The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/17/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall goes to find Ryan and propose to him, after locking Greenlee in a room. She tells Ryan that she settled things with Greenlee in a civilized manner. Greenlee persuades Simone to unlock her. And the two of them rush to prevent Kendall and Ryan from getting married.

Livia Fry and Tom Cudahy tell Jack that when Tom was drinking, Livia learned that she could not help him and the only way he got sober was by making his own decision to do so. And they advise him that he must take the same stand with Erica and her drinking.  Danielle finds out that Reggie and his friends were setting her up to be the "teen Fusion girl" and she threatens to sue them for fraud.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara comes out of surgery and the whole family is relieved to find out that the tumor was benign and she gets to talk with Will on the phone. Jordan almost tells Jennifer about his marriage to Roseanna, but Carly stops him before it’s too late. He warns her that this is his life and if things don’t hurry along, he’s going to end the whole charade. Roseanna finds out that the entity behind the adoption has stipulated that 1: Jordan be named the father in the adoption and 2: Roseanna be married to him for two years before the adoption is finally binding. She frets with Carly about how she’s going to get Jordan to sign those papers.

Margo and Doc share lunch because Kim asked Margo to talk with him about his behavior. They grow closer. Henry and Katie, with Sgt. Musgrove, sneak Henry out of Deerbrook and he winds up at the Oakdale PD questioning Russell Terry. Mike and Pilar make love again, but Mike find the incriminating photo in her purse and asks what kind of game she’s playing.

B&B by Susann

To her horror, a badly hung-over Jackie wakes up in Deacon's bed. He informs her they made love. Jackie returns home to a distraught Massimo and explains to him that she spent the night with Lauren Fenmore after having too much to drink. Deacon's friend calls and informs him that the results of the paternity test are in. Amber pays a visit to Deacon and assumes from the bottle and glass on the coffee table that he's off the wagon. Brooke and Nick discuss Brooke's visit to Ridge to inform him of the wedding, during which she has another confrontation with Stephanie. Massimo places a call to ask Lauren Fenmore if she had spent the previous evening with Jackie. Lauren covers for Jackie. Deacon calls Jackie and tells her to get her "ass" over to his house so they can see the results of the paternity test. As Jackie prepares to take a bath, Massimo secretly peeks into her bedroom and sees her sitting at her dressing table, head in hands, obviously a nervous wreck.

Days by Danielle

While unconscious, Shawn dreams of making love with Belle, leaving Jan to think he is dreaming about her. Shawn comes to and is shocked to find himself in bed with Jan, still dressed as Mrs. B. Jan reveals herself to Shawn.

Lucas tries to convince Sami that John and Kate are not to blame for Marlena’s death. Sami tries to convince Belle that Shawn isn’t coming back to her. Hope steps in to try and make peace between Sami and John. John agrees to let the coroner take Marlena’s body once Hope agrees that there will be no autopsy. Sami, Belle, and John remember their favorite moments with Marlena. Sami and Belle bring the coroner a picture of how they want Marlena to look and Marlena’s favorite suit. As John drowns his sorrows at the Brady Pub, Hope, Shawn Sr., and Bo offer a toast to Marlena. Marlena’s ghost visits Celeste to warn that everyone who betrayed her must be punished but that everything that has happened has been a lie.

GH by Erica

Sam's baby survived the fall. Sister Agnes puts her in Jason's care. Courtney later on sees Jason with Sam at the hospital. Courtney tells Carly the baby could be Jax's. Carly says if it isn't she's moving out.

Luke thinks Skye's at Wyndemere, and she is. She's bound and gagged there. Lucky blames himself for what's happened with Laura. Nikolas/Connor passes Alcazar's test. Mary says it's her and Connor's anniversary and they plan to be remarried.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Josh, Reva and gave Bill a wedding talisman that had been handed down from his great great grandfather in the Lakota tribe. Danny and Tony had it out about Danny's trip to the dock. Michelle, managing to appear menacing jumped into the fray and threatened Tony. Later, Tony received a call from Salerno and lied about having seen Danny at the docks.

Harley confronted Eden about the antimonies in the decorations. Eden told her it was her last job and then Salerno was going to let her go. Harley called in Jeffery who tested it for purity and then told Eden she'd have to follow through with the drop so they could nail Salerno.

OLTL by Suzanne

Antonio figures out that his mother went to Puerto Rico with Dorian to the funeral of the drug lord Santi. He doesn't tell John, who wonders if Dorian knows where Santi's millions are. Antonio grills Carlotta but she tells him to ask Dorian about it. John is distracted by thoughts of Natalie, and she him. Neither will talk about it with their friends. David tries to figure out if Dorian knows where the money is, too. Adriana figures out that Santi was her father, so Dorian confirms that but won't give her any more info. River and Adriana question Carlotta, who also stays mum. John visits Natalie but she tells him she won't wait around for him to get over Caitlin. Jessica is suspicious about Antonio's late-night job, so she goes to ask Evangeline what's going on. Kevin tells Kelly that he thinks Paul might have done something bad with that helicopter crash in Pine Valley. She begs him to leave him alone. Asa gives him Adam Chandler's phone number so he can find out more information. Kelly is frantic and worried; she questions Paul about the crash, but he claims that he didn't steal Bianca's baby; he got it from an unwed mother. Asa has some problems remembering that Todd has plastic surgery, which worries Kevin and gives Evangeline an idea. Todd tries to get Paul to tell him about the crash. Kevin wants to know what Paul and Todd are up to. Dorian phones someone to say she needs to move some of Adriana's money. Natalie asks and calls around to see where Paul is; she learns he's in Atlantic City again, then she leaves. Antonio's undercover work is at The Hookup, which is the same club where Jessica, Marcie, and Jen are headed for a girl's night out.

Passions by Brenda

Paloma makes her debut! She learns that someone from Harmony called her, so she returns the call to Pilar's house. Since no one answers, Paloma leaves a message. Then she gets dressed to go out "clubbing" with her friends. Pilar takes her last breath after Father Lonigan administers the last rites.

In the chapel, Sheridan tells Luis that she loves him, but before she can finish, Luis kisses her. Antonio walks in and catches them, and he punches Luis. Sheridan stops them from fighting again. Ivy and Sam talk and Ivy rambles on about her love for Sam. She plays up the fact that Grace is text-messaging Sam because she still loves him and wants to hear his voice. Ivy tells Sam they aren't meant to be together and she runs away. Julian receives blood from a hospital donor. Eve thinks it may be a clue to the identity of their son, since Julian has a rare blood type.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Raul met with JT at the airport and insisted that he save his music career, or risk making Colleen's sacrifice useless. JT booked a flight back to LA to face the music with Shiloh and see what could be salvaged of his career. Victor visited with Sharon and explained his reasons for firing Nicholas and asking for his help with the community service project. Though unconvinced it was for the best, Sharon agreed to do her best to help convince Nick to accept his Father's offer. Phyllis did her best to convince Daniel to talk to her, but he refused and lashed out over having been abandoned. Phyllis insisted it was Christine's doing that tore him from her life, but Daniel stormed out, not wanting to hear a word of it. Though Neil was bothered by the knowledge that Kevin might not have burned Brittany, Drucilla insisted he keep quiet. When Lily arrived, she knew something was up. Dru suggested Neil tell their daughter what he was planning. Paul interrupted Christine and Danny's romantic night to ask for Christine's help with the Fisher case. He asked if she thought it was possible Marsino's financial backers could have burned Brittany. Reluctantly, Christine agreed to see what she could learn. Michael promised Kevin he would never leave him, and forced Weber to allow Lauren to visit his brother. Alone with Kevin, Lauren comforted him and asked if she could do anything to help. Kevin begged her to help him escape police custody.

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