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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee stops Kendall from marrying Ryan and reveals to him that Kendall lied yet again and locked her in a room to prevent them from getting married. Ryan concludes, from that, that although he may be in love with Kendall, he cannot trust her, she's gone too far. And he says he will marry Greenlee, have joint ownership of the companies with her, and Kendall is out.

Krystal and Tad are enjoying themselves which makes Liza jealous and ready to spill Krystal's secret that her daughter is a bigamist. Paul Kramer is threatening to take Babe's baby. She still wants to know who the real father is but seems to have no clue that he stole the baby that is really hers to give to his sister.  Bianca also reveals to Maggie that she wants to find out about Babe's baby because she knows something is not right.

ATWT by Linda

Mike begins to suspect something is up with Pilar. Pilar runs to the police station after Russ visits with Henry, Russ threatening her that she either get him out now or he’s spilling his guts. Henry is sent to solitary for escaping and Katie is told that she can no longer have any contact with him at all.

Jennifer tells Carly her suspicions and Carly tries to dissuade her, Jennifer vowing she’ll get the story from Jordan. Roseanna tells Jordan the conditions and initially he refuses, but Roseanna makes him feel badly and he signs the adoption papers. He also informs her that she has two weeks to find out who is behind this or he’s walking.

B&B by Susann

 Massimo gives Jackie the good news that Nick and Brooke will be married next week at the Marone mansion. He tells her there is a wedding planner on his way there now. A thrilled Jackie tells him she has a meeting and will be back soon and leaves a stunned Massimo in her wake. Ridge and Samantha share some time over coffee as Samantha tells him about finding out about Caitlin. Ridge is happy for Sammi but at the same time sad for his own situation. (It's allllll about Ridge.) Sam tells him to never give up hope, miracles do happen. Serge` the wedding planner shows up at the mansion, and sweeps through the house like a storm. He has an obvious eye for the outrageous and Nick and Brooke have to tame his plans a bit. The peacocks are out. Serge` pokes fun at Massimo's old fashioned traditions, and flirts with Nick. Jackie shows up at Deacon's apartment full of spit and vinegar, berating him with one breath and demanding the results of the test with the other. The test results finally arrive as her tirade draws to a close and she runs upstairs to avoid seeing anyone. She daydreams about last night as she stares at the rumpled bed where she and Deacon spent the night. As Brooke and Nick share a tender moment of quiet, Massimo stares at Jackie's picture with a worried look on his face and tells Hudson something is going on. Jackie finally comes back downstairs and finds Deacon with the lab results, and demands he tell her who the father of Brooke's baby is.

Days by Danielle

Shawn Sr. sends some food to Belle via Mimi and Rex. Belle, Mimi, Hope, and Bo worry that they can’t reach Shawn. Rex tries to comfort John but it is of no use. Jan refuses to let Shawn answer his phone. Jan is shocked that Shawn isn’t excited to see her. Shawn refuses Jan’s advances. Jan seeks advice from a doll on whether to let Shawn go. Rex tries to use a locator chip to find Shawn. Hope remembers that Celeste predicted that she would lose Bo but Bo quickly dismisses her fears.

Marlena declares to Celeste that she has come back from the spirit world so Celeste can avenge her death. Marlena reiterates her ominous warning that everyone in Salem will die. John hears Marlena’s voice as she talks to Celeste in the morgue as well as seeing her silhouette through the door. The coroner uses a graphic demonstration to prove to John that Marlena cannot still be alive.

GH by Lisa

Carly wonders what sonny will do if he is the father of Sam's baby. Courtney and Jason argue over Sam's pregnancy. Carly wants to make sure that the paternity test proves Jax is the father even if she has to alter the results. Carly thinks Sam got pregnant on purpose to trap Sonny. Emily sees Mary with another man and feels she is being disloyal to her husband. Nikolas gives Mary an engagement ring. Luke sets out to burn Wyndemere to the ground to get rid of the evil but Lucky stops him. Luke confesses the truth to Lucky about Ross's murder.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Jeffery and Harley anxiously await Eden's arrival at Salerno's. Jeffery told Harley that the drugs Eden was supposedly carrying were fake. Salerno frisked Eden when she got there, suspicious that she was up to something.

Gus dragged Bill to his bachelor party. Edmund and Joey had a heart to heart about the Bauer Cabin incident. Joey told him nothing happened. Olivia made an appearance. HB spilled the beans about Bill being a stock wiz. Olivia made use of a very drunk Bill to try to find out if he had bought Spalding stock. Salerno told Eden that he owned her and she wasn't finished working for him. After he'd dismissed her, she snatched a key ring that had been hanging on the wall near the door. Later, she returned and let herself into Salerno's empty house, retrieved her bag, dumped the drugs and then left again.

OLTL by Suzanne

Marcie doesn't want to leave Michael at home alone, but she goes out with Jen and Jessica anyway. Michael is jumpy and worries about someone breaking in. John visits him; they talk about Dr. Long and Marcie. Michael urges John to move on the way Marcie did after Al. Michael has a dream about Dr. Long coming after him with a blunt object and awakens to find a broken mirror. Evangeline keeps Antonio from running into Jessica at the Hookup. She wants him to find out if the place is laundering drug money to help her client. They learn the place is having men strippers so she gets the idea to have Antonio pose as one. Jessica gets hit on by some cute college guy and flirts with him. Kelly freaks out more and more as Kevin goes to Pine Valley to get dirt on Paul. She goes to Dorian but instead finds David, who follows her to Atlantic City, where she confronts Paul again. David overhears her yelling at Paul about how she wishes he were dead. Natalie finds Paul there; at first he doesn't want to have anything to do with her, but she convinces him to give her another chance. They go up to his room with champagne. Bo and Matthew visit Asa to pick up camping equipment; Asa gives Bo a hard time for not getting back together with Nora. Nora chats with R.J. at Capricorn about him and Van while she waits for Daniel, who is late. She runs into John, who is trying to say goodbye to Caitlin.

Passions by Brenda

Sam convinces Ivy he wants to move on with her and forget about Grace, since she is now in his past. Sam kisses Ivy and they end up making love on the beach. Pilar is shocked back to life, and the latest blood test shows that the experimental drug is taking effect. Pilar will recover from her illness. Eve tries to track down her missing son through the blood donor bank, but it is privacy protected. Chad tells Whitney that he donates blood because he has a rare blood type. Fox gets a clue that Julian may have another child that no one knows about.

Tabitha puts a spell on Antonio and he "sleepwalks" to her house. Tabitha shows him what is going on between Luis and Sheridan through the scryer. The new characters, Martin Lopez-Fitzgerald and Katherine Crane, begin to make plans to return to Harmony. It seems they have been living in Mexico and keeping an eye on Paloma.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Kevin asks Lauren to help him escape the hospital so he can run again. Dru and Neil tell Lily that Kevin had nothing to do with Brittany’s accident. Paul tells Michael that Lewis, Bobby’s backer, could have hurt Brittany and plan to dig info on him and use that for Kevin‘s defense. Victor goes to visit Abby and Brad tells him that she’s not there. Ashley and John talk about Abbey and then they talk about Jack. John wants Ashley to make the first move to alleviate the animosity between them for personal and business reasons. Sharon tells a scowled-faced Nick that Victor stopped by earlier to talk about the community project. Nick is upset at his father for approaching his wife and Sharon tries to calm him down. Jack commiserates with Jill and they flirt. Jill suggests they go for a swim, sans swimsuits. Bobby demands an apology from Angelo for ratting him out to Lewis and tells Angelo that he owes him. Bobby asks Angelo what he knows about Brittany’s accident and Angelo plays innocent. Kevin’s determined to run, even if he dies trying, much to Lauren‘s chagrin. Lauren tells him she cares about him and will think about helping him. Lily thinks Kevin should be punished and wants to withhold the evidence.

Victor tells Brad he’s determined to play a role in Abbey’s life and wants his first visit with his daughter before he starts his community service. John wants to approach Victor for a $25 million dollar settlement as opposed to the ten already offered. Nick and Sharon talk about Cameron’s return and his agenda. Nick thinks Sharon could be that agenda. Lauren visits Michael. Neil and Dru continue to argue; Neil feels he has to go to the police with the evidence. Lily disagrees with him and tells him she won’t ever forgive him.

Wednesday’s Preview: Sharon tells Nick she wants nothing to do with Cameron Kirsten and Nick asks her if he has ever hit on her. Dru tells Neil that Lily won’t be the only one that doesn’t forgive him.

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