The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/7/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Tad tells Krystal that he wants her, not Liza or Simone. But she has problems with that. She first fears that he knows she switched the DNA, but he reveals he probably has no clue. But due to her secret and guilt about that, she tells him it's too late for them. When Liza sees them together in a restaurant, she decides to spill the beans to JR and gives him proof that his marriage to Babe is all a lie.

Kendall goes to salvage her relationship with Ryan. But it's too late. He's already on his honeymoon flight with Greenlee. Yet, it is obvious that he is having second thoughts about marrying her and it's not a real wedding.

ATWT by Suzanne

Did not air today

B&B by Boo

Stephanie and Brooke finish their fight with Brooke proclaiming that she will always have a bond with Ridge. Ridge tells Brooke that things are over between them, now that she has committed herself to Nick. Deacon convinces Jackie that they should run their own paternity test to find out who the father of Brooke’s baby is. Stephanie comforts Samantha over all the lies that Priscilla told her through the years. Priscilla doesn’t believe that Samantha never wants to see her again.

Days by Danielle

did not air today

GH by Suzanne

At the Quartermaine's, Emily asks Jax not to tell anyone that Sam is pregnant. He agrees but asks a few questions. He begs out of the engagement party early, arguing with Tracy in the process. Mary explains to Lorenzo why she is keeping Nikolas to herself. Lorenzo figures that Nikolas is better off with his happy life; he tells Mary he will fake some documents so Nikolas can work for him and travel. Tracy toasts Lorenzo as her new business partner, but instead he tells her off for what she did with Sage and Georgie, since Sage just filled him in. She is hurt but leaves the room, covering. Dillon follows and tries to get her to open up. Ned is impressed and asks Alcazar to invest in L&B, which will piss off Tracy. Lorenzo agrees, if Ned will listen to Sage and give her a recording contract if he thinks she's any good. Dillon is not happy about this.
Mary leaves the party early to beg Nikolas not to take Lorenzo's job. She gets upset and leaves, so he follows. They argue in the gazebo and she finally learns to accept that he has to do more than just be her house pet.
Emily meets with Jason at the church to tell him that Jax knows about Sam's pregnancy. She also tells him again he should be with Courtney because real love is rare. She chats with the priest who is bringing "Connor"'s paycheck by. Later, Nikolas arrives and picks up his check. The lights go out in the storm so there is only candlelight. He sees Emily, asleep on a pew, and goes over to her.

Courtney, annoyed at the bad interview and at the rain leaking into her office, yells at Jason when he drops by to ask her to check in on Carly. She wishes she had never met or kissed Jason and explains about the interview. He says those are the consequences for her actions and she has to learn to deal with the fact that Sonny will always be her brother and he will always be her ex. He suggests she leave town, but she won't. Later, the rain reminds them both of their first kiss (which was in the rain). She walks her dog but it runs ahead, into Jason. They yell at each some more about how painful it's been and how she betrayed him by hitting him over the head. They end up kissing instead, just like in the flashback to their first kiss. Sam packs her bags and writes notes to Jason and Sonny. She tells Jason she couldn't tell Sonny and to go ahead and tell him about the baby if he wants to. Jax drops by and confronts her. She tells him that they were through long ago and kicks him out. There is tension when Courtney drops by the penthouse to talk to Carly. She and Sonny bicker. Sonny goes to check on Sam but finds a letter she wrote instead. Jax visits Carly to see what she knows about Sam. Skye is antsy about the way Tracy keeps blackmailing Jax. Luke comes in, looking for Lucky; he makes it clear to Skye that his only priority is figuring out where Laura is, rather than helping out Skye with her problems. Skye wonders if Laura is the killer who is trying to set her up, but Luke tells her that couldn't be. Luke and Lucky run off. Skye follows but ends up in the gazebo in the rain; the stalker/killer in blue comes after her with a knife.

GL by Suzanne

Olivia is shocked to see Philip home.  There is a lot of tension and unhappiness between them.  His words are nice but his attitude is not, and he subtly threatens her with his hands around her neck.  Lizzie is happy to see Philip and the two of them plan a surprise dinner for the family.  Lizzie asks him if he loves Olivia and he says it's not that simple.  Lizzie tries to cause trouble between Joey and Tammy by implying that they are like Romeo and Juliet since she is fighting with her family.  Cassie and Tammy have a big fight over Edmund and over Cassie reading her diary.  It ends with Tammy ripping up her mother's day card.  Cassie pieces it together later and cries.  Tammy, furious with Cassie, meets up with Joey.  He tries to get her to reunite with her mom, but she's only interested in making her suffer.  She plans to skip school tomorrow and run off with Joey, to make Cassie worry.  Vinnie threatens Eden and then escapes out the back door as Bill comes in.  Bill tells her he doesn't want to go to Las Vegas; he wants to have a real wedding with her.  She is very jittery and he wants to know what's bugging her.  Danny and Michelle meet at Towers; they think Salerno has arranged it but Mel and Rick arrive.  They tell them that they wanted them to have a nice dinner together.  Mel and Rick are celebrating mother's day; Ed is there to watch the baby.  Michelle and Danny talk about their future.  Michelle wants to pretend to be the nice mob wife.  They decide they will have to distance themselves from her family in order to do it.  They go home to see Robbie.  They are kissing on the sofa when Salerno arrives without knocking.  Ed is torn about going to Africa.  Rick tells him bluntly that he doesn't want him to go.   Mel admires Eden's ring.  She and Rick talk about their wedding and how important it was to them to have it, even though he wasn't sure if he was going to live or not.  Bill tells Ed he's worried about Michelle being with Danny.

OLTL by Kathy

Laser calls Todd, and puts Starr on the phone. Starr spots Bo, and tries to give Todd a clue, but Laser realizes the cops are on to him. He makes a run for it with Starr in tow. Todd, Blair and Travis see Starr, and as Todd is going after her, he gets into a fight for shoving people out of his way. Laser gets away, and Starr is afraid Laser will kill her. Roxie arrives at the train station with an identical case, and accidentally picks up the money case. Roxy thinks she’s hit the big time, but Natalie returns the money to the police, and learns it was the ransom money. Viki visits Daniel, and shares her fears with him. Dorian overhears, and tries to comfort Viki, but Viki begins experiencing chest pains when she learns Starr has not been located. Michael, Marcie and Dorian are convinced Dr. Long is selling organs with a patient slated for an organ harvest shows up with his heart missing. Marcie decides to have a look in the helicopter, but Paul catches her. Natalie finds out Paul is having as much financial difficulty as his mother, and assures him she will not let him crash and burn.

Passions by Brenda

**Passions was pre-empted for 1/2 an hour again today, because of the news conference with Donald Rumsfeld, concerning the treatment of Iraqi prisoners.**

Gwen and Ethan return home and begin to make love. Theresa sneaks into the mansion and goes into little Ethan's room. Gwen and Ethan hear a thump from his room and go to investigate the noise. Little Ethan says his mommy is here, but Gwen and Ethan think he was having a bad dream. Theresa is in the mansion to carry out her plan to drug Ethan, seduce him, and get pregnant. Pilar gave the passcode and key to the Crane mansion to help her sneak in, and today she begs Theresa not to go, but she doesn't have the strength to argue for very long. Pilar is feeling very weak, and she collapses on the terrace at the Founder's Day Dance.

Charity is showing her fashion designs to Charlie Lapson, but he is more interested in Kay's dress. Although Kay was warned to be home by midnight, she forgets the time. Her dress starts to fall apart as the clock is striking 12. Luis & his friends overpower Al's henchmen, and Luis begins to reveal the CD's.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Did not air today

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