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AMC by Jennifer

Everyone is shocked that Bianca has taken the baby whom is supposed to be Bess Chandler out of the hospital. And they all fear the possibility that she's completely lost it and believes that that is her baby. Bianca takes the baby to Erica's and plans to introduce her to her grandmother. Since Anita is responsible for letting Bianca out of her sight and out of the hospital with the baby, Dr. Joe tells Anita that he must take disciplinary action against her. Kendall asks Ryan to help her and he assures her they will find Bianca. Babe and JR handle the news, both knowing Bianca would never hurt their baby, but fearing she might have totally lost it.

ATWT by Lea

Henry called Katie and asked her to meet him at Metro. He told her that while the restraining order kept them from Pilar it did not keep them from Russ. He had found out Russ’s name: Russell Terry and he has a criminal record in California: fraud and running con games. They went to Russ’s hotel room and broke in. They didn’t find anything but empty food containers and old newspapers. Henry left the room to watch for Russ’s return. Russ walked into the room just as Katie found some papers. Meanwhile, Pilar made a play for Mike who rejected her. He said sleeping with him was not the way to fix her life. She said his life was just as messed up: he is in love with a married woman he can never have. Mike left to sleep at the lake. Pilar called Russ and left a message on his cell phone: since Mike cannot get Katie out of his mind – it was time to take her out of the picture.

Doc hit on Margo who was flattered, but told him she was married. She told Jessica it was a kick to have an attractive man like Doc hit on her. Jessica told Margo she missed Sarah and Bonnie and wanted to have a baby. She told Margo not to mention anything to Ben because she hadn’t told him about it yet. Molly wondered why Doc left his last job – he offered to tell her all about it over dinner. Lily returned to Chicago to get her phone and finally sing a song. The café owner thought she had a great set of pipes.

B&B by Boo

Brook and Ridge 'discuss' what her final decision is going to be. Things get a little emotional and Brook ends up collapsing to the floor after clutching her chest and gasping for air. Jackie and Nick disagree over the party that Massimo and Jackie want to throw in honor of Nick and Brook becoming a couple. Thorne continues his plea for taking over his brothers old job as president of Forrester Creations. Eric didn't see this coming at all, and still wants to hold out for Ridge to come back. Stephanie tries to get him to see Thorne's potential also. Thorne proposes to Darla, who gladly accepts.

Days by Danielle

Nicole tells Jan that Tek found Jan’s fingerprints at the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole tries to find out where Jan hid the evidence on Nicole. Jan refuses Nicole’s request to leave Salem and forces Nicole to help prepare a “love cage” for her and Shawn.

Hattie claims that she went through the transformation solely for Roman and has an alibi for all of the murders. Bart corroborates Hattie’s alibi of being in surgery in Europe and that she was in jail for shoplifting since before Christmas. With no other choice, Bo returns to his theory that Marlena is the killer. This new revelation threatens Belle and Shawn’s relationship again. Without Hattie to blame, Sami returns to blaming John.

GH by Lisa

Luke/Skye: Skye is afraid that she killed Ross. She doesn't remember what happened. Luke convinces her not to turn herself in. Tracy arrives at the door and Luke hides the body. Later, Skye sees Tracy watching Luke with Ross' body.

Carly/Sonny/Alcazar/Jason/Courtney: Carly admitted to Sonny that she was hiding Alcazar in her basement. Sonny orders his guard to keep Carly at the penthouse. When Sam arrives, she and Carly argue about Sam's relationship with Sonny. When the guard comes in, Carly escapes. Courtney knocks out Jason to stop him from killing Alcazar and tells Alcazar to run. Sonny finds Alcazar and holds him at gunpoint when Carly arrives. Sonny gives Carly the gun and wants her to kill Alcazar.

Georgie/Dillon: Georgie tells Dillon that she wants to lose her virginity with him that night. Georgie admitted to making up the boyfriend to make him jealous. Felicia comes in and talks to her about sex. Dillon is hiding. Georgie still wants to sleep with Dillon but wants to rent hotel room

GL by Boo

Jeffrey arranges for Marah to get an interview for her designs in Paris and leads her to believe he will be joining her there. Alan and Alex visit Olivia's home and convince her to move back into the Spaulding Mansion. Rick takes Leah to visit Phillip for the first time and figures out that Phillip has not been taking his meds. After much persuasion, Phillip agrees to continue with the meds and Rick promises to talk to Christopher about getting him. Lizzie and Tammy get into a huge argument about Lizzie taking Emma. Joey and Edmund pull them apart, Edmund and Tammy bond a little.

OLTL by Kathy

Natalie spends the episode at John's hotel. She finds Kathryn has spent the night in John's room and is jealous. Kathryn tries to assure Natalie that she is not a threat. John and Antonio meet with Paul to make arrangements to get Kathryn out of her jam. Paul tells Kathryn that he wants to part of working with McBain. He doesn't trust him. He tells Kathryn than John is going to double cross both of them. Kathryn tells John about this conversation with Paul. She tells John that she doesn't believe Paul. She and John have been through too much together for him to double-cross her Todd continues to try to get Kelly help him get Blair back. Kevin finds them in his living room talking. He tells Kelly to stay away from Todd. Todd will only find a way to hurt them all.

Paul finally gets in touch with Kelly. He tells her that he needs $64,000. If she doesn't come up with the money he may have to sell her secret to someone else. He tells her that he committed a crime to get her baby for her. She is upset that he is now blackmailing her. Antonio surprises Viki when he comes out of the upstairs bathroom wrapped in a towel. She ends up seeing him naked. He's totally embarassed. Viki and Jessica find it humorous. Jessica insists they are staying at Llanfair even though Viki remains adamant that she doesn't need a nurse. Blair, Todd, Starr and psychiatrist - Dr. Spender begin family therapy in Dorian's living room. Starr talks her mother into taking her to New York City to get closer. Unbeknownst to Blair, Starr's internet buddy has asked her to come visit in New York so that they can meet up.

Passions by Brenda

Julian goes to see Alistair once again to demand information on his son. Alistair informs Julian that the Crane empire secrets will always stay secret, and then goes to his safe. Alistair discovers all the CD's are missing and he panics!! Luis discovers that all the CD's are encrypted, but Hank gets a decoder disk from the police station, and Luis is able to break the code. He is on his way to discovering all the Crane secrets.

Pilar is not giving up hope of recovery, but asks Eve to look after Theresa in case she doesn't recover from the blood disorder. Chad talks to Whitney and tries to calm her down by telling her that she doesn't know everything that is going on between Eve and Julian. Chad believes there is probably a good explanation of why Eve and Julian are spending so much time together.

Y&R By Kate

Sharon approaches Nikki about her problem with Grace, only be told Nikki can't talk about it, and that Victor knows about Abby; Nikki tells Sharon that her leverage is gone. Phyllis stops by Diane's to visit Kyle. After telling her that Kyle is not there, Diane proceeds to challenge Phyllis' interest, and Victor's name comes up. Jack has a personal conversation with Damon, sharing his feelings with the chemist; he later sees Damon and Phyllis intimately holding hands.

After a recording session, Shiloh prepares him for his first press conference, telling him to answer "no comment" if asked about dating. Colleen arrives just as JT announces that he has no girlfriend. Afterward, unaware of Colleen's presence, JT tells Shiloh that he refuses to lie again.

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