The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/19/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall and Ryan are able to convince Bianca that the baby she has is Bess, and that Miranda is gone. And they go together to bring the baby back to the hospital. It seems Tad is the only person who believes that the baby whom Bianca took might very well actually be Miranda and not Babe and JR's Bess. Dr. Joe tells Anita he will not suspend her from the hospital staff and urges her not to resign. Jack returns home, where Greenlee and Reggie meet him at the station. Livia and Derek are ready to get Reggie in trouble for his involvement with Danielle.

ATWT by Lea

Chris left for overtime at the hospital – and Allison rushed out after him – heading for Metro. At Metro Doc arrived with three women on his arm – ready to party. At the end of the night his credit card was declined. Curtis paid the bill with his credit card and Doc promised to pay him back before Ben saw the bill. Molly visited Kim and expressed her doubts about Doc. When Aaron called about the declined credit card – Kim and Molly went to Metro. Doc invited them to join his table. Allison hid from Kim and tried to get out the door – but Kim spotted her.

Jack asked Carly if Rosanna was going to kidnap Cabot. Carly said Rosanna was only acting weird because her heart was broken. Jordan found Rosanna’s kiss suspicious – he wanted to know what she was up to. She told him she was attracted to him. He admitted she intrigued him. She offered him a job at Cabot Motors again. After he left Carly called and wanted to meet with Rosanna. Rosanna went to Carly’s and denied having plans to kidnap Cabot. Jack came home and saw them talking together. Later when he asked Carly if she was alone all night – she didn’t mention a visit from Rosanna. Jordan went to BRO after receiving messages from Barbara. She begged him to return to BRO – he finally agreed. When Rosanna returned to her room she heard a message from Jordan informing her he was back at BRO.

B&B by Megan

Everyone is trying to convince Brooke to marry Nick. Rick tells his mom about the pain he felt not growing up with his dad and not to put her son through that. They all offer things that have happen and say maybe fate is putting her and Nick together. Eric tries to warn Ridge of Stephanie's intentions but Ridge thinks Stephanie is just concerned. Stephanie tells Nick that Brooke is ready and nick asks Brooke to marry him again.

Days by Danielle

Lucas tries to comfort an ailing Sami. Kate continues to try and convince him to take Will and get away from Sami. Everyone, somewhat reluctantly, begins to gather at Alice’s Bar for a memorial lunch. Celeste shares the news from Alice’s ghost with Julie, Bonnie, and Mickey. Bonnie delights in Julie’s anguish over the spicy food but ends up firing the cook.

Belle tries to convince Shawn not to leave Salem. Shawn blames himself for not protecting Alice. John shares his possession theory with Marlena. Marlena denies the possibility, not wanting to believe it. Marlena decides to risk her life to determine if she truly is possessed again. Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Belle rush over to the hospital to witness Father Jansen test Marlena for possession. Celeste considers possession as a valid reason for her experiences with Marlena. Bo intends to arrest Marlena despite the results of the possession test. A touch from a cross affects Marlena.

GH by Antonia

Carly calls Courtney for help in the search for Michael. Carly shows Courtney the fake ransom note that Michael wrote. Courtney tells Carly she needs to calls Sonny. Carly's reluctant at first because Sonny has already threatened to take the boys back from her, and she's afraid that Sonny will think she doesn't take good care of the boys. Carly calls Sonny and he goes over. Carly tells Sonny that Michael did this because he wants them to be a family again. Jason goes looking for Michael, but Michael is unconscious in a well. Sam accuses Alcazar kidnapping Michael, but then starts thinking it wasn't him. Nikolas realizes he dropped his necklace at the church, so he shows up there, but he hides so no one sees. Nikolas listens to Emily talk about him at his memorial service and is very emotionally touched. Helena stands up during Emily's eulogy and tells her that she's going to take revenge on those guilty for Nikolas' death. Luke also stands up and tells Helena to shut up and that she has room to talk. Luke's new plan is to hide Ross in the Quartermaine's freezer.

GL by Megan

Marah heads for the plane but comes back and tells him she loves him, she is disappointed he doesn't return the sentiment. She gets on the plane and then he says I love you to Marah. Michelle wants to continue to fight for Danny as mayor but Danny doesn't think so. Danny tells Ross it was a fierce campaign and he is sure Ross will make a great mayor because he is conceding. Michelle is upset that Danny has given up which is not like him and she wants to know what is really going on. Danny calls Jeffrey and tells him everything he did and Jeffrey says it is time for his public confession. R.J comes into Jeffrey's room for a visit. Jeffrey tells RJ he isn't sad and he then admits he is sad to RJ. He says all he is going to do is wallow and work and R.J tells him he works to much. Cassie asks if the allegations against Danny are true. Jeffrey says she should believe her friend but she should stay away from Danny or she might get caught up in something ugly that will effect her whole life. Alex has had Sandy and Alan out for dinner at which Sandy offers his idea for Lizzie to work at Spaulding. Joey and Lizzie bond over family problems. Frank wants Marina to move back home

OLTL by Kathy

David continues to pressure Dorian to set a wedding date, but she will not. Dorian accuses David of stealing $2500 from her safe, but David denies it. They finally figure out that Starr took the money. Todd meets with Margaret, and Margaret reveals Kevin embezzled money from Buchanan Enterprises. Todd tells her to keep the information to herself, but to continue monitoring. Kyle is shot, Kathryn escapes unharmed, and Kay and Kyle are arrested. Paul is not charged, but agrees to testify for the FBI. The money is held as evidence. Kelly wants the money back, but Paul says he was swindled. He asks for more money, that a “friend” has to leave the country. Kelly refuses. Todd hints to Kelly that Kevin is embezzling, but Kelly tells him to back off. Paul arranges for Adrianna and River to donate blood, so he can secretly do a DNA test on Adrianna. He still needs a sample from Dorian, and she accidentally cuts herself on a broken vase. Paul sees his opportunity, and as he assists Dorian, obtains her blood on his handkerchief. Michael has a broken leg after falling out of Dr. Long’s window. From his hospital room, he can see Dr. Long’s office, and asks Marcie to get his binoculars so he can keep tabs on Long. Antonio proposes to Jessica. RJ is furious he didn’t know Antonio and Jamie moved into Llanfair. He vows to take Antonio to court for breach of custody agreement. John takes Kathryn to the train station, and as she is ready to leave, gives her a passionate kiss, as Natalie witnesses the kiss.

Passions by Brenda

Antonio fires a gun at Luis and grazes his temple. Sheridan realizes that Antonio shot Luis, and when Luis comes to, he asks Antonio why he is holding Alistair's gun. Luis vows to Sheridan that he will provide proof of her "brainwashing" in the mental ward. Sheridan is stunned that Antonio would shoot his own brother and questions Antonio, but he is unwilling to admit to anything involving Alistair.

Fox tells Whitney about Theresa's surrogacy plan, and Whitney is determined to tell Gwen that Theresa is the one about to receive the implant, instead of Heather. Ethan reveals his plan to "Heather" to return little Ethan, but Theresa is the one listening to every word. Ivy gets a premonition that Theresa is about to do something to destroy Ethan and Gwen's chances of surrogacy, but Sam tells her she is overreacting.

Y&R By Kate

Nick suggests turfing Brash and Sassy, and sees Neil as sneaky over the offer from Victor. He vows to fight for the job. Neil sees that the friendship with Nick is in the past. Victor produces a financial deal for the judge and his probation offer, they agree, but, the probation officer has reservations.

When Colleen discusses LA disappointment with Sierra and Lily, JT shows up unexpectedly, getting a surprise when he tries to get Colleen to go out with him. Brittany will sing at Marcino's again. Katherine gets an unexpected visit from her granddaughter, with whom she shares the latest news.

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