The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/15/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee tells Kendall and Ryan that she might be onto where Bianca is. She believes she might be at Erica's. But they don't believe it and have no clue where to find her. Adam calls the police to report Bianca for abducting his granddaughter. But Tad and Maria convince them that he is a psychiatric patient having delusions and they go away without taking his report. Erica goes to her father's funeral and tells him she hates him and will never forgive him for what he's done. She runs into Bobbie afterwards.

ATWT by Lea

Jordan stopped by Rosanna’s and told her he confronted Paul about his plotting against Barbara. Paul walked in the room as they were talking and demanded to have a chat with Rosanna alone. Paul again tried to make peace with Rosanna, but she was not interested. They are now sworn enemies. Carly wanted to know why Barbara didn’t seem interested in her designs. Barbara finally told her she had gotten an evaluation report about Will and he was more withdrawn than ever. Carly understood why Barbara seemed out of it and before she left she agreed to join BRO. After Carly left, Barbara called Walker and left a message that she was in pain. He arrived with pain medicine. He said the attacks were accelerating and it was time for her to get treatment. He recommended Ben. She agreed to see Ben if Walker arranged it so she could visit Will. She said she only wanted to see him in case she never could again.

Margo had Katie arrested for assault and battery. Russ called Pilar and agreed to a meeting with Mike. When Mike got to the motel, Russ was gone. Mike called Pilar and said Russ was probably on his way there. Pilar and Russ got ready to put on a show for Mike – so they could prove to Mike that Katie was wrong about the death threats. Jordan and Paul met. Paul wanted Jordan to keep his nose out of his business. He also told Jordan he no longer worked for Barbara – he would be answering to Paul. When Jordan didn’t take this well – Paul fired him.

B&B by Megan

Massimo make it aware to Rick, Stephanie, and Jackie that he feels Brooke needs professional help. Massimo brings in James who feels they should get Brooke to the party and talk to her there. In order to stop the employees from seeing Darla's ring Sally says she wants her company back to distract them. Nick is blaming Ridge for the pain attack but Brooke says it is the situation not Ridge. Nick show her the invitation to the party but she opts not to attend. Nick tells everyone to respect Brooke's descion but Stephanie gets a minute alone with Brooke and Brooke decides to go.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie receives the news that her application for a liquor license was denied. Bonnie tries again to convince Patrick to go after Jennifer. Rex overhears Patrick telling someone that he won’t hurt Jennifer. Mimi and Patrick make a pact to protect the ones they care about from Bonnie while Bonnie makes a deal with Rex to help him with people skills if he helps her with his business savvy. Brady and Nicole run into each other at a self-service gas station. Brady offers to fix Nicole’s flat tire if Nicole gives him a lift to the funeral because his car’s axle broke. While there, Nicole admits to burning the concert hall model and they argue over Chloe.

Shawn tries to make small talk with whom he believes to be an old friend of Alice but is unsuccessful when Jan rushes out of the room. Shawn chases after her and Belle chases after him. While still disguised as the old friend of Alice, Jan questions Shawn about his feelings for her. Julie lunges at Marlena as everyone is upset and angry at her for coming to the funeral. Julie is pulled off of Marlena. Belle and John rush over to offer Marlena their support. Everyone shares their final goodbyes as the pallbearers carry the coffins to the Horton family plot. Bo and Marlena argue about Marlena’s alibi for Abe’s murder.

GH by Lisa

Sam tells Mike about the big fight between Sonny and Courtney. Mike asks Jason not to turn his back on Courtney. Jason tells Mike that it is over between him and Courtney. Sonny tells Jason that Courtney is out of his life. Carly tries to get Jason to reconcile with Courtney but he just gets angry. After meeting with a private detective he hired, Ric begins to suspect that Kristina is Sonny's daughter.

The Quartermaines want to help Emily with the memorial service for Nicholas but she has other ideas. Emily plans Nicholas's memorial at the church in the woods. Nicholas is there when Emily arrives. Nicholas is beginning top have a flicker of memory.

GL by Megan

Lizzie is told that Olivia is moving in to the mansion. Sam believes Olivia moving in to the mansion is a mistake. Olivia doesn't listen she says that Philip will be in Ravenwood for a long time. Olivia arrives at the mansion with food demands and big plans for Lizzie. Alan says he has big plans to bring Philip home and calls Rick to start the process. Marah thanks Tony for all his help. She and Jeffrey go back to his suite where she tells him she loves him.

OLTL by Kathy

Kelly successfully transfers money from Buchanan Enterprises into a personal account. Todd blackmails Kelly into taking him to the “Craze” launch party. RJ loans Rex money for his new venture, but RJ appears to be up to something. Rex tells Lindsay about the loan, and RJ led Rex to believe she gave the green light. Rex and Lindsay decide to keep their romance alive. Riley admits to Jen that it is over between him and Flash. Jessica discovers Viki is updating her will, and becomes distressed. Kevin, Blair and David have the launch party for “Craze.” David continues to pressure Dorian for a date for their wedding. Dorian finally confesses that if she marries him, someone will die. Todd pulls Blair into an embrace at the end of the party, and Blair doesn’t seem to resist.

Passions by Brenda

Rebecca offers Theresa even more money to leave Harmony after Theresa turns down the first offer. Whitney offers to leave Harmony with Theresa, and Chad says he will go also. While Theresa is in church to pray for a decision, she gets a revelation about how to get little Ethan back. Alistair threatens to shoot Luis if he doesn't return the disks, but Luis is not falling for Alistair's threat. Luis also doesn't believe Alistair's spiel of thousands of innocent people who will be out of work if Crane Industries is destroyed. As the scene fades, Alistair does fire his gun and Luis drops the disks. Is Luis actually shot?? Gwen and Ethan have a quiet romantic dinner and then go upstairs for some private bedroom time, until Rebecca walks in on them. Rebecca just wanted to tell Gwen about her offer to Theresa. Ethan and Gwen prepare to go to the hospital to be with Heather, their surrogate, so they can be there when the embryo is implanted. Theresa, however, has other ideas.

Y&R By Kate

Phyllis goes to Chris' place looking for Daniel, but ends up arguing with Chris and leaving more angry than ever. After a fruitless discussion with Daniel concerning his mother, Danny promises to help Raul by talking to Brittany, who has her own visit with Bobby.

Jack takes the opportunity to get his revenge on Damon Porter. He informs the chemist that his project is dead. The Newman women find themselves in a sewer with Larry Warton, looking for Cameron Kirsten's body.

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