The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/6/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

After Bianca hears Ryan's protests that he's done everything he can to make it work with Kendall, and Kendall has made it impossible, Bianca goes to confront her sister and says she must go back to Ryan or else she will regret it for the rest of her life. Greenlee makes it clear to everybody that she is totally content with her business-marriage with Ryan. She does not listen to David Hayward's protests against it. And Ryan does not listen to Livia Fry's advise against it.

Tad reveals to Liza that he does not want her to reveal the secret about Babe's annulment, and a major reason is because he does have feelings for Krystal. At that point, she says he can have Krystal but he will no longer have her as a friend or anything else. Babe is adamant that she wants Bianca to be her maid of honor at her wedding. JR agrees but everybody is suspicious.

ATWT by Suzanne

Margo takes Katie to the mental hospital; Katie is feeling defeated. Barbara is put in the hospital so they can run tests. Jennifer is upset about her mother; Barbara asks her to make sure the BRO show goes through. Paul is upset about his mother but skulks around the BRO show for a while, bugging Carly. He wants to know what the connection is between Jordan and Rosanna. Carly chews him out for the way he treated Barbara. Paul goes to see Barbara. Dusty tells Lily that he was trying to return the money to a bad guy who tried to donate money to the foundation; he didn't know he was helping launder it. She agrees to keep him on. He phones the guy and tells him they are done doing business. Jordan and Rosanna get married; Jennifer finds out but arrives too late.

B&B by Boo

Stephanie tries to keep up her lies when Brooke confronts her with her new knowledge, but finally breaks and lets Brooke know exactly how she really feels. Ridge and Eric discuss all that has happened in the past few hours, and decide to try to keep Brooke and Stephanie apart for awhile. They donít know that they are already to late in doing that. Jackie first visits her son to find out how things went in Hawaii, and then instead of running home to Massimo to celebrate, she runs to Deaconís house. Deacon tries to get her to realize that things may still not turn out the way she wants them too, but Jackie will not even consider that things are not perfect now.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie celebrates her successful attempt at stealing Jennifer’s bonds. Patrick tries to hitchhike out of town. Julie confronts Bonnie about the missing bonds, leading to Julie calling for the police to pick up Patrick and bring him in on suspicion of stealing the bonds. Julie snoops in Bonnie’s purse and finds the large sum of money from cashing in the bonds. Kate tags along with Philip to comfort Belle, using the opportunity to try and convince Philip to take Shawn’s place. Hope refuses to let Shawn leave town. She convinces him to stay and work things out with Belle.

Marlena is returned to the same jail cell with Crystal et al. Brady almost spots Nicole talking to Crystal at the jail but Crystal helps create a diversion to get Nicole out unseen. John tries to convince Brady that standing up for Nicole is a bad idea. Meanwhile, Marlena’s fellow inmates gang up on her. The guard eggs the inmates on, offering Marlena’s ring as a prize. Crystal steps in to fight on Marlena’s side, much to the shock of her fellow inmates. Brady’s friend, the assistant warden, gives the approval for John to visit with Marlena. Marlena fears the worst will happen and begins to plan for her family’s future.

GH by Lisa

Carly explains to Sonny that she wants him to continue to see Sam so that Carly won't be tempted to fall back in love with him. Jason tells Sam that Sonny needs to be a part of the baby's life. Sam sees Carly, Sonny and Michael together. Mary tells Nikolas that he failed high school Spanish but he is shocked when he realizes he can speak it and he feels like he has always known it. Mary is afraid that Alcazar will expose her secret.

Mac and Felicia reluctantly allow Georgie and Dillon to see each other but with strict guidelines. Felicia invites Dillon to have dinner with the family.

GL by Suzanne

Danny fills Jeffrey in on what happened at his meeting with Salerno. Tony visits and wants to know why Danny went crawling to Salerno. Danny implies he has a plan; Tony informs him that his loyalty lies with Salerno. Tony's still suspicious about what Danny intends to do. Danny and Michelle both get a mysterious call to go to Towers. Eden convinces Bill to elope to Vegas; she sends him to the travel agent to pick up the tickets. Salerno makes an unwelcome visit to bully Eden. He tells her she can't go to Vegas and that she belongs to him. Olivia rips her blouse and scratches her arm to convince Rick that Philip is not as sane as he seems. Rick evaluates Philip. Olivia wants to buy up a huge amount of Spaulding stock, so she asks Cassie to buy out her share of the Beacon; Cassie is very suspicious about her reasons. Olivia returns home to find Philip there. Sandy tells Lizzie she should prepare for her future. He says he has convince Alex to let her have a job at Spaulding for the summer where she gets to be in charge of some project. Bill and Michelle run into each other at the travel agent. She is cold but he asks her advice about Eden. They end up getting into a fight about Danny and Eden. She tells him that marriage is about sticking it out no matter what.

OLTL by Kathy

**Please note that today’s show was pre-empted by President Bush – only about ½ the episode was aired**

Laser evidently demands more money than the agreed upon $500,000, so Dorian agrees to give the rest of the money to Todd on the condition he does not pursue Blair. Todd agrees, and Dorian makes the arrangements for Todd to get the money. Todd goes to the train station to leave the ransom, and Laser hides with Starr at the station. Travis sneeks to the station, and tells Todd he wants to help. Todd grudgingly allows Travis to help, but warns him to do exactly as Todd instructs. Blair has no idea where Todd has disappeared to, but Kelly later confesses to the change in plans. A devastated Blair tells Dorian she is going to lie down, but instead heads for the train station.

Viki talks to Natalie about John, and advises her not to turn her back on love. Although everyone has tried to keep Starr’s kidnapping from Viki, she sees a missing child poster at the hospital. Marcie and Michael argue about what to do next, feeling that John has reached a roadblock in the investigation. Marcie learns about the next helicopter flight, and decides to see what is being transported, against Michael’s better judgement.

Passions by Brenda

**Due to televised coverage, Passions was pre-empted for half the show**.

Beth arrives at the Founder's Day Dance and immediately tries to figure out how to follow Alistair's orders to unlock the back door. Once she does so, Alistair and four of his henchmen gather in the back storeroom to discuss Alistair's plans. Edna is dancing with Hank and she is holding him tight! He looks uncomfortable....

Luis sends a red rose and a note to Sheridan. Rebecca arrives and causes a commotion because of her dress. Even Gwen is making fun of her mother - the dress has feathers and makes Rebecca look like a bird.

Y&R By Kate **One Day Ahead

no recap

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