The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/3/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Ryan has given up on Kendall and is waiting for Greenlee to respond to his marriage proposal. JR encourages Kendall to let go of her trust issues with Ryan the way he has with Babe. Aidan goes to Vegas, finds Bobbie and can tell he knows something he's not telling. Erica almost responds to a call from Jack when he urges her to be there for Bianca. Krystal can tell that Tad might know what she's up to and might have told Liza. Liza secretly spies on Krystal as if she knows that Krystal switched the DNA results.

ATWT by 

No recap today, sorry

B&B by Boo

Nick and Brooke grow closer as they discus their future. Nick wants them to both accept that Ridge will always be in their lives. He is family. Ridge learns of Thorne’s new position at Forrester Creations and congratulates his little brother. Samantha tells Caitlin that she has loved only one man her whole life, but that it was a long time ago. Hector and Priscilla fight over Hector’s decision to tell Samantha and Caitlin the truth. Stephanie overhears the fight and figures things out on her own. Hector goes to Samantha and tells her that he will never leave her again.

Days by Danielle

Nicole fights Jan for her dinosaur costume so she can get out of the hospital unseen. Brady finds Nicole inside the dinosaur costume. Brady questions Nicole about why she is so curious about what Marlena might confess. Nicole claims that Marlena would frame her for Victor’s murder. Jan’s attempt to kill Marlena is halted when Bo refuses to allow Marlena to be given any extra medication.

Marlena explains that she killed Roman because she loved him and wanted to be with him again. She tells John that she lied when she told John that he was the one she loves. She explains that she had to kill Abe because he was going to tell Roman and John about Marlena’s feelings. Bo charges Marlena with murder in the first degree, which carries the penalty of death. Julie tries to choke Marlena after hearing how Doug died. Marlena continues the story by telling of Tony’s death. Sami continues to blame John and Kate, claiming they drove Marlena to commit murder. Lucas tries to make Sami accept the truth. Philip moves in to comfort Belle as Shawn decides again to leave town.

GH by Suzanne

MOBSTERS-Courtney and Lorenzo are unhurt by the shooting; she wonders if he staged the whole thing but he explains that another drug dealer was sending him a message.  He assures her that he wants to stay in town because Sage likes it there and he wants her to have some stability.  Ric and Lucky show up.  Ric questions them and tries to imply that Sonny might be behind the shooting.  Courtney yells at Ric for using this for his vendetta again.  Sonny shows up later and things get very ugly.  He learns that Courtney sold the piers to Lorenzo and so she yells at him for assuming she was being disloyal.  Ric offers to help her get away from the mob life but she doesn't trust him, given his past history.  He meets with Sonny and tells him that if Lorenzo does anything illegal with the piers, Sonny and Courtney will be implicated under the RICO act.  Michael reads a story in the hospital to Sonny and Carly; he gets them to kiss.  They discuss him afterwards and wonder how they will be able to live up to his expectations of a perfect family.  Emily comes up just then and things are a little awkward; Carly can tell she's keeping some secret about Jason.  Courtney tells Carly about Lorenzo saving her life; they both wonder if it was a setup or not; Lorenzo listens outside the door. OH BABY-Jason rushes to the clinic but Sam has already decided not to get the abortion (what a shock!).  He takes her home and she babbles on about why she shouldn't keep it.  He asks her if she is trying to trap Sonny, but she denies it.  They share some moments of compassion.  He insists that she tell Sonny but she's afraid to.  Sonny walks in just after Jason says that she will have to tell Sonny sooner or later because he will find out anyway. 

AMNESIA MAN-Some military police stop Nikolas on the docks, but they are just looking for a rib place.  Mary comes up and is shocked to see him with them; she yells at him for taking so many risks.  He wants to see where she works but she makes him promise never to go to GH.  Mary runs into Emily at the hospital.  Emily asks Audrey about Elizabeth.  Mary offers to be a surrogate friend while Liz is gone.  Mary and Emily have dinner and walk on the docks.  Emily sees Nikolas in the distance and is shocked. DEAD GUY Tracy and Coleman eye Skye and Luke, wondering if they have the missing body.  Skye and Luke do the same thing about them.  Jax comes in so Skye wonders if he has it, but Luke doesn't think he's smart enough to have done that.  Jax tries to call Tracy's bluff about marrying her, saying he'd rather pay for Skye's defense than marry Tracy, but Tracy makes him see that he is risking Skye getting the death penalty (since he's a cop).  Skye and Luke go home, wondering how they will find the body.  Luke does a spit take when he sees that Ross is sitting on Skye's couch.  They figure that the whole thing must be a setup.  Lucky knocks on the door, looking for Skye. DROWNING HIS SORROWS-Dillon goes to Kelly's and complains to Mike about Tracy marrying Jax.  They figure out they both have a difficult relative in common (Sonny for Mike) and that all they can do is just back off and let them live their lives.

GL by 

No recap today, sorry

OLTL by Kathy

Michael continues to work with Dorian, and she is able to get her hands on some files. Michael discovers a correlation between deaths and helicopter flights. They continue to spy through the window, and Marcie decides to go listen at Dr. Long’s door to see what she can hear. Paul wants Natalie to run away with him, and a drunk Natalie agrees. John interrupts them, and takes Paul in for more questioning. Paul claims John is harassing him because of Natalie, but John denies. Natalie and Jenn come close to another fight at Rodi’s, and Natalie is fired from her job. Laser finds Starr, as she is trying to call Todd. He convinces her Travis sent him. He then convinces Starr to steal from a food vendor. Blair and Todd question Travis, and Blair sees Travis is truly concerned about Starr. Travis thinks Starr will either return to the secret room, or go to the bridge at the park. Todd and Blair take off for the bridge, and the police have the room under 24 hour surveillance. Laser and Starr are under the bridge, but Blair and Todd do not see Starr; Starr is unaware that Todd and Blair are right above her. Antonio takes a dangerous, top secret job from Evangeline, and Carlotta witnesses them talking, and misinterprets the meeting – wondering what they are doing together. Antonio asks Carlotta to watch Jamie since he will not be home tonight, and notices Evangeline has a large duffel bag, adding to Carlotta’s suspicious. Jenn and Marcie agree to have Michael move in with them when he is released from the hospital, so Marcie can take care of him.

Passions by Brenda

No recap today, sorry

Y&R By Kate **One Day Ahead

Colleen confronts Shiloh, while JT makes some arrangements with Brad. Dru and Diane make a deal. Talks between Nick and Victor continue to spiral. Michael faces possible tragedy as the doctors work on Kevin.

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