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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall goes to find Ryan but discovers he still plans to go through with his wedding to Greenlee. And they finally go through with the ceremony and it happens. Tad and Krystal are completely unaware that JR plans to get revenge on Babe for hiding the secret of her marriage to Paul Kramer not yet being annulled when she married JR. But JR reveals his plan, secretly to Adam who is finally proud of his son for being just like his father. Babe has a nightmare that Bianca has taken her baby and informs her that she is Miranda, not Bess and Babe and JR lost their baby boy.

ATWT by Linda

Molly confronts Dusty over his old friend Starziak’s call, stating he was watching Lily and Holden. Lily and Holden come to Metro to forgive Dusty and tell him their behind him, Molly informing them that they’re being stalked by one of Dusty’s old business partners. Lily accuses him of being deceitful and kicks him off the foundation. Lily and Holden pull the kids out of school and regroup at home, unaware that Starziak is watching them. Aaron brings Allison another fake “piece”, Susan seeing it and is astounded at her daughter’s talent. Aaron takes Allison aside as both Chris and Susan rave, telling her that the original artist’s name is on the bottom. Trying to get the plate back from Chris, Allison accidentally shatters it.

Roseanna finds out from Carly that Jennifer seems to know about the “validity” of her marriage to Jordan. Furious, she confronts Jordan and he tells her to back off, his personal business is his and not to have her sister spy on him anymore. Meanwhile at the hospital, Barbara is livid about Jordan’s marriage. Paul pays a visit to the happy couple and Roseanna begs him to not let Jordan get fired. When he returns to the hospital, Barbara is about to do just that, Paul stepping in and reminding her that if she fires him, Jennifer will freak out and that they should just leave them alone, letting nature take its course. Jordan thanks Paul for standing up for him, unsure of his motives. Paul assures him that his motives have nothing to do with making sure that Jordan is happy. Back at the suite, Roseanna writes the name of the man in control of her adoption on a piece of paper and shows it to a horrified Carly. Carly tries to call Jack, put Roseanna forbids it, asking for 24 hours to sort this out. Annabelle Fettle shows up as Carly leaves, Roseanna demanding to see the “man in charge”. Annabelle grabs the adoption papers and tells Roseanna to look him up herself and good luck. Outside she phones someone and tells them there’s trouble. Roseanna shows up at the maximum security prison and asks to see James Stenbeck.

B&B by Susann

Jackie and Deacon continue to argue about last night. Deacon insists that he didn't take advantage of her and they eventually agree that she's not mad at him but at herself. Ridge pays a visit to Brooke, upsetting her yet again, and they go over the unfairness of it all for the thousandth time. He upsets her, causing her to hyperventilate again. Nick comes to show Massimo the paperwork to have his last name changed to Marone, but finds Massimo in a black mood. They talk about how Massimo finally has the family he wants and now he has to deal with the whole Brooke, Ridge, Nick fiasco. Deacon tells Jackie he won't give her the results of the paternity test until she tells him she isn't mad at him and she doesn't hate him. She tells him what he wants to hear and then he tells her that Nick is the father of Brooke's baby, but he doesn't actually show her the papers. He hugs him and thanks him, and he lovingly caresses her hair and obviously cares about her. While Nick and Massimo continue their conversation about family, Massimo's phone rings and it's Lauren Fenmore. Massimo tells Lauren that he knows she is lying about being with his wife. Lauren admits it and Massimo hangs up on her, furious. Jackie returns to the Marone house and finds Nick. Having just found out that Nicky is the father of Brooke's baby, she's in an upbeat mood. Nick alludes to the fact that she's not been herself lately, and asks if she's alright. She says she is. Ridge follows Brooke out to the veranda and tells her he's sorry for upsetting her, but that he knows there is a way for them to be together, and he's going to "damn well find it." Then he kisses her tenderly and walks out leaving her in tears, yet again. Jackie and Massimo finally meet up at the Marone mansion and Massimo tells her angrily that he knows she has been lying about last night, who she was with. Scaring her with his anger, he demands to know where she was and who she was with.

Days by Danielle

Brady accuses Nicole of celebrating Marlena’s death. Crystal calls Nicole to demand her bond money or she promises to blow the whistle on their plan. Shawn tries to convince Jan to let him go. Jan claims that she constructed the love cage on her own. Jan fantasizes about her life with Shawn, the whole time during the fantasy still having Shawn handcuffed to the cage. Nicole calls Jan to have her post bail for Crystal. Philip tries to comfort Belle, growing frustrated each time Belle talks about Shawn. Belle frantically tries to cover up a chalk drawing made when she and Shawn were happy as it begins to rain.

John says a final goodbye to Marlena. Marlena’s finger movements go unnoticed. Marlena’s eyes opening for a short moment go unnoticed by the coroner as he drains Marlena’s blood. The coroner finishes the job by making Marlena look like the picture that Belle and Sami chose. Celeste questions her visions until Marlena’s ghost visits her again outside of the morgue.

GH by Erica

Michael hears Sam saying she's pregnant. Sonny explains everything to him. Jax and Sonny wait with Sam while she gets the test done. Jax signs on to the board of Courtney's foundation. Ric accuses Courtney of laundering money. She and Jason end Carly's plan of altering the paternity test results.

Georgie gets jealous about Dillon and Sage getting close. She and Maxie plan a prank on Sage which may have ruined her singing voice. Dillon considers giving up his dream of being a director while Alcazar withdraws his investment in L&B.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Cassie confronted Tammy and Joey about their time in the cabin. They bury the hatchet and Cassie gave her a new locking diary as a gift. Salerno tore through his house looking for the drugs Eden dumped. When Danny appeared, he zeroed in on him, accusing him of stealing from him. Thugs also arrived at Danny and Michelle's house to search for the drugs. Michelle called Danny asking to talk to Salerno and talked him out of completely trashing her house. Tony helped her clean up the mess.

An extremely hung-over Bill refuses Eden's cure for a hangover. Eden lied about her whereabouts the previous evening. Then Jeffery showed up and questioned Eden about the drugs. He told her that he'd switched the drugs with the fakes and blamed her for setting the investigation back. Then he told her she'd have to testify against him. He then assigned Harley to be Eden's bodyguard. Bill grilled Harley about Eden. Danny found empty bags behind the toilet in the bathroom and sent Danny to kill Eden.

OLTL by Suzanne

will be late

Passions by Brenda

It seems that Heather, the original surrogate for Ethan and Gwen, was implanted again in private. Eve discovers that Gwen's eggs are not viable when Heather miscarries, so therefore Gwen will not be able to have her own biological child. Pilar has a long discussion with Theresa about her self absorbed attitude and lack of foresight into some of her plans. Pilar even tells Theresa that she should have been sent to live in Mexico, away from Harmony. Pilar said Paloma was a fine, level-headed young woman because she was raised away from Harmony.

Antonio continued to watch Luis and Sheridan kiss passionately, and then leaves to go stop Luis from trying to steal Sheridan, who has gone back home. Antonio then threatens Luis (for the last time, he says). Paloma doesn't want to go back to Harmony, but is at least willing to think about it. Katherine and Martin are debating about Harmony - yesterday they were planning to return, and today they decided they will never be able to go back.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon discuss Cameron. Nick wants to know if Cameron ever hit on her. Ashley and John talk about Jack and his doldrums. Jack and Jill interrupt their conversation and gross Ashley out with their “birthday suit” swimming plans. Neil makes up his mind to turn the evidence he has into the police and Lily and Dru tell him they‘ll never forgive him if he does. Lauren confesses to Michael that Kevin plans to run and that he wants her help. Lily has a flashback about Kevin and cries. Ashley tells Jack they need to talk later on and leaves. Brad tells Ashley to prepares themselves, that Victor came by earlier to see Abby. Brad doubts Abby won’t be scarred over this. They agree they need professional help with this situation. Jack and Jill jump in the pool; afterwards, they have some wine and eventually start to kiss. Lauren suggests to Michael that Kevin fake insanity so he can stay in the hospital longer and avoid jail time before his court session begins. Lauren says she’ll help. Nick hopes Sharon keeps seeing the doctor until she feels better and gets Cameron out of her head. Nick feels he’s after something. Ashley calls Victor and leaves a message to come by in the morning.

Thursday’s Preview: Brad tells Jack he’ll bust him in the mouth if he doesn‘t keep quiet. Nick tells Cameron he thinks it’s all a scam. Lauren tells Kevin there may be a way for him to stay out of jail.

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