The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/11/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall is finally determined to go after Ryan and prevent him from getting on the plane with Ryan. Simone tries to help her, but she can't get to them. JR is devastated after finding out that Babe never told him that her annulment to Paul Kramer was not final until he already married her. He reveals to Jamie that he will never forgive her for that and will fight to take Bess from her, although Jamie tells him he's out of line to want to do that. Bianca reveals to Reggie that she knows about his scheme to scam Danielle. Erica is still in Vegas and Jack is still determined to find her.

ATWT by Linda

Chris and the Hughes gift Allison with a potter’s wheel. Not being able to tell the truth, Allison perpetuates the lie that she’s taking a ceramics class and even though Nancy chastises her about it, she keeps Allison’s secret. Margo is distraught about having Katie committed, and is pleasantly surprised that Casey, Curtis and Doc have made dinner. Curtis invites Ben and Jessica, who were trying to spend a romantic evening at the Lakeview, to dinner at the Hughes’, Jessica going so she can keep an eye on Doc. Doc makes a pass at Margo and she turns down having lunch with him privately, but invites him to another dinner at the house. Jessica calls Margo on her infatuation with Doc.

The BRO Fashion show is a success and Barbara gets to take her bows as she planned, her children by her side. Jack flies in to see Carly’s success, but is also there about Cabot’s birthmother (who’s disappeared along with Cabot) and wants to speak with Roseanna about it. Annabelle informs Roseanna that Cabot was stolen from her room and Jack calls his Vegas contacts to aid in the search for the baby. After the show, Jack returns to speak with Carly, Paul overhearing their conversation and begging to let him help Roseanna. Jordan is comforting Roseanna when she receives a call from Craig, who tells her to meet him at the “Palace of Happiness” wedding chapel, stating that if she weds him, they can all be a happy family again; him, Roseanna, Lucy and Cabot.

B&B by Boo

Jackie and Deacon continue to conspire about a new paternity test. Jackie visits with Nick about him changing his name to Marone before she yanks out a few strands of Nicks hair. Sam worries to Hector that things might not go so well at Caitlin's birthday party. Hector convinces her that things will all work out. Jimmy and Caitlin share a nice brother/sister moment when he gives her a nice little cross necklace for her birthday. Caitlin is happy to see that her birthday surprise is Samantha coming to her party, but confused when Sam rushes to hug her and starts crying.

Days by Danielle

Jan prepares to put her plan to kidnap Shawn into action. Jan pretends to be an old friend of Alice’s to lure Shawn to her country home. Shawn stands up to Patrick’s acquaintance, stealing his keys to prevent him from leaving with Jennifer’s bonds. Patrick confronts his acquaintance and gets Jennifer’s bonds back. Jennifer blames herself for losing the bonds and for trusting Bonnie and Patrick. Bonnie accuses Julie of stealing the bonds and tries to choke her. Julie wishes to press charges on Bonnie for assault. Kate criticizes Philip for not taking advantage of Belle while John encourages Belle that he’ll keep Marlena safe.

Crystal sets Marlena up to make it look like Marlena was trying to escape. Bo orders a massive search with an issue to shoot to kill when he and Hope discover that Marlena isn’t in her cell. Hope calls John to try and have him talk Marlena into surrendering. Marlena tries to show that she is surrendering but is shot.

GH by Lisa

Sam goes to a convent in South America to arrange an adoption for her baby. Sonny wants Jason to find her. Sonny wants to be a father to Sam's baby if it is his. Carly asks Jason to keep Sam away from Sonny.

Ned is angry at Alexis for the way she is questioning him at Faith's trial. Ric unnerves Alexis by calling Sonny to be a witness. Nikolas tells Mary that he is going to accept Alcazar's job offer. Emily warns Mary that Alcazar is a crime lord. Georgie is not pleased by Sage's new arrangement with L & B Records.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Jeffery and Harley put their heads together about the shipment from San Cristobal after Harley reveals the discussion between her and Marie Green. They find that both Salerno's shipment and a shipment of antiques are on the same ship - Pier 14 'The Gilded Lilly' Danny is warned to keep away from Salerno and the pier while Harley is sent to check it out, after refusing backup. Tammy and Joey escape to the cabin while Edmund and Cassie worry that she's run away. Phillip returns to work. Upset, Olivia calls the business media to offer them a 'scoop'. Bill confronts Salerno about Eden but Danny breaks it up before it gets serious. Bill and Eden decide to deliver Michelle's invitation personally so Bill can tattle on Danny.

OLTL by Kathy

Michael and Marcie continue to try to get proof of Dr. Long’s wrong doings, but Dr. Long is on to them. He lures Michael and Marcie into his office, by saying he will be out of town. Unfortunately for Michael and Marcie, they fall for it, and are caught. Paul invites Natalie to Atlantic City, and she accepts, and John is none too happy. Evangeline and Nora enjoy lunch together, and discuss their relationships. Viki and Dorian continue to support each other, awaiting news on Starr and Blair. Laser sends Blair to the park, and Travis is there to help guide her. Laser has an accomplice, and she eventually snatches the money, and continues to run with Starr in tow. Bo and Todd piece together where Blair is, and arrive just as Travis and Blair find Starr. Starr is released, but Laser now holds a gun on Blair, wondering just how much she is worth. Antonio is upset when he learns Jessica was accepted into graduate school, but failed to discuss it with him first.

Passions by Brenda

Alistair continues to force Luis to choose between saving his mother's life or playing the rest of the CD's for all of Harmony to see. If Luis gives the CD's back to Alistair, Pilar will be admitted to the treatment center for the experimental drug to cure her blood disorder. Dr. Eve has to make a choice also - she can go along with Alistair's promise to help Pilar, and if she does, she loses the chance to find her long-lost son.

Theresa has seduced Ethan in order to get pregnant. Gwen's plane has been delayed, so she decides to go home and surprise Ethan. In the taxi-cab on the way back to Harmony, Gwen and the driver have a very interesting chat. Gwen talks about all the things Theresa has done to try to steal Ethan, and her latest schemes.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Phyllis and Jack had an emotional conversation dealing with the failure of their relationship. She believed that if she'd never lost the baby they almost had, they'd still be together. Though Diane showed up at Damon's intent on seducing him to get back at Phyllis, he got inside her head and made her admit her love for Jack. Damon suggested Diane focus on winning his heart back. They did, however, share a steamy kiss. Sharon demanded answers from Cameron who claimed to not know what she was talking about in regards to New Year's Eve. He did admit to their night together in Denver, and apologized. Sharon told Nikki that she thinks she's definitely losing her mind. After talking with Nikki, Sharon worried about what Cameron might tell Nicholas when they met. Colleen friends helped cheer her up before the plane left Genoa City, but when they arrived in LA a group of female fans swarmed JT. Colleen was taken aback, while Shiloh seemed rather pleased.

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