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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca tells Kendall that she believes she needs professional help since she realizes that Bess is Babe and JR's baby, yet she knows that she believes that she's Miranda. Tad convinces his father to have DNA tests done to prove the parentage of the baby. Jack returns to his home to find out that Derek Fry wants to arrest Reggie for his involvement with Derek's daughter. He also finds out that Reggie and Greenlee are getting along better.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron calls an associate to warn her that she better get her butt in to work. Alison lies about what she will be doing that night while her boyfriend works. Chris says that he had to talk to his mother about her meddling even though he promised that he wouldn’t do that. Curtis heads home for the tongue-lashing that is sure to come because of the credit card charges. Doc stands up for a straight up teen, straightens things out all around. Dusty sees right through lies about making a marriage work.

Holden gives in to Lily’s desire to go out that evening when someone that he trusts makes him believe in his wife. Jessica wants to start off the baby-making adventure by burning her diaphragm. Kim hides her hurt when her son approaches her about meddling. Lily smiles coyly to herself when she thinks about the evening to come. Molly keeps her lips zipped when she sees a business card fall to the floor. Violet books a space to sing that night.

B&B by Boo

Massimo, Jackie and Stephanie try to explain their actions to Ridge. Ridge will not listen to any of them. He is really upset with all of them and wishes they were all out of his life. Nick, Brooke, and Hope are on the jet on their way to Hawaii. After playing with Hope for a bit, Nick asks Brooke what is bothering her. She tells him all that went on at the party and how everyone ambushed her upstairs. When Nick learns this, he asks her to take off the engagement ring and heads off to tell the captain to turn the plain around. Brooke asks him not to do that. She wants him to help her move on with her life instead.

Days by Danielle

Lucas tries to defend his actions to the officers. Sami is too drunk to be coherent, driving Kate to declare the end of her promise to Roman. After sobering up, Sami decides to corroborate Lucas’ story. Belle blames herself for the current turmoil in her and Shawn’s relationship. Shawn questions Philip’s motives with Belle. Philip works to convince Shawn to step aside and let Belle move on. Shawn blames himself for letting all the victims down. Shawn and Philip’s argument turns into a physical fight.

Nicole, frustrated with Jan’s refusal to help get rid of Marlena, decides to go after Marlena herself. She seeks help from Crystal, one of Marlena’s cellmates. Bo leads Marlena through the booking process and to the County Jail. Marlena is placed in a cell with other women who blame her for them being there. John refuses to testify against Marlena, instead he is prepared to take Marlena’s place in jail. News comes into the police station that a fight broke out in Marlena’s cell and someone was stabbed to death.

GH by Antonia

The doctor tells Sonny and Carly that Michael has internal bleeding and that if he doesn't get better, it may be fatal. When Michael asks Sonny if they can all be a family again, Sonny doesn't really know what to say. When Carly and Sonny are threatening Alexis, Ric shows up and tells Sonny that it's illegal to around threatening people and asks Alexis if she wants to press charges against Sonny. Ric learns about a case Alexis is working as the defense attorney, so he makes himself the prosecutor in the case. Carly thanks Alcazar for helping Jason save Michael. Sonny is also grateful to Sam for telling Alcazar about a missing Michael. Dillon and Georgie call the police and tell them about the body in the boathouse. Skye and Luke are able to move the body into the Quartermaine's freezer before the police arrive. Lucky responds to the call and goes to the Quartermaine's but when he gets there, there is no body inside the boathouse. Lucky informs Dillon and Georgie that it's a felony offense to make false emergency call to the police. When Dillon and Georgie arrive at the police station, Georgie confesses to Mac and Felicia that she and Dillon were at the boathouse because they were going to have sex, but that they didn't. Mac forbids Georgie from see Dillon ever again. Nikolas and Mary go to the church to find Nikolas' cross. As Mary is leaving the church and Nikolas inside, she runs into Emily and to stop her from going inside the church, she asks her if she'd like to have a cup of coffee with her. Mary and Emily talk about their feelings and how they lost the men they loved. After talking to the priest, Nikolas decides to stop dwelling on the past and work towards being a good husband.

GL by Megan

It is opening night for Romeo and Juliet. Cassie, Edmund, Beth and Alexandra are there to support the cast. Sandy is forced to fill in for the prince when the actor goes home sick. Lizzie continues to be jealous of Tammy and Joey's relationship. Michelle pleads with Bill to stick by Danny's side, but he refuses. Eden and Bill argue over Michelle. Eden runs to Gus for comfort. She is worried that Danny and Michelle will split up and Michelle will turn to Bill for comfort. Gus reassures Eden that Bill loves her. Eden returns home to make up with Bill. Alan sends Gus his trust fund papers, but Gus decides not to keep the money.

OLTL by Janice

Natalie moves into Llanfair and takes a leave from her 2 jobs to stay with Viki. Viki pages Todd when she has chest pain. After testing at the hospital, Dorian tells Viki that her prognosis is worse than previously thought. Viki tells her girls that her condition is poor. They have a good cry, but Viki tells them she wants to enjoy her life whatever is left of it. She gives Natalie a pair of earrings and a manuscript of her life. Antonio offers to move into the Carriage House with Jessica. Nora finds out from Antonio that she’s been accused of accepting a bribe from Buchanan Enterprises. Kevin tells Nora that the books are clean and the cops can come check them out. Kevin goes through the books and finds a large transfer made from his computer. Paul demands more money from Kelly. Kelly asks Todd for $74,000. Kelly breaks down; Todd comforts her as Kevin looks on. David sneakily gets a hair sample from Dorian to find out if she really is Adriana’s mother. Dorian finds out. David threatens to move out of the house if she won’t be honest with him. Dorian shocks him with the news she’s already married. R.J. fires Evangeline as his attorney. He finds a new one who will have papers served on Antonio forcing him to move out of Llanfair.

Passions by Brenda

Charity watches as Miguel is totally exhausted and falls asleep sitting up. She takes pity on him and brings him something to eat, without waking him. As she leaves, Miguel hears the door close and wakes up. He finds the red rose Charity left! Ivy and Charity have a chat about lost loves - Ivy admits that Sam has not yet committed to her since Grace left. But Ivy does give Charity some encouragement about Miguel.

Kay is being made fun of when she tries to defend her relationship with Miguel. She goes to the break area where Simone shows up and tries to convince Kay to attend the Founder's Day dance. Kay is realizing that she cannot have the fun she used to, but then finds an announcement regarding raffle tickets to the dance. Kay is devising a plan to attend with Miguel. Theresa gets the implant of Gwen and Ethan's baby and gushes to the doctor about how happy she is. Gwen and Ethan found Heather in the closet, and when Eve comes in, they discover the chloroformed gauze. Eve calls for an immediate lockdown of the hospital, even as Fox and Whitney are trying to sneak Theresa out of there. The nurse points out Theresa as the one who received the implant. Everyone is going to know exactly what Theresa did, not only to Gwen and Ethan, but that she bound and gagged the surrogate.

Y&R By Kate

Dru finds "Queen Bee" Phyllis answering Damon's door. They argue about the project; Phyllis wonders what Dru's interest in Damon is. Damon tries to convince Ashley to save the project; Jack does what he can to sabotage him, and tries to pump Ashley for information about Victor; Ashley tells him to back off. Neil tries to compare notes on Kevin Fisher with Bobby.

Mackenzie catches Jill having at her grandmother over drinking. She promises to be Katherine's guardian angel. When Colleen tries to break up with JT after seeing his happiness around Shiloh and his new career, he talks her out of it. At an intense meeting with Dekker, Michael, Paul and Lauren try to hide the truth about Kevin's disappearance; Lauren returns to find Kevin in the boutique.

Y&R EXTRA***** By Wendy

Dru shows up at Damon's, Phyllis answers the door and they banter once again. Phyllis sees right through Dru's fašade and calls her on Dru's interest in Damon. Dru calls Phyllis stupid, threatens her and storms out, not before Phyllis tells her that she is the "Queen Bee". Damon pleads his hair straightening research case to Ashley in which Jack overhears. He interrupts the two and kicks Damon out. Jack finds out that Abbey knows Victor is her dad and freaks out on Ashley. She cries, yells at him to back off and tells him she needs his support, not her mistakes pointed out. Colleen notices Shiloh's hand over JT's at Crimson Lights and is definitely onto Shiloh. After a brief conversation between the three over JT's new CD single, Shiloh leaves for LA. Colleen tells JT how proud she is of him and attempts to break it off, however, JT won't let her finish and wants to take her to see the surprise.

Neil shows up at Marcino's and does some digging about Kevin. Bobby's helpful; Angelo informs Neil that Kevin was around the building the night Brittany was electrocuted. When Neil gets home, Eddie, the detective, visits and it's confirmed by the activity log that Kevin was not, in fact, at Marcino's that night. Jill buys Kay a horse-riding outfit for the two of them to go riding in the morning. As Jill helps Kay with her collar, she smells the booze and goes off on her. Jill says she's trying to be nice but is disgusted by her. Mac overhears the nasty confrontation and later tells Kay that she is her guardian angel and she'd better get used to it. Detective Webber shows up at Michael's looking for Kevin. Unsuccessful, he informs Michael, Paul and Lauren that he thinks they know where Kevin is. Next we see Lauren back at the Boutique. Sierra informs her that she heard noises in the back and leaves. Lauren pushes the curtain back, hears squeaking, opens the door and is shocked when she sees Kevin.

Preview for Thursday: Kevin asks Lauren for help. Jack tells Ashley about Damon and Phyllis.

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