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AMC by Jennifer

Liza drops the bombshell on JR that could ruin his marriage. At first, he wants to believe she's lying just to get Krystal out of Tad's life. But he seriously worries that Babe has betrayed him by not telling him the annulment was not finalized when they married. Tad sounds like he wants a relationship with Krystal, but he's able to tell that she did something that would hurt him and his family, although he doesn't know what.

Jack tells Kendall she needs to trust Ryan in spite of her fear of being hurt, the same way he is trusting Erica in spite of his hurt. But although Greenlee and Ryan are both having their doubts, they are ready to take off before Kendall can catch them

ATWT by Linda

Mike dreams that he and Katie are getting married, but she is frantic, in a straight jacket and being carted off by men in white coats. Pilar convinces him to stay the night in her motel room, because she is still frightened. Henry is disturbed when he visits Katie at Deerbrook. He convinces the day nurse that he is “Captain Destiny” and gets committed as well. Paul and Barbara have a heartfelt discussion in her hospital room, ending with them tearing up the papers that give him control of BRO. Walker schedules her surgery for the next day, urging her to return home to rest. Paul talks him into letting Barbara stay for the fashion show, promising that she must be on a plane home directly following it.

Jordan tells Jennifer that he actually married Roseanna and is in love with her, breaking Jennifer’s heart. Jennifer makes him swear not to tell her mother about the wedding until after she’s better. Jordan agrees. Roseanna meets her contact, Annabelle Fettle. She is furious, stating that she’s done everything that they asked. Annabelle was supposed to bring her Cabot, but she was empty handed, saying that she didn’t know where Cabot was. The show ends with Craig in a nursery, playing with Cabot.

B&B by Boo

Priscilla does her best to convince Samantha that she has seen the error of her ways, and begs for forgiveness. Samantha wants nothing more to do with her mother. Priscilla is dead to her. Hector promises Caitlin that her birthday will be a very special day this year.

Nick tells Massimo that he is thinking of changing his last name from Payne to Marone. Massimo suggest Daminick Marone Jr. as a name for his new grandson. Deacon convinces Jackie to yank a hair from Nick's head so they can run their own DNA test.

Days by Danielle

Brady offers to help Nicole get back into the business world at Titan. Nicole offers Brady Marlena’s place on the Titan board. Brady questions Nicole’s motives until she offers him the concert hall campaign. Bonnie and Patrick both deny having taken Jennifer’s bonds. Jennifer has a hard time believing that Patrick is innocent. Shawn overhears Patrick’s acquaintance talking about stealing Jennifer’s bonds.

Kate prevents Shawn from seeing Belle. Kate and Philip eavesdrop on John’s conversation with Belle about Shawn. Kate and John talk about Marlena’s fate as Philip steps in to comfort Belle. Alone in a new cell, Marlena flashes back through her life with John. Crystal sleeps with a guard to get the keys to Marlena’s cell. Crystal lures Marlena up to the prison roof by claiming there is a gas leak. Once up there, Crystal attacks Marlena from behind and knocks her out.

GH by Suzanne

Emily dreams of a wedding to Nikolas. Luke tries to find the woman with the knife. Skye insists it was Laura, and he insists it wasn't. While driving home, Emily sees Nikolas/Connor. She slams on the brakes and gets into a car accident. He comes to her rescue and brings her back to the cabin. Emily tells Mary she saw Nikolas. Mary calls Jason and he comes to help. Skye apologizes. Lucky says she's gone, but he finds a bracelet Luke gave Laura. Emily describes to Mary what happened. Jason knows Mary couldn't have carried Emily. She claims she drove her there. He takes Emily home.

Jason says the kiss changed nothing. Sam meets a woman who is adopting a baby in Central America. Sonny reads the letter and tells Carly it's over with Sam. Carly assumes Sam is threatened by her. Jax is sure that Sam's baby is his. Courtney and Mike talk about her and Jason's relationship. Jax tells Sonny the baby is his, and he might have to kill him. Jax runs into Courtney and he tries to help her, but she doesn't believe him. Sonny calls someone, saying they need to find Sam.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Harley catches Gus at the mall in his undercover disguise, after which she grills him on the why and what of his unusual attire. After he dances around a bit, she lets the matter go and enlists his help in checking on Eden and Bill. Phillip continues his reign of creepiness on Olivia in their bedroom while downstairs, Lizzie is telling Alan, Alex and Beth that Phillip is back. Alan is party bound, wanting to celebrate the return of the prince. Phillip and Olivia eventually cease their verbal dancing and go downstairs to meet and greet the family. Two toasts later, everyone splits off into groups and begins plotting their strategy regarding Phillips return to the fold. Alex wonders if he's ready while Alan says not to worry. Olivia has conversations with everyone but Beth in hopes of turning them against Phillip - to no avail. She resorts to torturing Alex instead before following Phillip to bed. Upstairs, Phillip puts more pressure on Olivia to see if she'll crack but she throws him off with a few choice words. He tells her he feels he should take things slow and sleep in the guestroom but once outside the door, he becomes outraged. Later that evening, he creeps back into her room to watch her sleep but she wakes up and freaks out. He leaves and she bolts the door. And.... after most everyone goes to bed, Beth tells Alan that she's considering moving out of the house. He talks her out of it.

Meanwhile - at Danny and Michelle's house, Salerno visits, brings an unreasonably big ugly vase as a gift and doubts Michelle's sincerity when she invites him to dinner and encourages him to bring a guest. Michelle finally tugs on the right strings and Salerno leaves with Danny, somewhat convinced she's on her way to accepting life as a mob wife. Danny and Michelle share a tortured kiss and he runs off with Salerno. Later in the day, Tammy pays a visit to Michelle and asks for the keys to the family cabin for her and her friends to hang out. Michelle is under the impression that Cassie approves so she hands over the keys. When next we see Danny, he's at the club with Tony, Salerno and two henchman. Salerno drops a hint that something is going down on the weekend but won't say what. After Salerno goes to check the place for bugs.. Danny expresses to Tony that Salerno doesn't trust him... to which Tony replies, "Neither do I." After a bit of sleuthing later on... Danny may have a clue to the weekend doings. At Towers, Eden and
Bill are kissing on each other and Eden says she wants the big wedding after all. Bill goes to make the arrangements for the use of the club and also to meet with Gus. Once he's out of earshot...Eden leaves a message on Salerno's phone saying that she'll do one more job and then she's out. Harley shows up with her coconuts (the tropical theme
for the shower) and Eden lets her know that the wedding is definitely back on. During their conversation Harley worms the truth out of Eden about her relationship with Salerno by showing her the discarded note from the Beacon. Eden says that Salerno's not going to be a problem.. Harley warns her that may not be true. At the mall, Bill meets with Gus for the "she's my sister" talk. At Towers, Salerno calls Eden with her new assignment. She refuses but he says that if she does just this one last thing, she's out so she agrees.

OLTL by Kathy

Paul catches Marcie snooping on the helipad, but Marcie skillfully talks her way out of it, saying she was just exploring the hospital, as she just started working for a doctor who told her to get to know the hospital. Marcie eventually stows away on the helicopter, and later returns to tell Michael that she thinks their suspicions have been confirmed, that Dr. Long is selling organs to the highest bidder. Dorian tells Viki that she must remain in the hospital for observation, and the two continue to bond and grow closer. Dorian feels that she caused this latest episode by telling Viki about Starr being kidnapped. Laser wonders what further use he has for Starr, but she convinces him to leave Todd out of the loop, and work with Blair. He cuts of a lock of Starr’s hair to send to Blair. He then calls her to meet him at Penn Station in New York. John returns the ransom money to Blair, and she leaves for New York, with Travis following. Todd is furious when he learns Blair went off on her own. Natalie and John appear to grow closer, as Natalie opens up to John about her fears regarding Viki, and John holds her while she cries. Natalie later fantasizes about kissing John.

Passions by Brenda

Luis begins to play the CD's of Alistair's crimes to everyone at the Founder's Day Dance. Pilar has collapsed outside, and Alistair uses her illness to bargain with Luis. Alistair promises to get Pilar into a special treatment program if Luis stops will return the CD's. Kay's dress disappears at the stroke of midnight. The fashion designer accuses her of trying to seduce him to get a job. Kay explains to Sam that her dress caught on fire from one of the flaming desserts and she had to rip it off.

After Gwen left for Boston, Theresa slipped the "date-rape" drug into Ethan's champagne, put on her blond wig to look like Gwen, and sprayed on Gwen's perfume. Not long after Ethan went to bed, Theresa slipped in beside him so that she can carry out her plan to seduce Ethan and get pregnant by him. Her ultimate goal is to have a baby that she can trade for little Ethan.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Cameron joined Sharon, Nikki and Nick at their table. Nick was furious with Cameron's disappearance and demanded answers. Cameron claimed to have met a woman after the New Year's Eve party and gone away on a romantic trip with her. He apologized and told Nick he still wanted to do business. At the Ranch, Sharon reassured Nikki that she was not playing games and that Cameron really HAD been dead. Both women were confused. Sharon waited in Nicholas' office and confronted Cameron when he arrived, demanding he tell her what he was up to. Michael argued with Gloria about their past and her failures as a Mother. He refused to allow her to see Kevin, and Gloria warned Michael that she would be back, before storming out. Diane showed up at Damon's and - in record time - planted a kiss on the chemist, after suggesting he pay attention to 'new' projects (aka... not Phyllis). In an effort to keep Phyllis away from Damon's place, Dru instigated an argument. Phyllis got the upper hand by ripping off Dru's hat and exposing her bald head to a roomful of shocked citizens. Dru, in tears, wished Damon could see Phyllis at her worst. Jack revealed to Ash and Brad that he planned to fire Damon. Ash warned him not to do so without her consent or he would regret it. While packing, JT did his best to reassure a very insecure Colleen about the fate of their relationship.

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