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AMC by Jennifer

JR and Adam keep their secret of having Babe sign away her rights to Bess from everybody. But Babe is having nightmares where she finds out that Bess is not her baby, she's Bianca's and that she had a baby boy that was lost in the crash.

Kendall is making desperate attempts to get over Ryan by trying to seduce David Hayward. But he throws her out of his home and refuses to participate in what she wants. And she is still haunted by all her memories of Ryan. Erica meets a strange man who reveals that her identity as Erica Kane is somehow known in the press. But she doesn't seem worried that she will blow her cover.

ATWT by Linda

Allison promises Chris that she’ll make his parents another plate to replace the broken one. Because she doesn’t want to spend $100 more for another plate, she and Aaron actually attempt to throw one themselves. Needless to say, they all come out terrible and they decide to buy a plate before work at Metro that night. Chris comes home and surprises Allison, his father covering for him at the clinic so they can have the night out at Metro. Jessica is supposed to meet with Doc and his ex-wife about the lawsuit she filed, Margo filling in for Jessica at the last minute. Margo finds out that the ex-wife was trying to swindle Doc and she withdraws her lawsuit. They are celebrating when Jessica finally arrives and Jessica again warns Margo that she’s in over her head with Doc.

Jordan tries yet again to apologize to Jennifer, but she refuses and tells him she only wants a working relationship with him. Things change slightly when he tells her to just punch him to make her feel better and when she does, he’s shocked. They both laugh about it, but when he asks her again if she feels better, she says she still doesn’t, but might if he let her punch him again in front of a lot of people. They laugh. Roseanna asks Paul to get her in to see James and at first he refuses, but when she begins to beg and cry he gives in.

B&B by Susann

Jackie and Massimo continue their confrontation as Massimo angrily demands Jackie tell him who she was with the other night. Massimo makes angry accusations about Jackie whoring herself, and lying to him, and Jackie feebly defends herself, finally telling him she has a secret, that she’s been drinking and it’s gotten out of control and that’s why she’s been lying. He’s not sure he believes her. Brooke and Nick explain to Deacon that they want him to be a part of Hope’s life. They tell him that if Nick adopts Hope, she will get the best of all worlds, a loving family, grandparents, and her father too. Deacon finds it hard to believe what he’s hearing. Brooke is actually being nice to him; Nick has convinced her it’s in Hope’s best interest to have Deacon in her life. Deacon is overwhelmed by the wonderful attitude Nick has, and realizes that he misjudged Nick. After seeing how much Hope loves Nick, he agrees to sign the adoption papers, as long as he gets to see Hope and be her father.

Stephanie and Eric have martinis together. Stephanie jokingly asks if Eric knows what color dress Brooke will wear at her wedding “this time.” Eric says he doesn’t want to play her games. “You’re no fun.” Pouts Stephanie. Lauren calls and asks Eric if he has seen Jackie, that she is worried about her. She tells him about Jackie using Lauren as an excuse, and Massimo finding out and being angry. Stephanie asks if there’s trouble in paradise already. After her admission of her drinking problem to Massimo, Jackie slips up to her room alone and calls Deacon to tell him the news that Massimo knows she’s lied about the other night. Deacon worriedly asks her if Massimo knows about him. Jackie tells him no, and he is visibly relieved. She tells him he can’t be coming around because if Massimo finds out he will kill Deacon. Deacon tells her Massimo would never think it could be him, and not to worry, and hangs up. Jackie tries to stop him from hanging up in a loud whisper, as Massimo quietly opens the door and hears everything. Deacon takes another look at the lab results, then holds a flame under the page, drops it into a bowl, and watches it burn away to ashes. “I won’t be needing these anymore.” He says.

Days by Danielle

Marlena’s family gathers at the church for her funeral. John has spent the entire morning standing at Marlena’s casket. Belle worries about Shawn. Sami worries that no one is left to love her for who she is. Sami lashes out at Hope, Kate and John for attending the funeral. Sami vows to Marlena to make Kate, John, Hope, and Bo pay. Celeste hears Marlena’s voice asking her to stop them from burying Marlena. John refuses to believe Celeste. Sami hears Marlena calling her name from inside the casket. Shawn plots to get let out of the handcuffs either by Jan or by stealing the keys. Nicole goes to Jan to retrieve the cash for Crystal’s bail.

GH by Lisa

GL by Wendy

OLTL by Kathy

Todd, Jessica and Kevin rush to the hospital when they learn Viki has had a coronary. Dorian is with Viki, and coaxes her to pull through when Viki goes into ventricular tachycardia. The doctor works frantically to save Viki as her family looks on. Viki is very weak and pale, but survives this episode. The doctor tells her and the family her only hope is for a heart transplant, but cautions that finding a suitable donor in time is not easy. Todd shows a tender moment, and encourages Viki, but she asks him to set an example and live his life.

Michael feels like he’s being stalked and calls John, but John says he has Dr. Long in his office, so it cannot be Dr. Long. Marcie and Jenn return home, and Marcie is determined to put an end to this, and get the needed evidence. She goes to the hospital, and Dr. Long catches her snooping and traps her in a refrigerated room. Marcie struggles to get out, as Michael leaves the house in search of her. He runs into Dr. Long, who happens to be carrying an organ cooler, but Dr. Long refuses to give any information. Lindsay goes to see Jenn and asks if they can repair their relationship. Jenn suspects Lindsay is really looking for Rex, so she confronts Lindsay, and advises her to get a grip on her life. Nora helps John to realize his feelings for Natalie, and put his feelings for Caitlin in perspective. John calls Natalie as the heat is turned up a notch with Paul and Natalie. Natalie agrees to give John another chance, and Paul turns into a gentleman and backs away from Natalie. David tries to figure out what Kelly is up to and help, but she throws him out, and calls Paul. Kelly takes some sleeping pills, and is incoherent when Paul arrives. She pushes Paul, and he cuts his head. She passes out, he puts her on the bed, and David comes in. Fearing Paul has hurt Kelly, David punches Paul and knocks him out cold.

Passions by Brenda

Pilar encourages Luis to go after Sheridan and not to let anything stop him. Miguel thinks Luis should not antagonize Antonio any further. Gwen asks Sheridan to postpone her trip to St. Lisa until after Theresa gives birth to the child she was implanted with. Antonio refuses to stay in Harmony, because of Luis.

Luis goes to see Dr. Ackland and tells him that he came into possession of Alistair's files, and if the good doctor doesn't "fess up" to Sheridan, Luis will go to the medical board and have Dr. Ackland's medical license revoked permanently. Paloma has a chip on her shoulder and refuses to go see her family. She feels that they shipped her off and then abandoned her. Fox questions Theresa about her night in the Crane mansion and how she remained pregnant while Gwen's eggs are found not to be viable, and no surrogate can carry Gwen's child. Theresa tells Fox it must be God's will that she is the only person able to give birth to Gwen and Ethan's biological child.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Cameron visited Nick, apologized again for his disappearance, said he thought Victor was a fool for firing him, and offered the young Newman a job with his company. Ashley teased Jack about his date with Jill then left for a meeting with Victor. John stressed the need to cut costs at Jabot, but hesitated when Jack suggested they start with Damon. Brad refused to tell Jack why Ash and Victor were meeting, and warned him to keep his mouth shut when he almost revealed the truth about Abby to John. Alone with Victor, Ash said she wanted to seek a medical opinion before they pushed things any further with Abby. Victor warned her not to use this as a way of delaying a relationship between him and his daughter. Jill and Arthur discussed Katherine's alcoholism, and he told her he hopes she finds time for a personal life in all her worrying about her Mother. Jill revealed a bit about her date with Jack and said he's just right for her at the moment. She said things at least couldn't get any worse, then came face to face with Mackenzie. Lily gave Neil her blessing to tell the cops what he knew about Kevin on the day of Brittany's burning. Dru reluctantly agreed it was the right thing to do. Lauren visited Kevin and planted the idea that he should act crazy to stay out of jail. After stealing a pack of cigarettes off the orderly changing his blankets, Kevin stared at the flame of the lighter, looking not-all-there, and said, "Bingo."

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