The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/23/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee and Kendall attempt to reconcile their differences but Greenlee can sense that Kendall still does not trust her nor can she forgive her. Edmund's surgery is underway. Maria panics and wants to be in the OR but David tells her she can't be there. He assures her everything will be o.k.

For some odd reason, the test results say that Babe is Bess's mother and not Bianca. But for some reason, Krystal is not as happy and relieved as she should be and goes out to the crash site to ask God why her grandbaby is gone.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara gets an episode while talking with her son. Ben decides that it is time to take his wife out for a celebration. Carly is told that if she wants to continue working that night, she is to call the other fit model. Jennifer is called to rescue her dirty date.

Jordan almost ends up kissing Rosanna, but his cell phone rings. Paul seems baffled when he realizes that his mother may be on a date. Rosanna looks on in horror as the evening takes a horrible turn, making her plan fail. Walker is warned that he has to keep a secret.

B&B by Boo

Eric and Stephanie have a huge argument. Stephanie finally admits that she does not love Brooke and she is happy with the way things turned out. Eric informs her that he doesn't like what she did, but he will never leave her again. Jackie goes to visit with Deacon and tells him her good news. She promises to make sure that Nick and Brooke allow him to spend time with his daughter, Hope. More flirting between the two of them. Nick and Brooke have arrived in Hawaii. Brooke tries to write Ridge a letter to explain what she is going through. Flowers arrive from Stephanie causing them to discuss how Stephanie has been acting lately. Nick isn't buying it, but Brooke is totally convinced that Stephanie now loves her.

Days by Nicole

Marlena asks John to help her die. John tries to talk her out of it as he vows to die trying to prove Marlena’s innocence. Lexie announces that Marlena’s test results show her to be in perfect health. John refuses to let Bo and Hope transport Marlena back to jail. Mimi suggests that they give Marlena truth serum. Bo and Hope want to give Marlena the serum but John is against the idea. Marlena agrees to take the truth serum. Nicole toasts what she believes to be Marlena’s death in the prison stabbing. When Nicole seems disappointed to hear that Marlena wasn’t killed, Brady questions her reaction.

Hope advises Shawn to work things out with Belle while she wonders if she is being selfish for wanting to keep Shawn in Salem. Belle continues to push Shawn away as she decides that she and Shawn can never be together. Mimi advises Philip to stay away from Belle. Philip denies having feelings for Belle. Shawn explains his recent actions to Belle as he vows to give her time and space. Sami and Lucas give into their passion and make love. Sami suddenly rushes out of the bedroom, refusing to talk to Lucas. Lucas regrets taking advantage of Sami until Sami convinces him otherwise by wanting to make love again. Sami and Lucas decide to keep their relationship quiet for now.

GH by Antonia

Courtney tells Jason that she didn't know that it was Alcazar who bought her waterfront property. Carly and Sonny try to talk things through as they sit waiting for the outcome of Michael's surgery. Michael's gets worse and Sonny and Carly are afraid that he might die. Sonny promises God that if Michael gets better he and Carly will get back together. Monica tells Sonny and Carly that she thinks they are terrible parents. Sam thinks she might be pregnant. Courtney tells Jason that she's not going to stop loving him or Michael or Sonny. After discovering that Faith doesn't know that Ross is dead, Luke thinks that Faith didn't murder him. Tracy follows Skye from the casino to the Quartermaine's walk-in freezer and sees her with the dead body. Dillon asks Luke to rent a room, so Luke lets him move onto the Haunted Star. Nikolas gets a job painting the little church, which makes Mary uncomfortable at first, but Nikolas convinces her to accept it. Lucky tries to help Emily when she's too overcome with emotions about Nikolas.

GL by Megan

Lizzie is hurt because when she tries to talk to Joey all he wants to do is find Tammy. Edmund tells Beth about the kiss and she tells Edmund to tell Cassie in the morning if nothing has changed. Danny tells Michelle that the feds have him and he has to do what they want or he and his friends are in trouble. Olivia finds Phillip out of it and asks a nurse if there was a medication change. Before she gets the answer Phillip pulls her into the room to give her a gift.

OLTL by Kathy

Natalie continues to pursue Paul in order to make John jealous when she realizes Kathryn is back in town. Dr. Long forces Paul to fly to New Jersey with cooler. Cassie comes back to town, and meets Adriana. She’s unsure about her new “sister.” She finally softens, and realizes why River loves Adriana. Kelly gets the money from Todd, but Kevin sees her give it to Paul. Paul says it is just a loan for a new car he’s planning on reselling. Kelly tells Paul she wants him to stay out of her life. Evangeline and Nora spend some quality time together, and talk about her being accused of taking a bribe. Kevin thinks Todd is behind the missing $64,000. Jessica tells Todd she’s not going to let him bring Kevin down. John admits to Kathryn he worries about Natalie, and her spending time with Paul. Lindsay and RJ finalize the loan with Rex for the new club, but there are serious stipulations – if he’s late with payments, he could lose both the new place and Ultra Violet. Roxy goes to work for Nigel at the hotel.

Passions by Brenda

Gwen and Rebecca face off against Theresa and Pilar. Gwen is demanding her eggs be removed from Theresa, and Theresa demands that Gwen return her son. It seems like both women are too stubborn to meet halfway. Eve tells Pilar not to get involved in Theresa's scheme or she won't survive. Theresa calls Pilar and asks her to come over because she needs her support. Pilar is torn, but agrees to see Theresa.

Sheridan talks to Antonio and tells him how guilty she feels that he is torn apart from his family. She decides that she will have to leave Harmony so that Antonio and Luis will stop fighting. Antonio starts packing and tells Sheridan they will leave Harmony together and go back to the island. Sheridan doesn't want Antonio to go with her, but he is firm about leaving. Alistair and Julian talk about their future in prison, knowing that it's just a matter of time before Luis exposes all the Crane secrets. Julian wants to continue the search for his missing child but Alistair reminds him that he can't search from prison.

Y&R By Kate

Neil realizes that he holds the key to the truth about Kevin Fisher and Dru is unhappy with that discovery. Brittany will sing at Marcino's tonight; Bobby begins to see the truth about Sal and Angelo. Raul is concerned for Brittany. Kevin is arrested and taken to jail.

Phyllis visits the Jabot lab and confronts her husband. Diane tries to make problems with Damon. Nikki and Ashley face off, and Ashley is left with an uncomfortable truth.

Y&R By Wendy

Kevin gets caught by Detective Webber at Fenmore's Boutique and blames Lauren for hiding him. Kevin says she didn't but Webber doesn't believe him. Webber and his team of cops try to arrest Kevin, but before they can, Kevin pulls out a knife waving it around. Michael comes along, surprised to see his brother. Michael persuades Kevin that jail is not a confined closet and to go along with the cops. They arrest him while Michael and Lauren are yelling at them to use less force. Phyllis sneaks into the Jabot lab looking for the hair straightener. Jack catches her in there and accuses her of looking for Damon. They exchange words; Jack upset at her for moving on so quickly. Damon and Diane have a conversation over Jack axing the hair straightening project because he’s seeing Phyllis.

Raul’s upset that Brittany will perform at Marcino’s that night. He tries to convince her to sing at Crimson Lights instead. She says she’ll consider doing that another time. Neil shares with Dru that Kevin was not the cause of Brittany's electrocution. Dru just wants Kevin off the streets. Neil wonders what to do with the new information he has. Ashley and Nikki get heated with their words. Nikki tells Ashley to prepare herself for the worst concerning Abby, her marriage to Brad and that she has no one to blame for this mess but herself. Sal is extremely mad that Brittany is performing at Marcino's that night and Angelo agrees with him. Bobby gets angry at the two of them and then he welcomes Brittany back to Marcino's when she arrives. Preview for Monday: Raul tells JT that he and Brittany have a deal- no more singing at Marcino’s. Bobby tells Brittany he has something that will make her feel better. Jack tells Brad that he needs help immediately. Victor tells Jack he needs to discuss something with him.

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