The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/29/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall still demands that Ryan has no relationship with Greenlee ever again, business or otherwise. But he cannot comply with her demands. They both want to get married but cannot come to an agreement about Greenlee.

Mary urges Greenlee to get back with Ryan. She doesn't listen to her mother. But then David Hayward urges Greenlee to sell out her Fusion shares, get Ryan out of her life and says he believes she could do better than Ryan. But strangely enough, right when she's going out the door, Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him. Everybody is distraught that the surgery did not enable Edmund to walk again. Danielle is still coming on to Reggie, but he's not certain of his feelings about her.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara is left alone to wait for her ride home. Carly is angry when her associate ‘seems’ to ignore her and walk by. Dusty apologizes while dabbing at his busted lip. Emily sees that the good doctor is smitten. Jennifer is sure that tactics are being used to get a man. Jordan agrees to curb a friendship for the good of the company.

Kenny tries to put the squeeze on to collect on a debt. Lily gushes over how her marriage is back on track now. Paul’s paranoia shows when everything that happens, makes him think that he is being purposely left out. Rosanna makes her intentions clear. Walker is being watched as he leads a friend by the hand to a room in the hospital.

B&B by Boo

Jackie calls Nick to find out how things are going in Hawaii. Nick is upset with his mother, Stephanie, and Massimo for ambushing Brooke. Jackie defends what they did. Brooke continues to talk to Ridge about sleeping with his brother. She promises to never betray him, and promptly hopes in bed with Nick. Ridge begins to draw again. Caitlin confides in Amber about how much she misses her mother. Hector confronts Samantha about their daughter. As Samantha runs out the door, Hector realizes that Samantha thinks their daughter is dead. Priscilla agrees to to tell him everything.

Days by Danielle

Lucas worries what Marlena’s confession will do to his and Sami’s relationship and to Will. Sami pushes Lucas away and blames John when she hears of Marlena’s confession. Sami accuses Belle of turning away from her family because she isn’t defending Marlena.

Jennifer, Lexie, and Mickey have to be held back as Marlena describes exactly how she killed Abe, Jack, and Maggie. Abe’s ghost visits Lexie and Maggie’s ghost visits Mickey. Tek steps in to comfort Lexie. Jennifer begins to have cramps and faints but feels better through the aid of Patrick’s coin. Bonnie urges Patrick to tell Jennifer how much he cares for her.

GH by Lisa

Sonny and Carly argue over the fact that he wants to keep Sam as his mistress. Sonny explains to Jason why he can't let himself fall back in love with Carly. Jason tells Sam that he is sure that Sonny/Carly will get back together. Sam decides to terminate the pregnancy and meets Emily at the clinic. Dillon and Ashley disagree about the video. Georgie convinces her to give it a chance.

GL by Megan

OLTL by Janice

Maggie tells Kevin that Kelly transferred the money from Buchanan Enterprises to his personal accounts. She provides a videotape when he doesn't believe her. David find out Dorian was married to a crime family boss in Puerto Rico who was just murdered. Carlotta swears to Antonio that she is not Adriana's mother. Roxy hits Natalie up for money. Paul tells Natalie that he has to meet an old girlfriend who is passing through. Natalie kisses Paul. John questions Natalie about the cargo that Paul was hauling in the helicopter. Natalie slams the door in Johns' face. John and Kathryn quiz Michael about Dr. Long and Cramer. John tells him to stop snooping - he'll take over. Michael continues to spy. Marcie snoops for Michael to prove him wrong, but overhears Paul threaten Dr. Long into giving him his job back. Adriana breaks up with River after she finds out he kissed Shannon. Jessica, Natalie, and Kevin decide to keep Starr's disappearance from Viki. Asa is arrested.

Passions by Brenda

Luis and Julian meet for a discussion about the CD's. Julian is ready to accept the fact that he will go to jail, but he is hoping that the identity of his son will be revealed soon. Rebecca finds Pilar passed out on the floor of the courthouse bathroom, but does nothing to help her. As she leaves, she accidentally walks through the blood from Pilar's nosebleed. A police officer accuses Rebecca of attacking Pilar. Ethan rushes in, and Eve tells him about her illness. Ethan agrees not to tell her family. The judge tells Theresa he is appalled by her impersonation and deceit, and that it was morally wrong for her to take the implant. However, he rules in Theresa's favor and she won't be required to have an abortion. Gwen is furious and attacks Theresa, trying to choke the life out of her.

Y&R By Glynis

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