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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall finally persuades David to help her plot a plan against Ryan. JR seems to understand what Kendall is going through although he does not reveal his own plan with Babe. Babe keeps having nightmares that Paul Kramer took her baby or Bianca's and that Bess is not hers'. She informs Krystal. Tad is looking for Paul Kramer, aware that he knows something he's not telling, yet he assures Babe that he believes that Bess is undeniably hers' and not Bianca's.

ATWT by Linda

Allison tells Aaron that she can’t make it to work because Chris is taking her out to Metro. Aaron advises her to tell the truth. When Chris and Allison arrive at Metro, Allison begs Molly to let her have the evening off, Molly telling her no. Allison then takes Chris, Tom and Margo their drinks and when Chris asks her what she’s doing, she explains that they were a waitress short so she volunteered. Molly again talks to Allison and tells her not to worry about filling in and that she needs to talk to her later. Earlier at Metro, Margo assures Jessica that she has no feelings for Doc, Jessica skeptical and warning her again. After Jessica leaves, Doc tells Margo that he’d like to get closer to her, just as Tom walks over. Tom goes to get his and Margo’s table, Margo threatening Doc to never, ever even smile in her direction again.

Jennifer visits Barbara in the hospital and tells her that she socked Jordan in the jaw. Barbara advises her not to wait for Jordan, but Jennifer tells her she can’t help it, but she feels likes she should, despite the risks. Paul and Roseanna talk with James, James admitting that he’d orchestrated the entire Cabot adoption from the moment Craig came and got him in Canada. He also tells them that Jordan is Cabot’s biological father. Jordan and Carly walk into Roseanna’s suite with Cabot, Jordan getting upset that Carly won’t tell him where Roseanna and Paul had gone. Carly finally tells him about James, Jordan becoming concerned. Paul and Roseanna come home, Jordan asking a stunned Roseanna what Paul’s father had to say, Roseanna getting angry with Carly about divulging that information. She tells him that James had said nothing, Paul reluctantly agreeing with her. Jordan then storms out saying that if she can’t find out the information he needs, then he will. Carly tells Roseanna that she knows she didn’t tell Jordan the truth, Roseanna admitting it, but not telling Carly what James had said. Carly leaves, Paul asking Roseanna why she didn’t tell Jordan, because he felt he had a right to know. Roseanna said she’s not going to tell him anything until she has proof. An upset Jordan finds Jennifer working late a BRO and offers to help her. Their hands meet and then they kiss passionately.

B&B by Susann

Jackie is pacing the living room. She sits down and calls Deacon. “It’s ME.” She says in an overblown whisper. She begs him to reconsider coming to the gathering today. He tells her there’s no way he will miss it, and hangs up saying, “see you later lover.” Sally shows up at Stephanie’s and they sit down with tea. She is asking for confirmation that Brooke is once again going to walk down the isle. Stephanie confirms it, and adds that this time there aren’t even any Forrester men involved! They get a good chuckle out of that. Over at the Marone mansion everyone has arrived for the signing of the papers. Deacon has brought flowers for Jackie which makes her even more uncomfortable than she already is. Massimo has wondered why Deacon has to be there since he is signing away his parental rights to Hope. Nick tells Massimo that he’s Hope’s father and he should have a part of her life. Massimo spends a lot of time watching both Jackie and Deacon.

Stephanie tells ‘Sally about Massimo’s call to Eric the other night looking for Jackie. She tells her that apparently Jackie has been out all night and that Massimo is convinced she is seeing another man. Sally and Stephanie both agree that she’s playing with fire because Massimo is a very jealous and possessive man. Stephanie orders Sally not to spread any rumors. Nick calls everyone together for the main event, and makes a speech about how much respect he has for the Marone name, and how proud he is to be taking it. Then he signs the paper. Then they move on to the signing of the adoption papers. First Nick, then Deacon signs the papers. Deacon proposes a toast, telling everyone how much love he sees for his daughter in that room, and how he knows she will be well taken care of.

Jackie moves out to the veranda to escape the crowd and be alone, but Nick interrupts her and startles her. He demands to know what’s going on with her. She assures him it’s nothing, but then admits that she and Massimo are having some tensions. She explains that Massimo thinks she’s having an affair. Nick assures her that if she behaves it will blow over. As she goes back in she comes face to face with Deacon. They again have the “You have to stay away” conversation just as Massimo walks up behind Jackie, startling her yet again. He asks to see Deacon alone. He takes him to the den, where he pulls a gun on Deacon and tells him to prepare to die.

Days by Danielle

Jan is angry with Shawn for lying and trying to escape. Jan makes Nicole watch Shawn while she gets Nicole’s money. Nicole dresses up as Mrs. B to search Shawn’s room for Victor’s will. Nicole fantasizes about having Brady in Shawn’s place. The phone ringing brings Nicole out of her fantasy before she unlocks Shawn’s handcuffs.

Sami announces to everyone that Marlena is still alive. No one believes her except Belle until Sami convinces John. John orders the casket to be opened but Lexie pronounces Marlena dead yet again so John gives the order to bury Marlena. Celeste declares that she no longer feels Marlena’s presence. Lucas tries to convince Sami that she only heard what she wanted to hear. Belle waits anxiously by the phone for a call from Shawn. Marlena comes to, only to find herself buried alive.

GH by Katie

Ric issues a warrant for Skye's arrest. Luke tries to take the fall. Skye tells Luke that she is at Wyndemere. She has Helena gagged. Jason tells Courtney that she has a separate like now. Dr. Meadows confirms that neither Sonny nor Jax is the father of Sam's baby. Luke tells Ric everything about Ross and Skye. He doesn't believe Luke. Carly finds out that Sonny isn't the father. Nikolas was grazed by a bullet that Emily accidentally shot but he gets away.

Jason tells Sonny that he is the father of Sam's baby and that he switched the paternity test. Lucky gets taken off the case of Luke and Skye and he quits. Skye interrogates Helena until Luke gets to Wyndemere. Jax and Courtney go to Monte Carlo where he agrees to donate half of his winnings to Courtney's foundation. Jason convinces Sonny to let Jason say that he is the father and let him take care of Sam and the baby. Nikolas takes a turn for the worse losing a lot of blood.

GL by Wendy

OLTL by Kathy

Jessica, Kevin and Dorian rally around Viki, as she learns her only hope is a heart transplant. Viki sends Jessica and Kevin home to rest and be with their families, but asks Dorian to stay. Viki tells Dorian just how frightened she is, and gives her support. Clint arrives to be with Viki. The doctor thinks he may have found a heart for Viki, but later reports that the heart is now missing. Viki writes a goodbye letter to her family, to be read in the event she doesn’t survive. Blair arrives home with the kids, and Todd has filled La Boulaie with roses. Blair is touched, and just as she begins to talk to Todd, his phone rings, and Todd rushes off without a word.

David thinks he killed Paul, and flees the scene. Kelly wakes up to discover Paul’s body, and calls Todd. Todd rushes to help her, and they bury the body in a landfill. Natalie awakes to find Paul gone, and sees a motel room number written down. She decides she needs to say goodbye to Paul in person, and unknowingly goes to Kelly’s room. Everyone, including the body, is gone from the room, so Natalie decides to leave a note. As she turns to leave, she trips on the carpet, and discovers fresh blood, as the police burst into the room. A hospital worker discovers Marcie in the medical cooler, and gets her out, while Dr. Long and Michael struggle on the roof. Marcie goes to find Michael, and Dr. Long grabs her and pushes her toward the edge of the roof. Dr. Long’s cooler breaks open, and a heart falls out, ruining it.

Passions by Brenda

Gwen arranges for Theresa to take a blood test to determine if she is pregnant. Theresa objects saying that she hates needles and she will do it at the hospital in a sanitary environment. When the nurse shows up, Theresa grabs Whitney and tries to escape but Gwen and Ethan catch her. Whitney suspects Theresa has pulled off another scheme, when Theresa tells her that her hormones may not be strong enough for a positive test.

Luis learns the truth about Sheridan's psych treatments from Dr. Ackland. Luis manages to convince (threaten / scare) the doctor into seeing Sheridan and admitting what her treatments consisted of and that Alistair was the one who set up the shock therapy in order to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. Alistair learns from a private detective that Katherine and Martin are alive. Alistair is shocked to learn that his "wife" and Pilar's husband pulled the wool over his eyes for so many years.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Neil met with Dt. Weber and gave him the proof that Kevin didn't hurt Brittany. Weber agreed to look into it and thanked Neil for his honesty. A sergeant overheard Neil suggest that Weber investigate Bobby Marsino and his associates. Michael told Kevin not to listen to Lauren about acting insane. Kevin learned he was to be transferred back to prison. After convincing a guard he was nuts by dousing himself in peroxide and talking to imaginary people, Kevin set himself on fire with the stolen lighter, and went up in flames. Jill was not impressed to discover Mac living at the mansion and was angry at Arthur for not telling her. Arthur demanded they find a way to get along. Mac blamed Jill for Kay's drinking, but when Kay defended Jill, Mac decided it would be best for everyone if she moved out. Nikki revealed to Grace that Cameron is alive and taunted her for not already knowing this info about her so called 'great love'. Sharon and Larry tried to understand how it was possible for Cameron to be alive, and wondered who's body was really in the sewer. Nick agreed to think about Cameron's offer to make him C.O.O. of his company. Cameron met Grace in her hotel room, where she told him he had ruined everything!

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