The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/13/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

After learning from Tad that Erica is in Vegas, drinking, becoming a show-girl, hanging out with Anita Santos' husband and not having the common courtesy to check in with anybody, Bianca tells Jack that she believes her mother's behavior is unacceptable and unforgivable.

Kendall is determined to get Ryan back no matter what it takes. But Simone believes she might be setting herself up for more heart-ache and insists Kendall lets her go with her. Greenlee and Ryan are ready to put their plans into motion to get married, although they are both constantly sensing hesitation.

ATWT by Linda

Pilar finally gets her way with Mike and they make love. Katie leaves a heartfelt message on Mike’s voicemail, but Pilar erases it before he can hear it. Henry tries to check himself out of Deerbrook, but is told that his psychosis has resurfaced and he’s there for twenty-nine more days. He and Katie scheme on how to escape. Dusty is visited by his associates and warned that he needs to keep laundering money through the Rose Foundation. He tells them he won’t do it and they threaten his life.

Paul wakes up and tries to escape the burning room with Cabot, but is thwarted. Meanwhile, Lucy tells Roseanna she thinks he’s being held at the Royal Flush motel, Roseanna, Jack and Jordan all rushing there to find that the room is on fire. Paul breaks through the door and hands a grateful Roseanna her son. Later, Paul visits her in her and Jordan’s suite and tries to apologize again, but she tells him she understands. She also tells him that she married Jordan, Paul congratulating them both, but leaving disheartened. Craig tries to explain to Lucy that he was doing the right thing, but she shuns him. When he tries to be friendly with Carly, she tells him that she’s no longer his friend and that he’s truly alone now.

B&B by Boo

Brooke and Nick discuss the type of wedding they will have. They decide on a small gathering at the Marone mansion. Ridge nor Stephanie will be invited. Ridge, Eric and Stephanie attempt to work things out together. Stephanie pleads her case to her husband and son. Samantha and Hector tell Caitlin the whole sordid story surrounding her birth. She seems to accept it all pretty well.

Days by Danielle

Jan dresses up as an old woman to greet Shawn. Jan slips a drug into Shawn’s tea. Jennifer tends to Patrick’s wounds but Patrick insists on leaving, refusing to go to the hospital. Lexie gives Patrick a clean bill of health but warns Jennifer to get Patrick out of her life. Jennifer insists that Patrick stay with her.

Sami faints after seeing Marlena being shot on the news. Philip neglects to realize that the Internet is as informative as TV or radio and allows Belle to see the web footage of Marlena being shot. Rex, Mimi, and Philip gather around Belle to offer their support while Sami, Lucas, and Will pray for Marlena’s soul. John tries desperately to save Marlena’s life as Hope calls for an ambulance. Lexie arrives to offer her medical assistance. Marlena comes to, only to proclaim that she is dying. Marlena uses a news crew to deliver a goodbye message to her family. Despite John and Lexie’s best efforts, Marlena dies. John blames Bo for Marlena’s death.

GH by Lisa

Carly is upset when Sonny leaves for South America to see Sam. Carly considers leaving Sonny again. Tracy is angry when Jax joins the board of Courtney's foundation. Jax warns Tracy he won't take anymore blackmail.

Mary accepts the fact that Nikolas is going to work for Alcazar. Luke goes berserk and destroys the casino after thinking that he saw Laura there. Luke goes off looking for Laura.

GL by Wendy

Gus meets with his drug dealer who told him to wait a week for ‘the good stuff'. Phillip got down to business at Spalding while Olivia tried to worm her way back in using the bad publicity that she secretly started to strong arm Alan into letting her handle it all and freeze Phillip out. Alan dumped the fed meeting on her. Later at the Beacon, Edmund warns Phillip about Lizzie sitting ‘his father never had time for him either... and look how he turned out.' Marina told Sandy and Shane it's her birthday week. She challenged Sandy to buy her a gift for under $6. Michelle told Nico that Salerno and Danny had business as a way to break it to him that Danny is back in the mob. Nico left to confront Danny to hear it himself. After exchanging harsh barbs, Nico stormed off, packed up and rode off into the sunset. Bill got kicked out of Michelle's house when he delivered the invitation to the wedding but told her Danny wasn't invited. They fought and Michelle slapped him. Danny decided to go to the docks by himself.

OLTL by Kathy

Kevin continues to ask questions about Paul, which worries Kelly. She goes to Atlantic City to ask him for more details about Ace’s parents. Paul warns her that it is in her best interest to know nothing. Marcie brings Michael home, and they are determined to keep up the investigation. John intervenes, and says he’ll continue to investigate. Viki visits Starr, and welcomes her home, as does Matthew. Natalie cannot go through with making love to John, as she can see he cannot let go of Caitlin. Natalie takes off her wedding ring. Roxy hooks up with Paul in Atlantic City, and she ends up gambling away the money Nigel gave to her. Blair asks for more time to sort out her feelings for Todd, and Todd agrees to give her all the time she needs.

Passions by Brenda

Gwen catches Theresa in the Crane mansion, and asks Theresa what she is hiding behind her back? It's the blond wig, but Theresa manages to stuff it in her purse when little Ethan calls out "Mommy", and Gwen is momentarily distracted. Gwen is about to call the police on Theresa for the third kidnapping attempt, but Fox steps in and tells Gwen that in his home, he will entertain whomever he likes. Fox then tells Theresa about Pilar being in the hospital and he drives Theresa to see her mother. Theresa does not answer Fox when he asks why she was really at the Crane mansion.

Antonio blames Luis for Pilar's illness and says it's because Luis cannot accept the fact that Sheridan is married to him, and this caused Pilar's disease. Miguel and Theresa look dumbfounded that Antonio could blame Luis. After all, Antonio is the one who ran out on his family and never called or wrote, while Pilar prayed every day for his return. Julian grabs the CD's from Alistair and starts to leave, but Alistair shoots Julian and takes the CD's. Alistair then tells Julian to stop bleeding on his carpet.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Lily and Sierra took Cassie Newman out for the day as part of a Walnut Grove initiation day. They lunched with Daniel at the Athletic Club and teased him about his preoccupation with Phyllis, seated across the room. Michael ran into Phyllis and tried to talk her out of introducing herself to Daniel. She heard his arguments, but remained determined. When JT discovered Colleen had returned to Genoa City, he decided to go after her. Shiloh warned that there would be consequences, but he still left. In Genoa City, Colleen told Brad she was breaking up with JT and moving back to New York to live with Traci. While Brad made arrangements for an immediate flight, JT showed up and asked why Colleen had left LA. Brittany told Mackenzie all about the tragedy that left her scarred, was annoyed when Raul paid Mac a compliment about her appearance, and revealed her plans to sing for Bobby again. Nikki and Victor discussed Abby and Nicholas. Victor refused to give Nicholas his job back, insisting he simply cannot trust him. Frederick and Angelo agreed that Bobby should not make Marsino's a cabaret bar, and should leave Brittany alone. Bobby refused to change his plans, so Angelo placed a mysterious phone call.

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