Friday 4/9/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall tells Greenlee she wants to call a truce for their friendship and previous business relationship. Mia and Simone join them and they speak of old times and of their future with Fusion.

Ryan, Aidan, JR, Tad and Edmund are out at the bar having a "male bonding" time. David Hayward isolates himself from the crowd and finds out none of the others trust him or like him. Maria is still against Edmund having the surgery because she doesn't want to lose him and blames Brooke. But Brooke tells Maria she respects how she feels but she is also a friend to Edmund and respects what he wants. Bianca is still aware that her baby is not far away and goes to her when she hears the baby they believe is Bess crying.

ATWT by Lea

Aaron took Allison’s application for a job at Metro. Molly was not going to hire Allison. However after Allison told her about shoving Tish’s head in a toilet Molly hired her. Chris saw Tish at Al’s Diner without the neck brace on and figured out she was faking. Later he got John, Tom and Allison to the hospital. They confronted Tish who admitted she was faking her injury. John rehired Allison and told both women they were to keep their personal issues outside work. Allison told Chris she had a new job at Metro. He told her there was no way she was working there. Lily went to a club in Chicago which featured an open mike night. She got on the schedule for that evening under the name Violet Palmer.

Jordan was shocked to learn Barbara offered Carly a job at BRO. He told her about Carly and Paul’s plot against her. She asked for proof – which he did not have. Jordan went to Rosanna for advice about the situation. She promised to take care of it. Carly talked to Paul about his mothers offer. He said he would find out if the offer was legit. Paul talked to Barbara about her offer to Carly. She said she was behind and needed help – Carly was in town and knew the company. Paul returned to Carly’s and said he believed the offer was genuine and she would have to go with her gut. Rosanna arrived and said she had heard about the job offer. If Carly wanted to take it – she would not stand in her way.

B&B by Megan

Although Jackie and Deacon's flirtatious connection continues to grow, she turns down his offer for dinner and makes it clear that she wants him to stay away from her and Massimo. The tension between Ridge and Nick rises. Ridge is thrown by Nick's arrogance when he declares that he will win Brooke's heart whether Ridge likes it or not. Brooke is deeply moved when Stephanie declares that she loves her. Stephanie then assures Brooke she will have a good life with Nick and their baby.

Days by Nicole

Bonnie shows Mickey the new sign for Alice’s country bar. Julie is upset because she thinks Mickey is not honoring Maggie or Alice’s memories. Mickey explains to Julie that Maggie was really a farm girl and that he’s letting Bonnie run the restaurant because it makes him happy. Julie says ok and even rides the mechanical bull, but it was out of order, so it turned out to be a wild ride. Bonnie tries to get Mimi to go after Shawn and Philip to go after Belle.

Lucas and Sami have the same dream of each other. They kiss and then Hope’s phone call tells Sami that Marlena is innocent and that John is bringing in the killer. Sami is still worried that John will kill Marlena. Sami and Lucas head to the hospital, which is where John is taking the killer. John’s prisoner puts up quite a fight and even tries to escape. It seems Shawn cannot forgive Belle, until Hope calls. Belle and Shawn hug when they learn John has caught the real killer. Everyone is waiting to see whom John brings in. John unmasks his prisoner and everyone is shocked.

GH by Antonia

Sonny takes Sam to Skye's casino on their first date. Sam wins a lot of money at the casino. Carly tries to convince Alcazar that she doesn't love him and that she wants him to leave, but Alcazar tells her she's lying. Carly takes Michael and Morgan to Sonny's penthouse so that Michael doesn't see Alcazar handcuffed in the basement. Sonny and Sam leave the casino and go back to the penthouse. Carly and Michael see Sonny and Sam kissing when they enter the penthouse. Alcazar accidentally knocks himself out when he tries to grab something from the top of a shelf. The basement begins to flood. Skye feels hurt and betrayed by Luke and starts drinking. Ric asks Alexis about her and Sonny. Jason tells Courtney that he'll always love her, but that he thinks he should let her go so as to not hurt her anymore. Jason and Courtney end up not signing their divorce papers. Just as Courtney is going to check on Alcazar, Jason returns and tells her he can't be without her. Dillon tells Georgie about the naked pictures Sage took of her and Tracy's plan to ruin her reputation. Georgie tells Dillon that he can stay at her house. Mary sees Emily and seems surprised when Emily tells her Nikolas was her fiancé.

GL by Megan

Danny goes to Father Ray's church but Jeffrey follows him to threaten him with prosecution if he decides not to go back into the mob. When Father Ray comes to congratulate Danny, he brushes off his praise and goes to speak to God in private. Alone in the confession booth, Danny rails at his fate and the family legacy that he can never escape. At the hospital, Marina, Shayne, Billy and Josh have come to check on Marah, who fainted after her most recent brush with Carrie. They try to comfort her but their forced optimism only makes Marah feel worse and she takes off out of the hospital. Marina, Michelle and Shayne then go to Buzz, Ed and Josh and Billy, respectively, to be sure that Carrie's arrest has put an end to her hold on them. At the end of the day, the five men gather at Maryanne's gravesite to make a new pact. Jeffrey finds Marah at the fairgrounds where she confronts the detritus from the old funhouse. She laments on what Carrie has done to her and how she can't forget about the violence. Jeffrey, hurting for her and struggling with his own conflicted soul, wraps her in his arms and takes her home with him.

OLTL by Kathy

Marcie gets her romantic evening with Michael, complete with wine and music, provided by Riley playing acoustic guitar, on the rooftop of Michael’s hotel. After sharing some kisses and dancing, Marcie tells Michael she is ready for him to make love to her. Unfortunately, they are locked on the rooftop. Antonio decided to move in to Llanfair.

Kathryn is with the FBI, and is in trouble. During a case, money was stolen from her, and she believes Paul was the one that took it. While two people, Kyle and Kay, are looking for her, and intent to kill her, she convinces John to get Paul so she can get the money back, and save her neck. John finds Paul at Ultra Violet, sharing a kiss with Natalie. Natalie has had a little bit to drink, and is furious with John, thinking that he doesn’t want to see her with Paul. While John brings Paul back, Roxy hides Kathryn on the rooftop with Michael and Marcie. Kathryn questions Paul, roughs him up a bit, and threatens him with a gun. Paul insists that he spent the money. Kathryn lets him go, but cautions him not to run. Natalie arrives at Angel Square Hotel, to find out what is going on with Paul and John. Paul is leaving, and hints to Natalie that there is something romantic between Kathryn and John.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa loses permanent custody of little Ethan as Gwen and Ethan are granted the adoption, and the judge legally changes little Ethan's name to "Ethan Winthrop". Theresa swears she will have her revenge on Rebecca, Gwen, and Ethan.

Julian and Eve are in a car crash, and find shelter in a neighboring barn. T.C., Whitney, and Chad rush to find Eve, but Whitney is first to see them kissing again. Sheridan questions Alistair about her memories, but he tries to convince her that Luis is the one who brainwashed her into believing there are Crane secrets that could destroy him. Pilar discovers Luis's disguise!

Y&R By Kate

Ashley has an emotional confrontation with Victor, and she discovers for the first time why she felt compelled to have his child. Brad and Nikki are left wondering what is in store for their families.

When Sharon goes to Nick for support, the pair are surprised by a visit from Detective Dekker, who has talked to Grace and is looking further for answers. Paul confronts Lauren and Michael; his doggedness toward chasing Kevin causes a rift between he and Lauren; Michael learns the real reason why his brother ran. Kevin's talk with his mother angers him further, setting the scene for more violence.

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