The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/12/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Jack, Reggie and Bianca are almost ready to give up on Erica, realizing she's made no effort to contact them in too long. She seems very happy in Vegas, gambling, until she falls asleep and has a nightmare that the cards she is about to lose to her inner demon are four people who love her and whom she cannot abandon; Jack, Bianca, Kendall and Reggie.

JR sounds as though he's forgiven Babe for lying to him about her annulment to Paul Kramer. He secretly reveals to Bess, that he's talked to Livia Fry about getting full custody of his child and that he has a secret plan.

ATWT by Linda

Aaron promises Allison he’ll help her buy a ceramic plate that she can pass off as her own, but she has to promise she’ll learn how to work the pottery wheel. Jessica confronts Margo about Doc, Margo swearing she’s not doing anything wrong. Doc sends her flowers thanking her for the nice evening. As Margo tries to go to sleep, she has a vision where she’s talking with Doc, fully clothed, next to her on the bed. She tells him to leave and he does, Margo confident that she can forget about him; until she sees his picture in the paper. Doc is served legal papers during the break to his sportscast, attacking the guy who served him on live TV. Kim is livid and threatens his job, Jessica again coming to the Doc’s rescue as his lawyer.

Roseanna takes Carly with her to the “Palace of Happiness” to meet Craig. He shows up, and finds out that she married Jordan, threatening to never let her see Cabot again unless she annuls her marriage to Jordan. Jack then arrives and Roseanna begs him to make Craig tell her where Cabot is. Lucy shows up in Las Vegas and tells Paul that her father called her and told her to come, that they’d be a family again. Paul calls the number left on her cell phone from Craig’s call and goes to the motel where Craig is staying. Pounding on the door, Dalma, the babysitter, finally lets Paul in and then promptly knocks him out by busting a lamp over his head. Jordan is surprised when Lucy shows up at his suite and tells him why she’s there. They both go to the “Palace of Happiness” to see if Roseanna may annul his marriage to her and marry Craig instead. Once there, Lucy looks at her cell phone and tells everyone she thinks she knows where Cabot is. Meanwhile, the lamp Dalma broke over Paul’s head catches fire and she flees, leaving him unconscious surrounded by flames.

B&B by Boo

Caitlin remains confused about what Hector is trying to tell her. She finally realizes that Samantha is her mother. Priscilla is on a plane on her way out of town for good when she calls and leaves one final message for Samantha telling her once again how sorry she is for all the pain she has caused her. At Forrester creations, the press conference gets underway. Eric announces that Thorne is the new President of Forrester. Thorne only gets to enjoy his spotlight for a short time before Ridge is noticed in the room and once again, all attention is turned to Ridge.

Days by Danielle

Patrick is still determined to leave town. Jennifer doesn’t want him to leave. Jennifer tells Abby about Marlena’s confession. Patrick’s acquaintance orders some men to kill Patrick. Jennifer finds Patrick outside her house, where the men have left him for dead. Sami declares that she doesn’t believe in love anymore. Lucas begs her to give their relationship a chance.

Crystal calls Nicole to tell her that the job to kill Marlena is almost done. Nicole takes offense at Brady’s accusations when he catches her talking on the phone. John attacks Bo when he hears about the shoot to kill order. John tries to convince Bo to cancel the order and let him talk to Marlena. Bo rescinds the shoot to kill order but the police mishear him. John reaches the roof but Marlena is shot in the chest as she runs to him.

GH by Erica

Jax asks Justus to help him with a court order for a paternity test. Eventually, he agrees. At the Quartermaine's, Tracy reminds Jax what's at stake: Skye's life. He tells her something extremely life-changing might soon come up. Jen tells Courtney she needs a high-profile donor with a clean record to prove she's not laundering money. She goes to the Q mansion, where Tracy refuses to let her see Lila. Jax then suggests he should be the donor.

Carly asks why Jason refuses to not look for Sam. Sam says the family she described was Sonny's and she cannot ask them. Ric asks Sonny about his short affair with Alexis. Alexis asks many irrelevant questions about Sonny's emotional problems. When Jason goes to get Sam at the convent, the nun thinks Jason is Sonny. When she lets him in, Sam is about to jump out the window. Mary tells Nikolas/Connor about Lorenzo's real job. She tells him he can't take the job; Connor says he is anyway. He is watching when Lorenzo is about to tell Emily something very important.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Shane shows up at his parents house with Marina (new actress) and Sandy with great news - he can walk without his cane and he's moving out. Tammy does her best to seduce Joey but he takes the highroad and drives her to her aunts house. Meanwhile, Cassie gets wind of where Tammy went and Edmund heads out to retrieve her. Finding an empty cabin with all the romantic fixings, he gently tells a dismayed Cassie what he thinks may have gone on.

The empty nest of Josh and Reva last all of ten minutes, when Tammy and Joey show up for a heart to heart. Tammy opens up to Reva but also asks if she can live with them to get some space from her mother. Michelle convinces Ed to go to Africa. Salerno comes to the Beacon to muscle Jeffery who doesn't take it from him.

OLTL by Kathy

Dr. Long questions Michael and Marcie, revealing he knew what they were up to all along. Michael confesses all of his suspicions, and Dr. Long informs Michael he will be pressing charges, thus preventing Michael from getting his medical license. He shows Michael a file, which “confirms” the fact that all the organ donations and transplants are on the up-and-up, and Michael pretends to buy the story. In a last minute decision, Dr. Long decides to give Michael a second chance. Michael and Marcie vow to get to the bottom. John follows Natalie and Paul to Atlantic City, where he has a private conversation with Natalie. Natalie pleads for him to accept his true feelings, and although John cannot verbalize them, he passionately kisses Natalie. Natalie blows Paul off, and returns to Llanview with John, where they go straight to his hotel room. Kevin and Kelly join Dorian and David while they wait for news on Blair and Starr. Kevin questions David about Paul, and both agree he is a shady character. Kelly is upset that Kevin is going after Paul, but Kevin fears Kelly may be naïve, and allow Paul to use her. Nigel sells his coin collection, and gives the money to Roxy to help pay off her gambling debt. Roxy leaves to pay the debt, vowing not to do anything stupid with the money, and gives Nigel a kiss.

Laser holds a gun on Blair, and Todd offers himself as a hostage. Laser refuses, and escapes with Blair. Todd goes after them, frees Blair, and they struggle with the gun. The gun goes off, and Laser is shot in the shoulder. The police arrive and apprehend Laser, as Todd, Blair and Starr are reunited. Starr says a tearful goodbye to Travis.

Passions by Brenda

Luis hands the CD's over to Alistair in order to save his mother's life. He tells the crowd the evidence is gone, and Sam sends everyone home. Sam tells Luis that the Feds want to arrest him for aiding and abetting Alistair in his crimes, by giving back the CD's with all the evidence on them. Luis is devastated that he couldn't prove to Sheridan that Alistair and Dr. Ackland brainwashed her in the psych ward. Antonio thinks he is vindicated and tells Sheridan that Luis had been lying all along.

Miguel and Charity stay beside Pilar and pray for her recovery. Eve gets a phone call from the Valtan Center that Pilar has been admitted to their program. Eve gets to work right away and gives Pilar the experimental drugs necessary to save her life. Theresa is almost caught by Gwen when she returns home because her flight was cancelled due to fog. Ethan tells Gwen they just had the best sex ever, and Gwen thinks Ethan had been dreaming after he drank all the champagne. Theresa sneaks back into little Ethan's room to change out of her "Gwen" disguise.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Sharon’s a mess and tells Nick not to go to work, informing him he needs to watch the kids while Nicki takes her to a psychiatrist. Phyllis fills Damon in on her day, her talk with Jack and seeing Daniel and that she didn‘t introduce herself to her son. Mac visit’s a very surprised Raul and asks for her old room back. Raul welcomes her back to the apartment and fills her in on Brittany’s stripping and singing. Brittany tells her parents she’s singing at Marcino’s again and about the revamp of the club. Angelo is clearly upset over the changes happening to the strip club and threatens Bobby, also informing him that Lewis, their financial backer, will not like it either. JT arrives at Beachfront Records, Brad and Colleen in tow, and then they witness JT getting mobbed by screaming fans and press. Danny, Chris and Daniel have dinner together and explain to Daniel about not being upfront about their relationship.

JT has his first interview with E! television and they show his first music video. Colleen pretends to smile but is visibly upset by all the attention JT is getting and by a kiss JT has in the video. Shiloh smiles after ‘the kiss’ clip and looks at Colleen with a smug look. Nick cancels his meeting with Cameron and Sharon explains her hatred toward the man and Nick agrees with her. Shiloh grabs JT to show him the buzzing chat rooms and congratulates him; JT calls Colleen over and puts his arm around her. Damon tells Phyllis he’s tired of giving her pep talks and they argue. Phyllis decides she’s going to go and see Daniel. Danny tells Christine what a great influence she’s been on his son and she starts to seduce him. Shiloh tells JT that he’s going on tour, opening for the band, Dialect, and his own album will be out in July. She asks him how soon he can he move out to LA and JT says he will. Colleen tells her dad that she wants to go back to GC. Phyllis sees and smiles at Daniel at the restaurant.

Thursday Preview: JT tells an unpleased Shiloh that he has to go. Colleen cries about her broken heart. Phyllis tells Michael she’s telling Daniel that she’s his mother.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Frederick and Anita were happy that Brittany's mood was better, but not thrilled to learn she'd gone back to performing at Marsino's. Angelo warned Bobby that changing the image of the club would anger a certain "Mr. Lewis", while Bobby seemed uninterested. Mac and Raul caught up on each other's lives, and Mac came face to face with Brittany, her old (and newly scarred) nemesis. Daniel told Danny he supports his relationship with Christine. Danny and Chris made love. Damon used tough love to convince Phyllis to stop feeling sorry for herself and take charge. Phyllis went to the Athletic Club to introduce herself to Daniel. Sharon admitted to Nick that she planned to see a psychiatrist to help her calm down, and begged him not to keep working with Cameron. After seeing JT's seductive music video, watching fans devour him, and learning from Shiloh that he would be leaving Genoa City and moving to LA to prepare for a tour, a devastated Colleen asked Brad to take her home.

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