The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/28/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Lena gives Bianca a ring as a symbol of their love. But Bianca finds out that Lena's mother is getting cancer treatments and wants her daughter to go back to Poland with her. So she encourages Lena to be there for her mother and tells her she will always love her no matter where she lives.

Kendall lays down the law to Ryan that Greenlee is booted out of Fusion and Enchantment. He tells her he loves her. She confesses she loves him and would do anything for him. But he urges her to get over her anger toward Greenlee and stop blaming her for everything. But Kendall is adamant that she will never forgive Greenlee and gives Ryan an ultimatum that if he wants her in his life, he needs to never have any contact with Greenlee again. Erica is still in Vegas having no contact with anybody in Pine Valley. She is determined to get a job and finally believes she's discovered her calling when she runs into a stranger who wants to make her a show business celebrity.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron checks around the club to see if money has been found. Alison turns her head for a minute, and gets ripped off. Barbara leans on her only confidante for support. Chris admits that his fears lie with his girlfriend spending time with her ex-husband. Doc’s rescuer promises to be a good friend. Emily can see that her sister is playing with fire.

Holden understands the healing powers of karaoke. Jessica will take a case, but only hopes that she will not be sorry. Lisa gushes when she sees the sports star in her midst. Margo wants her friend to take a case, partly because the person is cute. Molly leaves after starting a couple on the road to healing. Paul is reminded how things turn out when he gets crazy.

B&B by Boo

Nick gives Brooke a present making it clear that he is ready to make love whenever she is. Eric visits with Ridge and drops off a sketch pad hoping that his son will start to design again. A confused Brooke calls Ridge to ask advice on sleeping with Nick. Priscilla tries to convince Sammy to move back to New York with her. Amber tries to convince Hector to go and visit with Samantha and settle things once and for all.

Days by Danielle

Rex surprises Mimi with dinner for two at Alice’s Bar, made by her favorite chef, Rocco Dispirito. They make love underneath the mechanical bull. Julie criticizes Jennifer and Mickey for their choice of recent companions in Bonnie and Patrick. They gather at Jennifer’s house to find out what Alice left them in her will.

Nicole tries to stop Marlena from getting the truth serum but she is too late. Jan dresses up as a dinosaur telegram to witness Marlena being given the truth serum. Brady rushes up to the hospital roof just in time to pull Nicole down from the ledge. John fails at his last minute attempt to stop Marlena from taking the truth serum. Under the effects of the serum, Marlena admits to attempting to murder Bo and Hope at the fashion show and killing Abe.

GH by Boo

Carly informs Alcazar that she is going back to Sonny for the children's sake. Sam agrees to be Sonny's mistress after he tells her that he will be living with Carly. Dillon and Georgie get their first look at L & B studio's and the new singer, Ashley. Dillon will be directing his first video for Ashley. Emily apologizes to Mary for judging her so quickly about sleeping with another man so quickly after her husband's death. Lorenzo goes to the chapel and sees Nikolas.

GL by Boo

Edmund joins Cassie at Reva and Josh's to ask for advice on how to handle the whole situation with Tammy. Josh and Reva both offer what advice they can. Jeffrey visits to return something Marah forgot before going off to Paris. Reva agrees to encourage her to stay in Paris. Eden tries her hand at answering phones for the hot line. Her first try does not turn out well. Olivia visits Philip and tells him of the problems Spaulding Enterprises is encountering. As Alan deals with the fallout, he informs Philip of Olivia having his signed proxy. Philip had no idea what he signed. He tells Alan to leave Olivia right where she is so they can watch his slippery wife very closely.

OLTL by Janice

Marcie gets upset when she finds that Michael is still spying on Dr. Long and Paul Cramer. She is worried that something will happen to Michael if he is discovered. Dr. Long sneaks into Michael’s room when he thinks he’s sleeping. Todd and Blair plaster Starr’s poster all over NYC. They meet with Travis’ mother. In their secret place, Starr and Travis review a map and decide to travel to the Grand Canyon. They confess that they miss their siblings. Their parents go on TV to plead for their children to come home.

Rex and Lindsay return from an overnight trip. Lindsay is confronted by Jen who is afraid that she is trashing her life. Roxy asks Rex for money. Rex confesses that he is maxed out on his credit cards. R.J. is planning to foreclose on Rex as soon as he misses two payments. Antonio continues to pressure Jessica to marry him. Jessica senses that Antonio is unhappy when she leaves him and Jamie to visit Viki and work on her column. Evangeline hires Antonio to do part time P.I. work. Paul upsets Kelly about the baby by making reference to Dorian pretending to have a child “how could anyone pretend to be a mother?” Kevin can’t help but wonder why Paul would make such a big deal about it. Jen and Riley view the documentary she’s made about the band. Riley asks if she’s ever thought about them together. States she wants remain friends.

Passions by Brenda

Sheridan confronts Alistair about the boat explosion. Alistair, of course, denies that Luis has any information and that he is trying to confuse Sheridan. She runs from the office straight into Luis and demands to know if he is telling the truth. Antonio was listening outside Alistair's door - he follows Sheridan and the usual argument erupts between Antonio and Luis. Antonio tells Luis that he and Sheridan will be leaving Harmony as soon as he picks up the airline tickets, but Luis begs Sheridan to wait until after the Founder's Day Dance, so he can see the proof he has.

Theresa begs Ethan to drop the abortion case, but he continues to stand up for Gwen. The judge allows Ethan to present his case, and then leaves to make his decision. Pilar rushes to the bathroom, where she has another severe nosebleed and passes out.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Michael asks Christine to move the court date up; she doesn’t sympathize with Michael but says she‘ll do what she can. Phyllis is still upset Dru has the hair straightener and vents to Damon. Niki asks Sharon for her help at the family meeting Victor has called concerning Abbey. Sharon half-heartedly agrees but is more concerned with herself and her Cameron Kirsten situation. Brad and Ashley are also invited to the meeting. Victor tells Nick that Abbey is his daughter and explains how Abbey‘s birth came to be, much to Nick‘s surprise. Dru and Neil see in the morning paper that Kevin has been arrested without bail and Dru‘s ecstatic. Neil keeps on that Kevin didn’t hurt Brittany, much to Dru’s dismay. Lily sees the paper and is happy over the latest news. Michael has words with Detective Webber when he goes to visit his brother. Michael tries to offer Kevin advice to survive his jail time and tells him he loves him. After getting an email from a fellow chemist, Damon and Phyllis race over to Dru’s and tells her the hair product is not safe for consumer use. Neil finds out Dru stole the product and they all watch as Dru’s hair falls out in big chunks! Nick wants to know who Victor is replacing him with at NE. Victor says he will announce it at the family meeting. Michael wants Kevin put on suicide watch and Hank Webber says no.

Thursday’s Preview: Neil asks Dru about her hair. Kevin gets threatened in jail by two fellow convicts. Victor tells Niki at the family gathering she’ll find out everything.

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