The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/14/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Tad discovers and tells Krystal that it's entirely possible that the baby who survived and whom Bianca took was her own and not Babe's. Krystal is very angry that he'd believe such a thing. Babe and JR do not want to get Bianca in trouble for taking their baby, nor believe she'd hurt her. But Adam has different plans. And Anita gives her letter of resignation to the hospital for letting Bianca and the baby out of her sight. Kendall asks Ryan to help her by getting a private jet for Bianca to leave the country with her baby when they find her.

ATWT by Leigh

Jessica asked if Ben wanted to stay for a recap at the Lakeview. She finally told him she wanted to have a baby. He wondered if she was feeling this way because Sarah and Bonnie left for Florida. She assured him that wasn’t the case. He asked her to see a doctor and get checked out. If everything was okay – they could discuss having a baby again. Carly told Jack about Barbara’s job offer – he wondered if it was a legit offer. Carly said she was willing to take her chances. He said he would support any decision she made. Walker asked Barbara to get treatment for her tumor. Barbara again told him she couldn’t do that just yet. Carly arrived as Walker left Barbara’s in a huff. Carly told Barbara she would work at BRO. She was trying to show Barbara her sketches, but Barbara had another attack. She tried to get Carly to leave – but Carly knew something was up.

Pilar was upset with Mike. She asked him to see Russ and talk to him. She thought if Mike told Russ they were lovers – Russ might finally leave her alone. Mike agreed to talk to Russ – but only as a friend. Katie hit Russ with her bat and he cried. He said Pilar had a plan for Mike, but if Katie wanted to know about the plan he wanted immunity and money. She hit him again and then pulled his hair. Finally Russ told her that Pilar planned to kill Mike. Just as Mike was getting ready to go talk to Russ – Katie arrived and told him Pilar was setting him up.

B&B by Megan

While Brooke is thinking about what to do she collapse and Ridge comes to the rescue. Thorne proposes to Darla and she excepts. Massimo has invite some associates to the party tomorrow night much to Nick's dislike. Ridge and Nick blame each other for Brooke's health. When the paramedics are gone Ridge locks he and Brooke in the office together.

Days by Danielle

Shawn announces his plans to leave Salem. Bo gives his blessing and his motorcycle to Shawn but Hope is against it. Hope convinces an unwilling Belle to attend Alice’s and Doug’s funeral and to fight for Shawn. Nicole tries to convince Jan that her plan will never work as Jan disguises herself as an old woman to be able to attend the funeral and be near Shawn.

Jennifer shares a dream she had featuring Alice coming to her own funeral to impart wisdom on the residents of Salem. Bo, Hope, and Jennifer share their memories of Doug and Alice at the funeral. Celeste worries that she was wrong about Marlena’s innocence. Alice’s ghost visits Celeste at the church to warn that another death will happen. Marlena proclaims her innocence and insists that she can not remember confessing to John. She begs him to help prove her innocence and to take her to the funeral so she can pay her last respects. Lexie accuses Marlena of wanting to get out of the hospital so she can kill again. Everyone is shocked when John escorts Marlena into the funeral.

GH by Antonia

Sonny yells at Carly and tells her that if she she really doesn't love Alcazar, she has to shoot him. Carly fires the gun, but she misses Alcazar. Sonny tells Carly that she's still in love with Alcazar even though she says she's not. Courtney calls the police and tells them she has reason to believe Alcazar's life is in danger. Ric and some other cops show up, but Alcazar and Sonny deny any shooting. When Sonny gets home, he's furious with Courtney and tells her that she's betrayed him and his family and that she's no longer a part of his life. Jason agrees that Courtney's betrayed them and signs the divorce papers. Sam sees Sonny get mad and yell at Courtney. She tells Sonny that she saw him and he asks her to never betray him. Alcazar says he's going to ruin Sonny. Tracy returns to Skye's lake house and looks through the window. She sees Skye and Luke suspiciously dragging a guy around, so she takes a piture. Skye sees Tracy so she and Luke act like the guy is just knocked out instead of dead. Later, Tracy finds out that the guy at Skye's lake house is a cop. Jax asks Skye if everything is alright. Elizabeth tells Ric she's leaving town, and she doesn't know when and IF she'll be back.

GL by Megan

Danny tells Jeffrey he will do what he asked as long as Michelle knows. Jeffrey hates this idea and tells Danny about al loved he lost because she protected him. Danny agrees not to tell Michelle as longs as Jeffrey protects Cassie, Bill, and Tony. Bill has arranged for Eden, Harley and Gus to have dinner. Gus gets a call from the drug dealer and leaves. The dealer was upset that Gus asked questions and gives him a beating but the deal goes through. Eden asks Harley to be her maid of honor and Harley agrees!! Marah informs Marina, Shayne, and Michelle that she is going to Paris with the man she loves (Jeffrey). Joey is setting a surprise for Tammy with Niko's help. He stops by to tell Tammy he has other plans so Tammy spends the night going over Othello with her uncle.

OLTL by Kathy

Paul is desperate for the money, and begs Kelly for her help. Kelly feels helpless, has no idea where to get the money, but knows if she doesn’t help, she’ll lose Ace. She agrees to find the money somehow. She asks Dorian, saying it is for an investment, but Dorian can’t get the money that quickly. Kelly finally sneaks into Kevin’s office to transfer funds from Buchanan Enterprises into a private account. As she is ready to make the transfer, Kevin walks in.

Shannon shows up to continue to create problems for River and Adrianna, but Adrianna decides to give herself a new look. Starr continues to chat on line, and makes arrangements to meet this kid in New York. As they chat, they agree to run away. Starr goes to see Viki, as she is very upset about Viki’s heart condition. Viki assures Starr she is fine. Kevin and Blair are at Capricorn, discussing the launch party for “Craze.” Todd shows up with Margaret, obviously making Blair jealous. Todd convinces Margaret that she should be on the look-out for evidence Kevin is embezzling funds. Kevin tells Margaret she should stay away from Todd. Dorian saves a little girl’s life in the E.R., but Dr. Long says Dorian is no longer a physician. While Michael congratulates her on saving the little girl’s life, Dr. Long tells Michael to remember he is only a resident. They see Dr. Long talking to Paul, and agree to keep an eye on him. Starr steals cash from Dorian’s safe.

Passions by Brenda

Alistair remembered the cocktail waitress reaching into his pocket and has her brought to his office. She identifies Luis as the one who paid her to get the key to Alistair's safe, so he knows that Luis stole the CD's of the Crane secrets. Rebecca offers Theresa $10,000 and a monthly income to leave Harmony and take her family with her. Fox tells her that he likes Boston, Chicago, or New York, and Theresa is happy that Fox would go with her. Ethan meets the surrogate mother, Heather. She calls Gwen and Ethan from the hospital and it's arranged that she will be implanted with their embryo later in the evening.

Y&R By Kate

Raul gives Brittany a pep talk concerning her singing career. Glenn Richards catches Christine in a conversation with Michael, who is trying to get a delay for Kevin. When Phyllis sees her son by chance, talking to Gina, she is driven to knocking on Christine's door in an attempt to contact him.

Sharon makes nice, offering to help a skeptical Nikki, who, when she learns of Sharon's plan, quickly decides to go with her. A meeting at Jabot sees Dru informing Damon that Jack saw him and Phyllis holding hands. Jack then confronts Damon, and informs both employees that the hair straightening project is dead.

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