The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/20/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca goes to the hospital and returns the baby to Babe. Adam Chandler says he wants to keep Bianca away from Bess. JR agrees with him. But Babe is ready to make her Bess's godmother. Tad Martin still believes the baby who survived could be Miranda and not Bess, and he tells his father he wants to find that out.

Derek is ready to arrest Reggie for being with his daughter. But Greenlee tells him Reggie did nothing wrong, it was Danielle who lied, broke the law and won't leave Reggie alone. Jack is still concerned about Erica although Kendall is still angry at her.

ATWT by Lea

Alison reports that she hates being alone in the bed when her boyfriend is working. Barbara pretends that she is busy to allow her daughter to have a sexy date. Carly reports that when a redhead puts on a red dress, she is ready to light a match. Chris wishes that his mother would stop treating him like a 3 year old.

Jack forces his sister-in-law to tell him what she is up to. Jessica submits to fertility tests. Jordan offers to bring the wine for his dinner invitation. Kim sees that she has overstepped, and she quickly makes her way out the door. Rosanna comes up with a story that she hopes explains her actions lately.

B&B by Megan

Nick proposes again and Brooke excepts. Massimo toasts the couple and the newest addition to the family. Nick and Brooke exit the party and head to the Marone jet with plans to go to paradise. Ridge arrives is upset that he is too late. Eric tells Sam that Stephanie might have hurt Ridge and gone too far this time.

Days by Danielle

Rex approaches Bonnie with the idea of incorporating someone else who doesn’t have a bad past into the business so they can then apply for the liquor license. Mickey agrees to keep his name on the liquor license. Lucas refuses to use the current situation against Sami. Sami continues to drink down her sorrows while pondering whether Will would be better off without her. Lucas reminds Kate of her promise to Roman, forcing Kate to agree to help Sami. Lucas is arrested for slapping Sami in his attempt to keep her from drinking.

Father Jansen performs an invocation to test for Marlena’s possession. Belle is almost killed by Marlena while another evil force embodied her. Father Jansen performs an exorcism to rid Marlena of this new evil force. Father Jansen declares that Marlena was never and is not currently, possessed. Bo reads Marlena her rights, despite Hope, Belle, and John’s protests. Mimi approaches Philip about working together to save Belle and Shawn’s relationship. Philip tries to convince Mimi not to meddle in Belle and Shawn’s love life. He agrees but then secretly plans to sabotage the idea. Shawn finds Belle in Philip’s arms.

GH by Lisa

Jason found Michael in a well just as Alcazar arrives and work together to get him out. Carly explains to Sonny why they can't be together. Michael is taken to the hospital. Ric wants to find out who is the father of Alexis's daughter. After threatening the lab technician at the hospital, Ric gets proof that Sonny is Kristina's father.

Luke and Skye are prevented from stashing Ross' body in the Quartermaine freezer and hide the body in the boathouse instead. Maxie and Georgie share a sisterly moment when Georgie turns to her about sex. Dillon and Georgie go to the boathouse with the intention of making love but find Ross' dead body.

GL by Megan

Alan breaks Lizzie's heart by saying he can't make it to her play as he has to be in Washington DC. Olivia claiming to want peace offers to go to Lizzie's play in place of her father. Lizzie thinks it is a good idea which leaves the family happy. In the hall Beth asks Olivia not to come because she doesn't want to add pressure to Lizzie. Beth tells Olivia not to dictate to her daughter and if she wants to bond with Lizzie to run it through her first. Rick wants to start a new therapy on Philip and Alan says if that is what Philip wants then it is fine with him. Ross and Philip talk about Ross winning the mayoral race. Lizzie comes to see her dad and the discuss the play. Bill tells Eden that the town is right about Danny that he bought the votes. Bill is blaming himself saying he should have known this was going on. Danny tells Tony he bought the votes. Michelle goes to see Jeffrey and Jeffrey basically tells Michelle Danny bought the votes. The press conference begins.

OLTL by Kathy

Starr finally leaves to go meet her friend, who’s name is Travis. When she finally meets him, he calls her a baby, and says he can’t be seen with her. Crushed, Starr returns to her hotel room, but he instant messages her again, saying he was a jerk, and wants to hook up again. Jessica cannot give Antonio an answer to his proposal, and this hurts his ego. He feels it would be best for him to move out. Later, Viki talks to him, explains how much Jessica loves him, and Antonio apologizes to Jessica. Jessica turns to John for advice, but he admits he’s not the one to ask in matters of love. Michael spies from his bed on Dr. Long and Paul, however, Paul is wise to this, and closes the blinds, blocking Michael’s efforts. Eve and John visit Michael, wanting answers to the accident, and Michael finally comes clean with how it happened. John asks if Michael has any proof, but unfortunately, he doesn’t. David continues to wonder why Dorian isn’t more upset about Paul’s antics, but Dorian is very cool about it. David finally asks if Dorian really is Adriana’s mother, but Dorian evades the question. Paul finally gets the results, but Dorian is one step ahead of him, and tells him that whenever he goes up against her, he will always lose. Viki thinks it would make more sense to have Natalie move in to Llanfair, and Natalie agrees. Viki is concerned that Natalie is lonely. Jen convinces Riley to send a video tape to Flash, with his true feelings. Riley let loose, told Flash how upset he is with how she handled the break up, and ended up cutting his hand. As Jen was taking care of his hand, they kiss. Both agree that their friendship is more important, and agree to forget it happened. Later, their hands touch, and from the look on Jen’s face, is it forgotten?

Passions by Brenda

Gwen does not want to hear anything that Whitney has to say about Theresa, even though Whitney was going to tell the truth about Theresa's plan to become the surrogate mother for Ethan and Gwen. Heather is discovered in the closet, bound and gagged. Gwen is almost hysterical, wondering who is actually in the implant room. Ethan is trying to get her to calm down and tell who it was that chloroformed her and put her in the closet. Luis is still working on decoding Alistair's secrets from the disks he took from the safe. Sheridan stops by, but Luis does not have proof yet to convince her that Alistair was behind the shock treatments, the boat explosion, etc.

Y&R By Kate

Mac is determined that Jill is the cause of all of Katherine's difficulties, but Katherine just wants peace between her daughter and granddaughter. Brittany is excited to be singing at Marcino's again, but Raul is not in favor of this, and Angelo is giving Bobby a hard time about it too. Shiloh continues to drive a wedge between JT and Colleen, after JT announces his concern over Colleen's sudden coolness.

With authority, Victor tells Nick to work with the new CEO, whoever Victor chooses for that position. Nick refuses, bitter that he's being replaced; Victor tells Nick that the new CEO must be someone other than a Newman, for business reasons, and gives Nick an ultimatum.

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