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AMC by Jennifer

Ryan proposes to Greenlee and agrees to have a strictly business-oriented marriage, after giving up on Kendall. Mary Smythe comes to rub Kendall's nose in it and Kendall gets very angry. Edmund is distraught that his surgery did not enable him to walk. At first he blames Maria since she didn't support him in getting the surgery for a long time. Then he talks to Bianca, realizing what she's been through and he reunites with his wife.

In Vegas, while getting dancing instructions, Erica gets a glimpse, in the mirror, of Bianca. She finds out Bobbie's wife works at the hospital and asks him to find out how Bianca is doing, although she still wants nobody in Pine Valley to know where she is nor for anybody in Vegas to know who she really is.

ATWT by Glynis

B&B by Boo

Days by Danielle

Marlena, still under the truth serum, tells how and why she killed Maggie, Caroline, Cassie and Roman. Belle worries about her relationship with Shawn.

Rex is angry with Mimi for not telling her about Marlena taking the truth serum. Rex reaches out to Kate. Kate is determined to get back at Sami. Lucas tries to convince Sami that Marlena is guilty but Sami insists on blaming Kate and John. Will accidentally overhears Marlena’s confession about Caroline so Sami and Lucas take him aside and talk with him. Sami admits that Marlena is the killer but still refuses to believe that Marlena killed Roman until Lucas forces her to hear it from Marlena herself.

GH by Suzanne

Tracy tells the Quartermaines that she and Jax are getting married.  This is news to him, but she puts pressure on him via blackmail to give in.  She has Coleman following him to make sure he complies.  Skye figures out why Jax is marrying Tracy; Jax confirms it for them.  Skye puts on a show so Tracy doesn't know that she knows.  Later, They all find out that Ross' body has been moved from the Q freezer.  Ned asks Dillon about meeting with Ashley G.  Jason and Courtney visit Michael in the hospital; he wants them to get back together, too.  Sonny wonders where Sam is while he's on her boat.  She is at the clinic, about to have an abortion.  She runs into Emily, who volunteers there; Sam freaks out and runs back to her boat.  Sonny can tell she's upset and asks her to be honest with him.  She talks about how difficult it is for her to rely on anyone.  Emily arrives so Sonny leaves.  Emily and Sam discuss her options.  Sam doesn't think she has any choice but to abort.  She goes to the clinic, prepared to have the abortion.  Jason finds Emily on the docks, upset.  She tells him about Sam being pregnant and about to abort.  Carly runs into Lorenzo on the docks.  He tells her that he's getting on with his life.  She wonders why he bought the piers but believes him, she tells Courtney at the hospital.  She also wishes she could hate him.  Lorenzo meets with some drug dealer and tells him that he won't be running drugs through the pier any more.  The man is very unhappy.  Courtney's discussion with her lawyer is interrupted by Ric, who grills Courtney about her selling the piers to Lorenzo.  He threatens her that if Lorenzo uses the piers for drugs, she could get in trouble, too.  She meets with Lorenzo and he tells her what he knows about RICO but assures her that he will not be doing anything illegal with the piers.  She doesn't believe him.  The lights go out and a bunch of guys with machine guns start rushing in and shooting, as Lorenzo and Courtney duck down.  Carly gives Michael a book and he asks to read it to her and Sonny, who are sitting on his bed.  He tries to get them to sit very close and to kiss; they chuckle at him.

GL by Megan

OLTL by Kathy

Starr and Travis share a kiss. Starr’s backpack is stolen, and while Travis is trying to get chasing the thief, Starr sees police officers tacking up missing child posters. The thief gets away, and Starr returns to the apartment. Travis is looking for Starr, and he is found by the police. Starr continues to look for Travis, and decides to call Todd. Todd answers the phone, and begs Starr to talk to him, but the thief catches Starr and takes her phone. Dorian calls Blair and tells her she thinks Starr took the $2500 from her safe. Todd continues to comfort Blair.

Kevin realizes Kelly took the money from B.E. Kelly says she was being blackmailed by the man she had the affair with, but decided at the last minute to put the money back and not give in to the blackmailer. Kevin thinks Todd encouraged the man to blackmail her, and tries to get proof. Paul tries to blackmail Kelly for money to leave town. Kelly gives Paul the ring Kevin gave her, but Paul decides not to accept the ring, and goes to find Natalie. Natalie and John are in a charity pool event, and win. They are about to celebrate, but John and Kathryn get called away. As John leaves, he sees Paul kiss Natalie. Rex tries to use his credit card, but he is maxed out. He removes a video tape of him and Lindsay at Ultra Violet, and contemplates what to do. Daniel and Nora have lunch together, and agree to have dinner together in the near future.

Passions by Brenda

Julian gives Eve a letter (confession) saying that he raped her several years ago and she gave birth to a son. Eve refuses to let Julian sacrifice himself for her, but he says he is going to prison anyway because of the crimes Alistair pressured him to commit. Eve and Julian kiss and head for a private area to give in to their passion. T.C. fell off the attic ladder, and had an encounter (out-of-body experience) with his father. His dad tells him that the time has come to seek revenge on Julian, who ruined his tennis career in the car accident. T.C. comes to, and heads for the shed, with Liz following him. It looks like T.C. is about to discover Eve and Julian.

Theresa and Gwen exchange more heated words at the courthouse. Gwen decides that Theresa isn't pregnant and calms down. Fox tells Theresa he has a plan that could help her get her son back today. Later, Fox and Theresa show up at the Crane mansion. Theresa holds up a pregnancy test and tells Gwen, Ethan, and Rebecca that it is positive.

Y&R By Wendy

Dru runs to the hairdresser to fix her hair, while there Diane and her chat about Phyllis. Victor vows to Nicki that Abbey will be a part of their lives. Victor reassures Nicki that he wants to be with her. Brad is very upset that Victor is doing things his way and isn’t considering Abbey in all of this. He suggests to Ashley getting a professional involved. Brad’s upset Ashley still trusts Victor. Kevin is about to get transferred by the guards and they discover his sorry state. The guards take away the convicts who beat up Kevin. Damon informs Phyllis he’s happy he didn’t resign from Jabot and they laugh over Dru‘s hair situation. Phyllis suggests they cool down their relationship since Damon is staying on at Jabot and he disagrees. Nick is ticked at Victor, how he’s handling the Abbey situation, and vents to Sharon. Michael and Paul confront Bobby. They warn him about Angelo and Bobby kicks them out. Abbey tells Brad she’ll always be his little girl. Dru suggests Diane seduce Damon. Victor stops by Nick‘s and tells him he‘s replacing him as acting CEO at NE and he‘ll be working alongside Victor helping him with his community service. Detective Webber calls Michael and tells him about Kevin and to meet him at GCU as fast as he can.

Monday’s Preview: Nick says to Victor, “You’re kidding right.” Shiloh tells Colleen they should talk. Michael asks the doctor how bad is Kevin.

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