The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/5/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Babe and JR plan their official second wedding. But Krystal confronts Tad about Liza knowing her secret. Liza later finds out that it might just hurt JR whom she cares about, as well as the baby. And Tad confronts her about knowing it.

Bianca insists that she wants to work at Fusion with Kendall. She also corners her sister to admit she is not over Ryan and cannot be without him. But Ryan and Greenlee plan their "business" marriage without worrying about Kendall. Reggie plots a plan to put Danielle in her place, with the help of Jamie and Maggie.

ATWT by Suzanne

Chris chats with Allison at the hospital about the previous night; she lies to say she was at her ceramics class.  Aaron drops by and she begs him to help her lie by buying some pottery from a store near her house.  They meet (somewhere?) and he brings by a vase.  Just as she's saying it's too good, Kim and Helen walk up.  Kim goes on and on about how good the pottery; Chris arrives and is also amazed.  Helena helps Allison out by suggesting that there won't be more pottery like that because her teacher probably helped her a bit.  Chris has some plans for her talent.  Katie has spent the night going through a psychiatric evaluation at the station and she's not happy about it.  Margo confers with the psychiatrist, Dr. Michaels, and they tell Katie that she must sign papers to commit herself to a mental hospital for a month, or the D.A. will press charges against her.  She signs but is still angry.  Pilar pretends to Mike that she is afraid of Katie and hopes she gets treatment.  Mike goes to the station and is surprised that they are taking Katie away to the institution.  She begs him not to trust Pilar.  Katie escapes on the way and goes to Pilar's place to try to find evidence.  They argue and then when Mike knocks, Pilar makes it look like Katie was strangling her.  He and Margo bust in.  In Las Vegas, BRO is preparing their fashion show.  Jordan apologizes to Jennifer for his earlier treatment of her and says he is interested in her, not Rosanna, who manipulated them both.  Rosanna shows up at his room after Jennifer leaves, but he doesn't want to see her.  She tells him the whole story, how someone powerful promised she could adopt Cabot if she married Jordan.  She asks him to consider that other choices in his life have also happened because someone else wanted them that way.  He doesn't believe the strange story that someone has been possibly manipulating him his whole life.  After a long speech about Cabot, she begs him and then bursts into tears, so he finally agrees to marry her so that she can get Cabot.  Meanwhile, Paul bursts into the show preparations and tells them all that there will be no show because he knows that Barbara, Rosanna, and Jordan were working against him.  Barbara, Carly and Jennifer think he's nuts.  Barbara is shocked to find out that Paul has not forgiven her and that he was plotting against her.  Her vision goes in and out and Carly tries to help her.  Carly and Barbara realize that Paul has misinterpreted her keeping her illness secret as plotting against him.  Barbara tries to cover her blindness, but Paul figures out that she is blind after she falls off the stage.

B&B by Boo

Ridge and Stephanie have a huge fight ending with Ridge throwing Stephanie out of the office. Eric tells Brooke the truth about Stephanie, after which Brooke rushes off to confront Stephanie. She tells Stephanie that her little games may not have worked. Samantha learns from Hector that Caitlin is her daughter. They profess their love for each other.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie fantasizes about marrying Mickey. Bonnie continues her attempts to get Patrick and Jennifer together but Patrick announces that he is leaving town tonight. Patrick confronts Bonnie about her plans to steal Jennifer’s bonds. Mickey brings Irish whiskey for him and Julie, and apple juice for Jennifer to toast the family and friends they have lost. Julie blames herself for Doug and Alice’s deaths. Alice’s ghost visits the toast, unseen but sensed by everyone. Jennifer returns home to find the bonds missing.

Kate tries to convince Philip to step in and take Shawn’s place in Belle’s life. Shawn insists on leaving town, but not without making sure that he keeps the lines of communication open with Belle. Bo is desperate to get the answer to who killed Victor from Marlena as the truth serum begins to wear off. Marlena keeps seeing Nicole’s face when she tries to remember but Brady explains it away as Bo’s suggestion causing Marlena to see Nicole’s face. Marlena can not remember what she said under the truth serum and denies having current feelings for Roman when John fills her in. Nicole enlists the help of Crystal again to kill Marlena.

GH by Suzanne

COURTHOUSE--Alexis arrives at the courthouse with Kristina; Ric is there and gives her a hard time, saying she's using her late babysitter as an excuse to make another postponement. Emily arrives to fill in as babysitter. Skye arrives as Ric's chief witness against Faith, who also shows up. Skye briefly talks to Luke on the phone but loses him. He is looking for Laura, who is missing from her mental hospital. Someone mysteriously watches Skye. Alexis does not get the charges against Faith dropped but assures her that she'll beat the pants off Ric. TEENS--Ned, Dillon and Georgie confer about the new video at the studio. Ned doesn't like Dillon's idea of having Ashley B. dress up like a 40's torch singer. He wants something very marketable that will capitalize on her talents. Later, Dillon lies to Ashley that he directed a film that won at Sundance and that Georgie is a film student. Georgie has a great video idea that Ashley loves. Mac and Felicia walk in, looking for Georgie, who is supposed to be studying. Mac blabs that they are teenagers and drags Georgie out. Ashley tells Dillon that she is suing L&B for fraud. Mac and Felicia tells Georgie that if she doesn't stay away from Dillon, she will be sent to boarding school. Felicia and Georgie have a heart-to-hart talk about it at Kelly's. Felicia says that Georgie has been lying and not acting herself, so she has to prove she can be mature and has to stay away from Dillon. Dillon tells Ned what happened; Ned just views it as a glitch and still wants Dillon to direct. He suggests to Dillon that he speak to Mac about Georgie, so they can get Georgie's creative mind back on the project, too. Dillon gets dressed up in a suit, with his hair slicked down, and prepares to discuss it with Mac. When Mac sees him, he assumes Dillon wants to ask to marry Georgie and turns him down flat.

GENERAL HOSPITAL--Jason watches Michael play videogames in his room. Courtney asks Jason to take the bodyguards off her. He is having a hard time moving on and stopping worrying about her. As she is about to leave, he asks if she had to do it over again, would she tell him that she was pregnant (which means he wouldn't have gone after Carly etc.)? They discuss the events and then she says she would tell him now because she learned not to lie about things that are important. BABY BOAT--Sonny goes to Sam's boat to see if she's okay. She's very groggy and doesn't answer right away; she knocks her prenatal pills and her lamp off the table. She and Sonny talk; she lies about her condition again. He is worried that she is too vulnerable to his enemies on the boat and offers to set her up in an apartment, but she won't take his money. He admires her but is frustrated. She gets upset after he leaves. Sam goes to Kelly's and has a chat with Mike about Sonny's childhood and about Carly. He tells her that he knew Sonny and Carly would get back together because she is the mother of his children.  We see Sam climbing around her boat with a knapsack, and it looks like she's leaving town. HOME AGAIN--Carly goes to the penthouse with Morgan and all of her stuff; Max tells her that Sonny had something to do, which annoys her. Sonny and Carly meet up at the penthouse and then go to GH to pick up Michael. They run into Jason, who tries to tell Sonny about Sam, but Sonny is too busy with his family right now. Jason is frustrated and briefly chats with Emily, saying that Sonny still doesn't know about the baby. Emily wonders if baby Sam would make a good single mother, like Alexis. Jason says that he has to tell Sonny. Carly and Sonny take Michael home; he keeps wondering if this is all really happening; he's very happy to have his family back together. Sonny tells him that he can't watch TV or play videogames for two months as punishment for what he did. Michael is sorry for getting hurt but not for having them all together again. He talks to Morgan about it when Carly brings the baby down. Sonny and Carly later pick up the kids' toys and talk about how much Michael is like the other.  Later, Jason helps Sam when she is almost falling off the side of the boat. She tells him that she is just doing some scouting for a new salvage job. He yells at her for risking her baby and tells her that Courtney lost their baby after falling in the cold water. He says that since she can't take of her baby, he will have to tell Sonny.

GL by Suzanne

Harley tells Gus on the phone that he needs to turn down Alan's inheritance.  Gus reluctantly goes along with it and tells Alan that.  Alan tells him that he can't reverse it but maybe Gus will need the money someday.  Harley wonders how Eden is involved with the Greens.  Eden and Harley meet so that Eden can try on wedding dresses.  Harley quizzes her about Paris, so Eden thinks Harley knows everything.  She spills it all to Harley that Salerno was obsessed with her and kept her as his "toy".  Brad Green used to hit on her and she got the idea of starting the escort service from how he acted with her.  Harley feels great sympathy to Eden's plight and wants to help her, but Eden doesn't want to risk Harley being endangered from Salerno, too.  Eden hopes that she is able to marry Bill but fears the future; she asks Harley not to tell Bill.  Later, Harley is trying on wedding dresses, too, when Gus comes in.  He is glad to see them getting along.  Harley asks Eden to tell Gus about Salerno, but she won't.

At the Beacon, Tammy won't come out of her room.  Edmund and Cassie try to get her out by first talking to her, then cutting off her phone and electricity.  Joey puts a ladder to her window and climbs up.  She feels better after talking to him.  He sings his song to her.  Cassie gets Edmund to open the door, but Tammy is gone.  She comes in behind them and says she's going to school.  Cassie is annoyed and lectures her.  Olivia is concerned about Philip and begs Rick to tell her what's going on with his treatment, but Rick won't tell her.  She leaves the baby with Philip, who in turn lets Lizzie hold her, so Olivia freaks out and takes the baby back.  There is tension between Philip and Olivia about that; Olivia tells him that Lizzie will not get near her daughter.  Gus poses undercover as a drug dealer but gets busted by cops.  Frank is called and he yells at Gus for doing police work on his own.  Gus explains he's trying to figure out where the drugs at Spaulding came from, so Frank agrees to let him work with them.

OLTL by Kathy

Paul reviews his testimony with John and Kathryn. John and Paul continue to banter back and forth about Natalie, with John warning him not to hurt her. Kathryn picks up on this, and asks John if Natalie means more to him than just a friend – he denies. John and Kathryn go to Capricorn, and Natalie and Paul are there. Natalie is clearly jealous. Later, John and Natalie run into one another at Angel Square, and share an intimate kiss. Travis comes to Llanview, and finds his way to La Boulaie. Todd and Blair continue to comfort one another, and Todd blames himself. Bo is helping with the investigation, and although he and Todd don’t get along, Bo assures Todd this is not his fault. A thug is after Roxy, and she asks Nigel for some cash. Nigel doesn’t have the cash, but vows to protect and help her. Riley is frustrated by the party scene at his apartment, and tells Jenn he just wants to play his music, and touch people. River assures Adriana he loves her, and will wait for her. Finally, they share a kiss. Adriana wonders if she missed some clues, or should have questioned Starr more, and perhaps could have helped her.

Passions by Brenda

Sheridan is staring at the mirror, imagining a kiss with Luis. Antonio asks her what she was thinking of, and Sheridan admits she cannot stop thinking about Luis. Beth is threatened with prison by Alistair, so she goes to spy on Luis and see what he is doing with the CD's. Beth almost gets away with deleting the entire files that Luis has worked so hard on, but he catches her just in time. When Beth returns to see Alistair and tells him she was unsuccessful, he gets very angry and tells her to go home and pack for her extended prison term.

Ivy comes to Charity's rescue and loans her a dress that Charity redesigns. Kay, of course, is not happy that Charity is still able to go to the Founder's Day dance. Theresa tells Pilar about her plan to set up a meeting for Gwen to go out of town, and then she will dress as Gwen and sleep with Ethan to get pregnant. Pilar is so shaken by Theresa's new plan that she has an attack and almost reveals her illness.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Dru tells Neil that her and Diane had a chat earlier. Dru’s excited over Neil’s interim promotion at NE. Kay and Arthur continue their romantic dinner and flirt with each other. Jill freaks out over a potential Mother’s Day brunch suggested by Gina. Jill and Jack chat about her parents and her jealousy. Sharon rehashes her experience with ghost Cameron to Niki. Raul and JT talk about Brittany, that she wouldn’t like to sing at Crimson Lights. They also get into Colleen’s behavior. Lily and Sierra reassure Colleen she won’t lose JT but Daniel tells her otherwise. Dru and Neil argue over Kevin’s innocence over Brittany’s electrocution. Brittany and Bobby have words over her singing at Marcino’s. Brittany no longer wants to strip and Bobby agrees. He continues to talk about changing the strip bar to a legit cabaret, which is now called “Marilyn‘s“, much to Brittany‘s surprise. Jill tells Jack not to give up on love and they talk about mothers. Niki agrees with Sharon that she’s losing her mind and tells her tomorrow morning she’s taking her to see a psychiatrist. Bobby tells Brittany she’s getting herself into a good future -“our future”- and hugs her.

Thursday Preview: Neil’s happy he’s spending Mother’s day with his two favorite women. Kay tells Jill and Liz that she can clear this room (meaning Gina’s.) Gloria tells Michael that she’s going to see her son and that he’s not going to stop her.

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