The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/12/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Reggie and Danielle are together contemplating sleeping together until Greenlee breaks them up. Greenlee talks to David about her dilemma in her relationship with Ryan and how it also relates to Kendall. Maria joins Edmund and his friends at the bar, but when she is alone with Edmund, she confesses to her husband that she is living a lie to act happy because she is worried all the time about his upcoming surgery.

Bianca goes to hold the baby everybody believes is Bess Chandler. Although the nursery survivor says she cannot be there, Anita demands that Bianca has the right to hold the baby. But once Bianca is left alone, she takes the baby out of the nursery.

ATWT by Lea

Chris told Allison he didn’t want her working at Metro. He thinks she and Aaron tend to get in trouble when they are together – he would be worrying about her all the time. He said her working at the hospital instead of Metro is better for them. She went to Metro to tell Aaron she couldn’t take the job – but when she saw the tip money he was making she changed her mind. Lily was about to sing at the café in Chicago, when Holden called. She ended up going straight home, but not before she dropped her cell phone. She and Holden talked about the foundation when she got home. The phone rang and it was the café owner looking for an address to send the cell phone – she said she would pick it up.

Kim was looking to hire a new sportscaster for the TV station: Coleman ‘Doc’ Reese. She had a party for him at the Lakeview hosted by Molly. Molly is concerned about Doc’s past – but everyone else is taken by him. Especially Margo who told Jessica she would like to see him naked. Doc told Margo he loves redheads – especially married redheads. Jordan told Jennifer that Barbara offered Carly a partnership at BRO. Rosanna begged Carly to accept Barbara’s offer. She needed Carly to spy on Jennifer and Jordan. Rosanna needs to get as close to Jordan as possible and quickly. She promised to tell Carly her plans as soon as she could.

B&B by Boo

Stephanie encourages Brook to accept Nick's proposal and get on with her life. Eric overhears and is not to happy with the stance that Stephanie took. Stephanie changes the subject wondering where Deacon is. Deacon and Darla arrive at the meeting to inform Eric and Stephanie that he is ready to take over as CEO of Forrester Creations. Brook goes on over to Ridge's office to tell him of her discussion with Stephanie. Ridge guesses that she is there to talk to him about Nick and demands to know if she is going to marry his brother.

Deacon continues to pressure Jackie about forming a relationship with him. When Jackie continues to proclaim that she is happily married to Massimo, Deacon backs off just a little bit and gets her to admit that she does consider him a friend now. He kisses her on the cheek.

Days by Danielle

Mimi is shocked to learn that Bonnie purposely put Julie up on the faulty mechanical bull. Julie lunges at Bonnie after they argue. Julie issues an ultimatum to Mickey, either Bonnie goes or she will. Brady confronts Nicole about her accomplice. Nicole denies everything but becomes upset when Brady tells her about Tek’s gathering of evidence. Jan is almost caught as she follows Shawn and Belle up to the hospital roof. Shawn and Belle reconcile.

Everyone is shocked when John reveals his suspect as the Marlena look-a-like, Hattie Adams. Bart is revealed to the people of Salem as Stefano’s henchman, who proceeds to fill everyone in on Stefano’s plan for Hattie. Everyone crowds into Marlena’s hospital room to compare her with Hattie. Bo and Hope try to arrest Hattie but Hattie insists that she can prove that Marlena is the true Salem Stalker.

GH by Antonia

Jason shows up just as Courtney is about to go check on Alcazar and tells her he wants them to get back together. Courtney tells Jason she has something she has to do and leaves. Carly tells Sam to leave. Sam does leave, but she tells Carly that she is living at Sonny's now. Carly tells Sonny that Alcazar did hire the hit man, but also tells him that Alcazar left town. Sonny knows Carly is lying and accuses her of still trying to protect Alcazar. Courtney shows up at Carly's just in time and saves Alcazar from drowning. Jason also shows up at Carly's only to find Courtney with Alcazar. Jason tells Courtney he has to kill Alcazar, but he doesn't get the chance to because Courtney knocks him out with a log. Sam tells Ric she's not interested in him and that Sonny was right about him when he hits on her at the casino. Luke just listens a drunk Skye talk about deceitful men and how hurt and angry she is with Edward. She points out some of the cheaters and liars in the casino. Then, Skye starts to tell Luke how she has no feeling for him and how he means nothing to her. Faith pays a crooked cop to keep postponing and dragging the money laundering investigation. The cop later finds Skye outside and is invited by Skye for a drink at her lake house. The next morning, Luke finds a hung-over Skye and dead cop with an ice pick coming out of his back. Emily tells Lucky she wants to begin planning a memorial service for Nikolas. Nikolas is beginning to get really comfortable with Mary.

GL by Suzanne

Marah and Jeffrey spend time together; she is still upset about shooting Carrie. He makes her feel better but to himself he decides he has to let her go. Cassie tries to get through to Jeffrey about leaving Danny alone; Edmund is jealous and suspicious of Jeffrey. Danny feels worthless, like he doesn't deserve to be mayor, and worries that his family will learn about his lies. He talks to himself about what he should do and decides he has to infiltrate the mob for Jeffrey. Michelle and the rest throw a surprise party for Danny. Tony and Ray worry about how Danny is acting. Everyone admires Mel and Rick's baby. Michelle is upset that Danny keeps putting himself down and seems to want to give up.

OLTL by Kathy

Lindsay continues to try to apologize to Rex, but he keeps blowing her off, finally asking her to leave Ultra Violet. John finds a drunk Natalie with Paul, and pulls Natalie away. He informs Paul that for the next 48 hours, he owns Paul, and tells Paul to see him in the morning. After a run-in with Kyle and Kay, he tells them that Kathryn doesn’t have what they are looking for, and they have no idea who they are messing with. Kathryn runs into Paul, and Paul wants to make a deal. Michael and Marcie make love on the rooftop, and Michael asks Marcie to marry him. Marcie says she needs more time, and Michael agrees to give her the time she needs. John delivers Natalie to Llanfair, and they talk about their friendship. John warns Natalie that Paul is trouble. John confides to her that Kathryn is an FBI agent that needs his help. John asks Antonio for his help with Kathryn. John tells Roxy to stop encouraging Natalie to be more than John’s friend. Paul makes a frantic call to Kelly, leaving her a message that he must see her in the morning. Michael finds a pair of binoculars, and sees Dr. Long on the roof of the hospital, talking to a medivac pilot.

Passions by Brenda

Whitney is ready to tell T.C. about her mother and Julian, when she catches them kissing again. Chad tells her not to spill the information to her dad, that what goes on in her parents' marriage is none of her business. Theresa agrees with Chad and tells Whitney that her mother loves her and what she is doing with Julian doesn't stop her love for Whitney. Pilar faints and Hank takes her to the emergency room. Eve runs tests on Pilar and the results show that the treatment she prescribed is not working.

Luis (in disguise) gets the computer disks and files from Alistair's safe, then runs into Antonio and Sheridan as he is leaving. Alistair tells Antonio that he should get Sheridan pregnant to further cement their relationship. When Antonio acts resentful, Alistair taunts Antonio that maybe he is not man enough to impregnate Sheridan.

Y&R By Kate

JT, prepares for his first . Meanwhile, back in Genoa City, Colleen prepares to sneak off on a plane to surprise JT in LA. Kevin leaves his mother's home after a painful discussion. 
Paul and Lauren come to a stalemate in the matter of Kevin Fisher, but as usual, end up in a lip-lock. Victor condemns a remorseful Ashley as he promises her "certain repercussions." He wants his daughter!

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