The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/26/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Krystal goes to the crash-site and asks God to forgive her for switching the DNA results and for the pain it's caused Bianca. She runs into Tad who apparently has no clue what she's been up to. But she makes it clear to him that she's distraught and not ready to talk to him. The doctors inform Maria that Edmund survived the surgery but the bullet could not be removed and he's still paralyzed.

In Vegas, Bobbie confides in Erica about the failure of his marriage. She seems to be comfortable talking to him and developing a friendship and tells him she wants to forget about Pine Valley and about being Erica Kane. Jack assures Bianca that he will be there for her and relieves her worries about what's happened to her mom and the loss of Miranda.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara gets angry when backed into a corner and proclaims that she is committed to her children. Carly kicks Plan B into action when she pitches the idea of a sponsorship. Henry’s pleas fall on deaf ears, and she runs off to put her plan in action. Jennifer cries after shouting at her dinner date, and acting like a jealous little brat. Jordan demands to know why he was the only one to call when a sports car broke down.

Lyle cannot help but show a boyish grin when he sees his new housekeeper cleaning a room. Mike agrees to a meeting when he learns that he could find out about a plan before it actually happens. Paul is angry that the idea of a sponsor did not come to him first. Pilar moves out of the house, and seems to start acting responsibly. Rosanna is grateful for the help that she gets, but still will not divulge all.

B&B by Boo

After Stephanie admits that she still hates Brooke, Erica assures her that he will never leave her again. Thorne becomes the new president of Forrester Creations.

Amber and Hector argue over telling Caitlin that Samantha is her mother. Caitlin is upset every year at this time because her birthday falls on Mother's day. Samantha comforts her and they become closer.

Days by Danielle

Kate walks in on Sami and Lucas in bed. Kate takes out her anger on Sami by flinging casserole at her. Sami demands her key back from Kate. Kate makes Lucas choose between her and Sami. When Lucas chooses Sami, Kate rushes to Philip and urges him not to waste any time getting together with Belle. Belle questions the sincerity of Shawn’s sympathy. Belle worries that Shawn’s family will never accept her or Marlena if they ever should marry.

Marlena questions John’s motives for him not wanting her to take the truth serum. Marlena insists that it is because of her love for John that she must know the truth. Bo is desperate to see Marlena on death row despite Hope’s objections. Hope shows her support to Marlena and tells her that she doesn’t think Marlena should take the truth serum. John seeks the help of Belle and Sami to convince Marlena not to take the truth serum.

GH by Antonia

The doctors can't explain Michael's quick recovery. Sonny tells Carly he asked God to save Michael's life and that he believes that God did just that. He also tells Carly that he wants her and the boys to move back to the penthouse with him so they can be the family that Michael needs. She tells him they can't do that. Sam sees Sonny and Carly getting closer and feels hurt. Sam takes a home pregnancy test which reveals that she's pregnant. Courtney shows up at the hospital just as Emily does. Emily asks Courtney to give Michael some balloons for her. Sonny has Jason tell Sam that he needs to talk to her asap. Tracy follows Skye from the casino to the Quartermaine's freezer and takes pictures of Skye covering up Ross' body. After messing with Skye at the casino, Tracy calls Jax. Ric thinks that Luke and Faith have something to do with a missing Ross. Faith tells Luke that he has to help her find out what happened to Ross. Mary again holds back from making love with Nikolas and tells him that she's afraid that one day he's going to walk out of her life forever. Nikolas comforts Mary and tells her that he's not going to leave her. Just as they are about to make love, Emily knocks on the door.

GL by Megan

Michelle asks Ed and Rick for advice about her marriage. Ed tells her that this is one she will have to work out on her own. Ed and Rick disagree on how much help to offer Michelle. Michelle finally decides to go talk to Danny. Tammy continues to daydream about a relationship with Edmund, until he tells her that the kiss was a mistake. When Tammy rushes out, Edmund fills Cassie in on what happened. Lizzie sees Tammy throw her diary in the trash and digs it out. Leaving it for Cassie to find. Danny informs Jeffrey that Michelle has left him. Jeffrey gives him a plane ticket so that he can go to meet with Vinnie. Sandy tells Joey that if he feels like he is losing Tammy, he should fight for her. Joey should get information from someone that knows Tammy better, and romance her.

OLTL by Kathy

Starr is once again preparing to leave, and Matthew senses something is up. They hug, and Matthew asks if she’s running away. Starr denies, and sends Matthew away, claiming she wants to change her clothes. After he leaves, Starr finishes packing, and leaves. We see her wandering the streets, as a man approaches her. Kevin has found a specialist he wants to fly in to examine Viki. Kevin tells Kelly he is sure Todd is behind the money transfer, and vows to discover the truth. Kelly defends Todd. Paul and Natalie return from their helicopter trip, with Natalie continuing to ask what they were delivering. Paul distracts her with a kiss, and Dr. Long catches them up on the roof. He fires Paul for his indiscretion. Paul then goes to Kelly, and tells her he may need more cash. Kelly says that’s impossible, and Paul threatens to reveal the truth about Ace. Kathryn delivers pictures of Caitlin to John’s room, and Natalie sees them. She confronts Kathryn, and Kathryn admits Caitlin was her sister. John finds them together, and Natalie asks why John didn’t tell her. John warns Natalie to stay away from Paul, and shows her pictures of the two of them kissing by the helicopter. Michael sends Shannon to the roof of the hotel to spy on Dr. Long, and Shannon also captures pictures of Paul and Natalie kissing. River and Adriana get passionate, but stop at the last minute. A frustrated River turns to Shannon, and they kiss on the roof of the hotel. Jessica asks Antonio if it would be OK if they are just engaged for a while, and Antonio agrees.

Passions by Brenda

Although Fox and Whitney try to reason with Theresa, she is not giving up her plan to carry Ethan and Gwen's baby to term. Gwen begs Ethan to force Theresa to get an abortion and they argue about the termination of their child. Ethan delivers a court order to Theresa and it is to force her to court, to have an abortion. Ivy talks Charity into asking Miguel to the Founder's Day Dance, but Kay has already asked and Miguel agreed to go with her, since she dove into a vat of fish parts to get the tickets.

Sheridan goes to see Luis to let him know that she is leaving Harmony with Antonio and going back to the island. Luis shows Sheridan proof that Alistair and Julian plotted to have her killed by exploding the boat. Sheridan runs off and goes back to the cottage. Antonio wakes up and tries to tell Sheridan that Luis faked the CD's and that he is not to be trusted.

Y&R By Kate

Neil's secret knowledge leads to arguments with Drucilla; Lily is forced to think about STDs and Kevin. Brittany prepares for her big night with JT, Raul, Rose, and Danny in attendance; she promises the other girls that this is her last night, Angelo gives Bobby a hard time.

Jack warns Brad of Victor's intentions; Victor makes another offer. Jack tries to butt in to Brad's and Victor's conversation; warns Brad of how he got custody of Kyle. Phyllis and Damon embark on a dangerous plan. Drucilla is panicked by this; blames Phyllis for the end of project.

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