The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/14/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Reggie is ready to put his plans into motion, with the help of Jamie and Maggie, of tricking Danielle into thinking she's been selected to be a teen model for Fusion. Unexpectedly, however, Mia catches them not knowing what they are up to. They convince her to go along with the scam and tell Danielle that the "teen model" campaign is for real and she's been selected. Both Greenlee and Ryan are having private conversations with voices who tell them they are making a mistake getting married and it won't work because he's involved with Kendall. While outside the wedding suite, Kendall finds a bridal gown and finds Ryan right before the wedding.

Aidan informs Edmund and Maria that he knows that Bobbie is with Erica in Vegas and is lying for her. They assume he's cheating on Anita with Erica. They decide not to tell Anita that Bobbie is with Erica, but they conclude that Bobbie is a worthless husband and Anita deserves better.

ATWT by Linda

Pilar pays Katie an unexpected visit at Deerbrook, assuring her that she and Mike are an item and showing her a picture of them in bed together. Katie is heartbroken at first, but once she talked with Henry, she got her old fire back, believing that Pilar’s plan was to make sure that Katie was crazy. She and Henry are plotting a way to escape. Mike is troubled about making love to Pilar and reminisces about playing basketball with Katie while he was convalescing from his car accident. Pilar arrives with groceries and promises Mike that last night meant nothing and she just wanted to stay friends. Mike agrees. Barbara is with Jennifer and Paul waiting to be wheeled up for surgery. Paul and Jennifer drop the bombshell that Jordan married Roseanna, which upsets Barbara; but more for Jennifer than for herself. They accompany her to the operating room. Jordan greets Roseanna good morning in her suite, saying the guest bedroom was very quiet. They discuss the situation, Jordan warning her that he isn’t a liar and won’t play this game for very long. Roseanna promises him that Cabot will be hers by the end of the day and then they can work on a quickie divorce. He leaves to see Barbara in the hospital as Roseanna again tries to contact someone about finalizing the adoption. Carly meets Jack at the police station and assumes a call he is taking involves Craig, Jack quickly pointing out that he’ll take care of Craig, but only after he finds out about Roseanna’s adoption of Cabot. She tries to persuade him to back off, but he asks her to stand out of his way and not warn Roseanna that he’s looking into it. She says that she will, provided Jack makes Roseanna aware and he agrees.

Jordan runs into Jennifer at the hospital and tries again to apologize, Jennifer wanting no part of him. After thinking alone, he realizes that he’s being unfair to Jennifer and when he talks to her again, he tells her that his marriage to Roseanna isn’t what it appears to be. Carly comes to the hospital to check on Barbara and chats with Paul. They discuss Roseanna’s sudden marriage, Paul noting that he thought the timing between the marriage and the sudden discovery of Cabot was odd. He then tells her he doesn’t care how she got Cabot back and won’t be causing any trouble, but wanted Carly to tell her sister that if she needs anything, he will always be in Roseanna’s corner. Walker approaches them and tells them he has news about Barbara’s surgery. Jack makes a surprise visit at Roseanna’s suite, telling her that he only wants what’s best for her and Cabot and needs to see the adoption papers. Annabelle Fettle shows up, with all the proper paperwork and piques Jack’s curiosity with how extensive the paperwork is that she brought. When he leaves, Annabelle presents Roseanna with additional contracts that were for her eyes only, Roseanna disgustedly reading them and telling Annabelle, “No way! Absolutely not!”

B&B by Boo

Stephanie continues to plead her case to Eric and Ridge, neither are buying her excuses. Nick and Brooke move ahead with plans for the wedding being held at the Marone Mansion. Brooke goes to tell Ridge about the wedding and ends up in a huge fight with Stephanie. Massimo worries why his wife is no where to be found. Jackie gets roaring drunk and passes out in Deacon's bed.

Days by Danielle

Patrick tries to leave but Jennifer insists that he stay. Lexie is suspicious of Patrick’s intentions. Philip tries to convince Belle that Shawn isn’t good for her because he isn’t here to comfort her. Kate continues her quest to get Shawn away from Belle. Shawn succumbs to the effects of the drugged tea. Jan refuses to let Shawn answer Belle’s call and drags him to her love nest.

John brings Marlena to St. Luke’s church to say prayers and offer her soul to God. Hope calls Sami and Belle to have them come down and join John. Sami is convinced that the police set Marlena up. She continues to blame John, insisting that he and Kate worked together to kill Marlena. Sami lashes out at Bo, vowing to have him pay for Marlena’s death. Marlena’s ghost comes to Celeste to warn that everyone in Salem is going to die.

GH by Erica

Lucky find proof Laura's in town. He tells Emily he saw Laura after Nikolas died. The stalker poisoned Skye and knocked out Luke. Lorenzo told Nik/Connor to go to Costa Rica instead. He told Lorenzo about Sam and the baby. Lorenzo spilled it all to Carly. Jax went to Costa Rica. A furious Sam stormed off and tripped down stairs. Sage practiced for her music video and tried to seduce Dillon. Georgie admitted to being jealous of her.

GL by Wendy

Olivia was still trying to get her grubby paws on Spalding stock when Alex wandered in with Emma. Danny left Michelle to meet the ship at the dock. After he left, Ed, Rick and Mel arrived so Ed could bid tearful goodbyes and ride off into the African sunset. Gus told Phillip that the woes at Spalding aren't just corporate and that he shouldn't set himself as the fall guy for the company. Phillip grilled Alan about what the problems at Spalding really are. Harley skulked around Pier 14 looking for clues. Jeffery ordered her out of the area after she spied Danny lurking around for his own clues. Olivia suspects Bill may be the one buying up Spalding stock, though he denies interest.

Tony found Danny hiding behind boxes, caught red-handed lurking around. Tony admitted he set Danny up and can't trust him now. Danny made Tony believe he left but instead he stayed. Jeffery showed up and they came up empty-handed after going through one of the boxes. Harley found antimonious inside a box of Eden's wedding decorations.

OLTL by Kathy

will be late

Passions by Brenda

Kay is worried about Charity being with Miguel at the hospital, so she takes Maria and goes to offer "comfort" to Miguel, and to let Pilar see her granddaughter. Eve tells Sheridan that Luis did have proof of Alistair's crimes, but that in order to save Pilar's life, he gave the CDs back to Alistair. Eve explains that Alistair promised to get Pilar into the treatment program that would cure her in exchange for the CDs.

Miguel calls Paloma to tell her of Pilar's illness, and a mystery couple starts talking about the events in Harmony. (It's pretty obvious this couple is Martin Lopez-Fitzgerald and Katherine Crane). Tabitha is upset by seeing this couple in her cauldron, and calls Katherine to warn her not to come back to Harmony. Julian tells Eve that Alistair, his own father, is the one who shot him. Julian is going to need a transfusion because he lost a lot of blood from the gunshot wound.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Bobby is surrounded by Lewis and his goons and tells Bobby he has to teach him a lesson, since it‘s his club, not Bobby‘s. Colleen breaks up with JT and it’s a very unpleasant goodbye. Daniel approaches Phyllis in the restaurant interrupting her daydream about him. She tells Daniel that she’s his mother. Dru’s still upset about losing her hair and shares with Neil. Raul disagrees with Brittany singing at Marcino’s and they argue about her feelings for Bobby. Colleen says an emotional goodbye to the Abbott family, Sierra and Lily at the airport. Lewis changes his mind about teaching Bobby a lesson, and reluctantly gives Bobby a chance to change Marcino’s and tells him that he owes him and that he will collect. JT comes back just before Colleen’s about to go into her gate and they share a tearful goodbye. JT tells Colleen that he doesn’t want to lose her but wants her to go to NY so she’ll be happy. Just before she leaves, he gives her back her locket. “Hold onto my heart. Keep it safe….I love you Blue Eyes,” he tells her and they share a final kiss.

Monday’s Preview: JT and Raul talk about Shiloh and his career. Paul tells Christine that Kevin’s innocent. Phyllis asks Daniel if he heard her.

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