The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/27/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

A big business meeting is planned involving Ryan, Kendall, Greenlee, and the Chandlers and their companies with the question of who is in charge and who merges with whom. Adam Chandler wants to take back his company and throw Ryan out of Chandler Enterprises but JR refuses to help him with his plans. Ryan wants Greenlee to be an equal partner with him and Kendall, but Kendall refuses to have anything to do with Greenlee. Reggie runs into Danielle again who seems to want to see him again although he doesn't seem to want to see her. Krystal tells Tad she needs to leave town but will not reveal the reason why.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara has no choice but to go in for treatment as ordered. Doc turns up at the Lakeview with 3 lovely ladies announcing that he is the party, so the party is right here. Holden demands to know what his wife is hiding. Jessica expresses her anger at the spoiled brat who is supposed to be a role model. Katie gets the okay to set up her surveillance equipment. Lily takes advantage of a sleeping husband. Lyle tries to push his favorite maid into having a drink with him.

Margo laughs as she wins a bet. Mike walks off again disgusted at being stalked by his ex. Molly is asked to assist with a very difficult guest of the Lakeview. Pilar lies to the police about why she is at the station, when her conversation seems heated. Russ makes a call to warn that he is talking to the DA. Walker plays guide dog again when the episode hits.

B&B by

Brook, Nick, and Hope have a fun day in the sun on the beaches of Hawaii. Caitlin and Samantha continue to connect. Hector explains to Amber why he hates Samantha so much. When she had Caitlin, she didn't even hold her, she just sent her mother and an attorney to see him. They told him that he could have custody of his daughter if he would agree to never contact Samantha or her family again. Caitlin tells her father that she is working at Logan designs now. She tells him how well she has connected with her boss. Samantha tells Stephanie about her new intern, and what a connection she feels to the girl. She informs Stephanie that the girl's birthday is the same day that she lost her little girl. As Caitlin has nightmare and screams for her mother, Samantha hears her cries from across the city.

Days by Danielle

Jennifer accidentally drops her wedding ring down the kitchen sink. Patrick takes apart the sink to retrieve the ring. Abby finds information about a Patrick Lockhart as a con artist on the Internet while researching for her school report and confronts him. Patrick explains it away as someone having stolen his identity. Patrick sneaks onto Abby’s computer and deletes information that Abby found about him. Lucas confronts Kate about her trying to get Philip to go after Belle. Sami advises Belle that if she and Lucas can make it as a couple, so can her and Shawn.

Marlena insists on taking the truth serum despite Sami, Belle, and John’s efforts. Meanwhile Bo, Hope, and Lexie talk about their reservations as Tek arrives with a no health risk version of the truth serum. Sami urges John to help Marlena escape before they can give her the truth serum. When John refuses, Sami once again blames John for the recent events. Marlena tells John that she plans to plead guilty if she confesses while under the effects of the truth serum. Everyone gathers around Marlena as Lexie prepares to administer the truth serum.

GH by Lisa

Sonny wants Carly to move back to the penthouse with Michael and Morgan. Carly tells Sonny that she will move back in with him. Sam is pregnant and is anticipating telling Sonny. She imagines his reaction in two different ways. Needing someone to talk to, Emily visits Mary and realizes there is a man in her bedroom. Emily wonders to Lucky if she will ever move on with her life. Mary and Nicholas make love for the first time. Tracy blackmails Jax in becoming her partner in the boardroom and the bedroom by showing him photos of Skye with Ross' body.

GL by Boo

After reading Tammy's diary, Cassie rushes to ask Reva and Josh for advice on how to deal with Tammy's feelings for Edmund. Reva and Josh have just returned from Paris and were starting to enjoy a romantic evening together when Cassie comes in with her news. Joey asks Edmund for help in wooing Tammy. Tammy is very cold and rude when she sees Edmund. Michelle announces to Danny that she is going to stick by his side no matter what. She will help him to bring the mob down.

OLTL by Kathy

Starr meets Travis in New York, and a man is hassling Starr. Travis chases the man away, and takes her to his secret hideout. They agree to go to California, and Starr takes a nap. Travis goes through her backpack, and starts to steal the cash, but has second thoughts. He is concerned that Starr is not ready for this, but she assures him she is. River stops Shannon, and she is hurt by his rejection. Later, following Roxy’s advice, Adriana tells River it’s over between them. Natalie tries to get Paul to admit he’s up to something, but Paul denies he’s doing anything wrong. She asks him if he’s after her money, but again, he denies. Natalie later apologizes, and asks if they can go out again. Blair discovers Starr missing, and calls Todd. Bo joins in the investigation, and Todd comes to New York. They discover some e-mails between Starr and Travis, and get Travis’s full name and address. John asks Kathryn if she got transferred to New Jersey to be closer to him, but she says not. Natalie tells John he’s made it clear he doesn’t want her in his life, therefore, she doesn’t want him in her life. Michael calls John, and John tells him he wants to know everything involving Dr. Long and Paul.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa, Gwen, and Ethan go to court, but the hearing is delayed because Judge Riley was ill. A new judge is assigned their case, and Gwen gets nervous. Theresa feels that she might stand a better chance with the new judge. Theresa is allowed to question Ethan in court, and he finally reveals his plan of giving little Ethan back to her once the surrogate mother had delivered their baby.

Sheridan goes to question her father about the CD that Luis decoded, revealing that the boat explosion was deliberate. Alistair and Julian are discussing their failure to kill Sheridan when she walks in and overhears them. Sheridan knows now that Luis was telling the truth - Sheridan's father actually did try to kill her! Eve admits the truth to Pilar that she still loves Julian and that he has changed - he is sacrificing everything to find their child. Eve also tells Pilar what Luis has been doing to bring down the Crane empire. Sam is also now involved - he confiscates the passports of Alistair and Julian and warns them not to leave town.

Y&R By Kate

Olivia and Dru fight, as Olivia tries to stop Dru from becoming a human guinea pig. Phyllis and Damon make a startling discovery which leads them to Dru's door. Nick informs Sharon that Cameron is still alive.

Chris talks to Daniel about his mother. Brittany's debuted at Marcino's is a wild success. Bobby makes a romantic gesture, Angelo shows support.

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