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AMC by Jennifer

After Greenlee discovers Bianca at Erica's with the baby, Tad and Aidan appear. She makes it clear to them that she really believes that this is her baby, Miranda and not Babe and JR's Bess. Kendall and Ryan appear later and try to get her to see that this is not her baby. Babe is able to convince everybody, including Adam, not to press charges against Bianca for kipnapping, after they know that the baby is o.k. But everybody is really worried that Bianca has completely lost it.

Erica runs into Bobbie again, in Vegas and tells him that Erica Kane does not exist. Maria and Anita have a conversation about marriage and cheating and Maria tries to convince her sister not to resign after Bianca and the baby have been found.

ATWT by Lea

Craig arrived at the police station to see Katie. Margo didn’t want him to bail Katie out. He did anyway after hearing her story about Mike and Pilar. Meanwhile Russ pretended to attack Pilar – Mike rushed in and punched him out. Mike called Margo and she went to arrest Russ. Katie watched as Margo questioned Pilar and Mike about the incident. Later Pilar told Katie she was stupid – no one believed a word she said – Katie was making everything too easy for her. Katie wondered what that meant. Craig went to see Jack and wanted to know if he knew anything more about Rosanna – Jack wouldn’t say. When Carly got home Jack told her that DeGrassi went to Canada after robbing Fairwinds. He also told her the only two items not returned were Cabot’s brush and comb. Jack thinks Rosanna is going to go after Cabot.

Paul fired Jordan and when Barbara walked into the middle of the fight – she backed Paul up. Jordan went to BRO to pack his desk. Jennifer was not pleased he had been fired and went to look for her brother and mother. Barbara told Paul she wanted to rehire Jordan – he was important to her and BRO. He agreed. When Jennifer arrived, Barbara told her they were rehiring Jordan. Rosanna told Carly she didn’t want to marry Jordan – she needed to marry him to protect Cabot. Carly didn’t understand, but agreed not to tell Jack. When Jordan came back to his room, Rosanna met him at the door and invited him in for a drink. He told her about the firing. She hugged him and said it was all her fault. He disagreed and said everything would be fine – he would find a new job. Rosanna kissed him.

B&B by Megan

Rick urges Brooke to get ready as the party is for her. James tells Stephanie he is worried about Brooke. Eric tells Stephanie and James he isn't going to the party because he doesn't like their plan. Eric believe Stephanie is pushing Brooke on Nick to keep her out of the family. nick tells Brooke she doesn't have to go but she says she wants to go with him. Stephanie takes Brooke upstairs where they try to convince her to marry Nick.

Days by Nicole

Mimi questions Bonnie’s motives with Rex. Despite Mimi’s objections, Rex takes Bonnie’s offer to be a bartender at Alice’s Bar. Belle prays to Alice as Jan tries to convince Shawn that Alice wanted him to be with her instead of Belle. Jan offers Shawn her parent’s country home to get him to stay in Salem. Belle and Shawn argue about Marlena.

Jennifer visits Jack’s grave to ask him to keep their baby safe. Patrick rushes to Jennifer’s side to protect her from his ill-intentioned acquaintance. Jennifer confronts Patrick about the conversation she witnessed with his acquaintance. Marlena wonders whether she could truly be the serial killer but is desperate to prove her innocence. Bo questions Marlena and Nicole about Victor’s murder. Alone with Nicole as Bo, Brady, and John discuss Victor’s murder, Marlena questions Nicole about her relationship with Jan. Celeste tells everyone that Alice came to her with the message that there will be another murder. Julie vows to kill Marlena herself if she tries to kill anyone else. Bo makes plans to send Marlena back to the hospital and then to jail upon her release. Brady seeks Celeste’s help to determine whether Nicole is the killer.

GH by Antonia

Sonny tells Mike that he has to choose between him and Courtney. Mike chooses Courtney. Sonny gets mad when Sam tells him that he should make peace with his family because they love him and only want what's best for him. Jason tells Carly that he doesn't love Courtney anymore and that she's a stranger to him. Carly shows up at Kelly's and tells Sonny that if he doesn't apologize to Courtney, she's going to cut him off from Michael and Morgan. Later, Alcazar asks Courtney if she's alright when he finds her sitting outside of Kelly's. Michael writes a ransom note pretending to be kidnapped in hopes that it will make Sonny and Carly stop fighting and want to be a family again. Michael hides in the woods. While he's playing, he take a bad fall. Emily and Nikolas barely miss seeing each other at the church. As he leaves the church, Nikolas accidentally drops the cross that Emily gave him. Mary prevents Nikolas from seeing his picture in the paper by telling him that there's a sad story about a friend Nickolas lost in the war. Mary plans to go to the memorial service and is surprised when Nikolas tells her that he's going too. Luke tells Emily and Lucky that he's not going to attend Nikolas' memorial, but later on, he shows up at the Quartermaine mansion to take Skye to the memorial service. After Monica tells the maid about getting something from the freezer, Luke gets an idea of what to do with Ross' body. Dillon asks Jason how he can act like he doesn't care about what the family says. He tells him that it's because he DOESN'T care.

GL by Megan

Jeffrey and a very excited Marah discuss their pending trip. as they leave for the airport Marah asks Jeffrey not to put her on a pedestal. At the airport Jeffrey says he isn't going with Marah as she needs time to heal alone. Jeffrey says her parents are on the plane and the met at the wrong time Marah goes and tells Jeffrey she loves him. Once Marah is gone Jeffrey returns the sentiment. Eden and Harley go to the Spaulding mansion to see if Eden can use the garden for her wedding. Alexandra says Eden can't get married as it would be bad for bad girl. Eden is angry and says she will marry Bill even if she looses her job. Alexandra tells Eden and Harley that Ross is the new mayor and the women leave to find Bill. Sandy comes by the mansion to drop off some books for Lizzie. Alexandra tells him the play is something positive for Lizzie. Alex asks Sandy what she should give Lizzie for graduation and Sandy says a job at Spaulding. Danny calls Salerno so they can work things out. Michelle tells Ed that these charges may destroy Danny, she knows he would never buy the election. Danny tells Salerno that he shouldn't have thought people would see him as anything but a mobster. Bill goes to find Danny so they can straighten this mess out. Bill finds Danny and Danny allows Bill to believe he bought the election. Eden gets a call from Salairno who tells her they have things to discuss. Danny explains to Bill he cut a deal so his family would be safe as long as he conceded the election to Ross. Michelle arrives and wants to know what is going on, Bill leaves so they can talk.

OLTL by Kathy

Kelly gets the cash and gives it to Paul. Paul tries to fool John and Kathryn into thinking the meeting is at the airport, when in reality, it is at the train station. Kathryn gets the information from Paul, and alerts John and Antonio, although Paul told her no police. At the train station, Kyle and Kay show up for the exchange, and as Paul is about to hand over the cash, John and Antonio come in, and Kyle grabs Kathryn, holding a gun on her. Michael overhears Dr. Long talking to a patient’s wife. The wife insists her husband did not want to be an organ donor, but Dr. Long says he has a signed release from her husband. The wife is in disbelief, and Michael wonders what Dr. Long is up to, as he also spoke to the patient, who said he did not want to be an organ donor. Michael goes to see Marcie, and explains to her what he overheard. Michael is convinced Dr. Long has secret files locked in his office, and is determined to get them. He and Marcie go to Dr. Long’s office to find out, with Marcie playing lookout. Dr. Long nearly catches them, but Marcie stalls him, and Dr. Long gets paged. Marcie goes into Dr. Long’s office, but Michael went out the window, and is no where to be found. Viki and Kevin take Blair and Starr to the train station, and Todd comes to say goodbye to Starr. He is not pleased that Kevin is there, but Kevin has another train to catch. Starr still has plans to meet the boy in New York. Antonio shows John an engagement ring he plans to give to Jessica.

Passions by Brenda

Alistair shoots Luis but only grazes his arm. When he takes aim again, Luis grabs the gun and throws Alistair to the floor, then kicks him out of Hank's apartment. Alistair isn't giving up on getting rid of Luis. He then goes to see Antonio and goads him into shooting Luis (who is outside with Sheridan in a liplock and passionate embrace).

When Theresa tells Fox that she intends to become the surrogate mother, Fox tries to point out how crazy the scheme is, but goes with her to the hospital. Theresa chloroforms Heather, the surrogate hired by Gwen and Ethan, and locks her in the closet. Gwen and Ethan show up and Fox tries to stall them, but it may be too late to stop Theresa from receiving the egg implant.

Y&R By Kate

Ashley tries to rekindle romance after telling her husband that Victor is going to be a problem. Victor and Nikki finally talk, and to Nikki's horror, Victor informs her that he wants Abby with him.

Brad has a cryptic conversation with his daughter, learning that her romance with JT could be in trouble. JT comes home from LA, and Danny Romalotti pays Brittany a visit, leaving her with something to think about.

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