The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/4/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

In Vegas, Erica discovers that Aidan is looking for her on Jack's behalf, but he does not notice her. Bobbie promises to not let anybody know her secret. But he gets a call from Anita asking if he's seen her there.

Greenlee suddenly decides to take Ryan up on his offer and marry him. But David Hayward tells him he needs to get back with Kendall and leave Greenlee out of his dirty business. Liza is able to spy on Krystal and Babe and uncovers their secret without their knowing it.

ATWT by Suzanne

No recap today, sorry

B&B by Boo

Nick and Brooke are on their way home in the Marone jet. Brooke calls Ridge to tell him that she has already slept with Nick. Ridge doesn’t take the news well. Priscilla worries that her daughter will never forgive her for all that she has done. Hector and Samantha work through all the details of what went on when she thought she lost her baby.

Days by Danielle

Rex wants to make an effort to get close to Sami but Mimi advises against it. Hope tries to convince Shawn to stay and work things out with Belle. Mimi and Rex scheme to get Belle and Shawn together up on the roof of the loft so they can work things out after their own attempts to talk Shawn out of leaving fail.

Lucas takes a mean and spiteful approach to get a rise out of Sami. Marlena becomes agitated when Bo asks her about Victor’s death. Nicole waits anxiously to hear what Marlena has to say. Jan sneaks out of the hospital and back to her secret hideaway to prepare for Shawn’s arrival, leaving Nicole to face the music alone. Lexie stabilizes Marlena’s vitals and the judge allows Bo to question Marlena while the last bit of truth serum is in her system. Marlena declares that she knows who is responsible for Victor’s death.

GH by Lisa

Luke prevents Lucky from finding Ross' body at Skye's house. Luke warns Skye that someone is after her. Someone is spying on Skye.

Lucky tells Luke that Laura is missing. Alcazar tells Carly that he will never stop loving her. Sonny and Carly are determined to keep their family together. Emily convinces herself that she did not see Nickolas on the docks. Mary agrees to marry Nickolas.

GL by Suzanne

No recap today, sorry

OLTL by Kathy

David consoles Adriana, and gives her advice about River. Starr realizes Laser is not a friend of Travis’s, and convinces Laser that she has a wealthy aunt in Llanview. Laser calls Todd and instructs him to return to Llanview. Once in Llanview, Laser calls Todd again, and says he’ll be in touch with his demands. Blair calls Bo to ask for his help, against Todd’s wishes. John helps Natalie once again, by saving her job. Jessica tries to convince Natalie not to run away with Paul. Dorian helps Marcie escape discovery by Paul and Dr. Long. Marcie and Michael begin putting pieces of the puzzle together, and think Dr. Long is selling organs to the highest bidder. Kevin doubts Kelly’s story of being blackmailed by Nick Carlow, but Kelly sticks firmly to her story.

Passions by Brenda

No recap today, sorry

Y&R By Kate **One Day Ahead

Michael and Paul have a meeting of the minds after Kevin makes a miraculous come-back. Victor gives Neil the good news that he’s Interim CEO. Sharon once again has a run-in with the ghost of Cameron Kirsten following a visit from Grace.

After Jill refuses to have dinner with her parents because Katherine has picked up a drink, Arthur surprises Katherine with a trip down memory lane, and makes her aware that he knows she was not drinking, as Jill thought she was. Colleen finally tells JT the truth about her trip to LA, which leads to a new understanding.

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