barely clinging to life – Ben. Ben evidently had the testing done some time ago, for reasons we don’t know.

Dr. Long tries to push Marcie over the edge of the roof, but she hangs on, as Michael saves her. Antonio and John arrive, and help bring Marcie back up. Dr. Long is arrested, as everyone learns he was trying to sell the heart meant for Viki, but the heart got contaminated. Jessica lashes out at Dr. Long, as he is arrested. Michael’s leg is re-injured, and he is readmitted to the hospital.

Passions by Brenda

Whitney learns that Theresa drugged Ethan and "raped" him using the date rape drug in order to get pregnant, so that she will have a "bargaining chip" to get her son back. Whitney had a classic line when she asked Theresa "Can you really hear yourself over the "Looney Toon" music playing in your head? More conversations between Katherine and Martin lead viewers to believe they are beginning to feel guilty about leaving Harmony and hurting the people they left behind. They wonder if anyone will understand why they left.

Luis gets Sheridan to go with him to the car, where Dr. Ackland was supposed to wait and tell Sheridan what really happened to her in the psych ward. But Alistair found Dr. Ackland and paid him off to leave Harmony permanently. Luis put Sheridan in the car and drove off - Antonio said goodbye to Pilar, who is still recovering from her collapse. He told her that Luis was to blame for him leaving again, because he was going to take Sheridan far away from Luis.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Jill thanked Kay for getting rid of Mac, while Kay felt overcome with guilt at chasing her granddaughter away. Arthur wished Mac and Jill could have co-existed. Jill tried unsuccessfully to keep Kay from drinking. Esther showed up, said she was a trained drug and alcohol counsellor and insisted on moving home to save Kay. Kay agreed, but warned her not to push her luck. Neil told Michael about the new evidence in the Brittany burning. Though Lauren thanked Neil, Michael blasted him for not coming forward sooner, before Kevin was nearly beaten to death. Weber told Michael he believes Kevin is faking insanity. Michael met with Kevin, who pretended not to know him. Kevin was taken away for psychiatric evaluation. Nick told Sharon about Cameron's job offer to be C.O.O., and Sharon begged him to work with Victor but stay away from Cameron. She insisted it would be the biggest mistake of his life. Grace and Cameron discussed their plans to destroy Sharon's life as payback for her harsh treatment of Grace years before. Cameron said the plan had changed, and Grace demanded to know what the new changes meant for their future in Genoa City.

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