Thursday 4/8/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

After finding out that Greenlee took Bianca out into the wilderness, Kendall confronts her believing she was doing it to hurt her sister. Greenlee protests that Bianca specifically asked her and not Kendall. Bianca still believes that Miranda is alive. Anita is able to observe Aidan's way with kids when he is able to assure a little boy that he need not panic when they are temporarily stuck on an elevator.

Tad exhibits jealousy when he observes Krystal kissing David Hayward. Babe keeps having memories and flashbacks of evidence that she had a boy and the baby she believes is Bess, is not.

ATWT by Lea

Tish had Allison arrested for dunking her head in the toilet – she was wearing a neck brace. John told Allison she was on suspension. Chris got Tom to help Allison. Aaron picked Allison up from the jail once she was released on bail. She said she needed a job. He suggested working at Metro. Chris stopped in at Al’s Diner after work and saw Tish removing her neck brace. Jessica visited Ben at the hospital after dropping Sarah and Bonnie at the airport. She was upset because everyone seemed to have someplace to go – except her. Jennifer asked Paul if Jordan’s suspicions were true. Paul admitted he would never be able to completely forgive Barbara for all she has done. However, there was no plot against Barbara and Carly was not waiting in the wings to take over.

Craig told Lucy he loved her and missed her. He just wanted to see her once in a while. She agreed. He also suggested Rosanna might need someone to talk to – Lucy told him she wouldn’t spy for him. Jack met Craig at Metro. Craig told him he had patched things up with Lucy. Jack figured out Craig was going to use his daughter as a spy. Walker told Barbara she needed the treatment and the tumor would give her no more time. She offered Carly a partnership at BRO. She said she needed help – she started on the show too late and was under the gun. Carly agreed to think about the offer. She called Paul. He came to her house and she told him about Barbara’s offer.

B&B by Megan

Brooke is skeptical when Massimo tells her that Sally agreed to be the interim CEO for Logan Designs. Across town, Stephanie is surprised when Sally tells her the news of her return to the fashion business. Eric and Stephanie are both concerned that it will be emotionally difficult for Sally to return temporarily to her old stomping ground. Later, Sally has a warm welcome when she returns to work. Meanwhile, Amber overhears Hector angrily telling Priscilla to keep Samantha away from him and Caitlin.

Days by Danielle

Rex and Mimi arrive at Alice’s Bar and Grill and find Bonnie testing out the mechanical bull. Mimi refuses Bonnie’s request to put in a good word to John to let Bonnie clean out Marlena’s closets since Bonnie is convinced that Marlena will be sent to the gas chamber. New country duo Blue County performs. Bonnie reveals a special surprise for Mickey. Jennifer gets a clean bill of health and prepares to head home from the hospital. Jennifer, Patrick, Lexie, and Celeste arrive at Jennifer’s house to find Julie unconscious on the floor. Julie comes to and declares that bats attacked her. Celeste senses a connection to Patrick. Patrick refuses to let Celeste examine his coin, claiming that he lost it.

Philip continues to stay with Belle and comfort her. Shawn considers whether or not to try and work things out with Belle. Upon hearing from Shawn that Belle lied, Mimi and Rex hatch a plan for getting Belle and Shawn back together. Bo and Hope ponder why their lives were spared while their family was becoming the latest victims of the serial killer. Hope is worried about Shawn and Belle. John calls Bo to ask that everyone meet him at the hospital because he is bringing in the killer.

GH by Suzanne

Dillon tells off his mother and then decides to leave home; he talks into a tape recorder in order to take notes for his screenplay, based on his life. The Quartermaines find out about Tracy's blackmail, so she is forced to give ELQ back to Edward. Jason and the rest of the Q's comfort Emily, who has given up Nikolas for dead. Dillon goes to Georgie's house, thinking her family is out of town, but Mac, Felicia, and Maxie arrive, so he has to hide and listen to Mac say how bad he is for Georgie. Felicia reminds Mac about how Robin didn't stay away from Stone on his advice, either. Maxie catches Dillon hiding. Courtney goes to Carly's house so she tells her that she has Lorenzo chained down in the basement. Jason arrives, so both Carly and Courtney cover up. Lorenzo still contends that Carly must love him or she would call Sonny to come get him. Mike advises Courtney not to let Jason go, and Emily advises Jason to tell Courtney that he still loves her. Courtney and Jason meet for dinner, where they plan to sign the divorce papers.

GL by Megan

Though Carrie has been arrested and Josh urges his family to move on, Marah still struggles to understand why Carrie was able to take such control over her. Reva feels an obligation to Maryanne for saving her daughter's life and while Josh makes plans to take Reva away, Reva visits Maryanne's grave, to say thank you and goodbye. Jeffrey spends his day challenging Danny to rid himself and Springfield of the mob once and for all. By sacrificing the election he's just won, Danny has the chance to be the kind of man everyone believes him to be. Danny hates Jeffrey for doing this to him and asks what kind of sacrifice Jeffrey is willing to make for the same cause. Danny later returns to the cheers of his family and friends, knowing he must disillusion them, even make them hate him, for a higher good.

OLTL by Kathy

Dorian warns Blair not to allow Todd back into her life, or the lives of Starr and Jack. Todd calls Starr to see how she is feeling, after being taken to the hospital with an upset stomach from smoking. Natalie brings John lunch at the police station, and they talk about maintaining their friendship. Natalie tells Viki about her feelings for John, and Viki urges her to take things slow, and know what’s in her own heart first. As Nora prepares to leave to catch the train to New York, Daniel invites her for a drink, under the guise of talking about Lindsay. Antonio struggles to take care of Jamie, and Jessica comes by and helps. Todd prints a damaging article about Buchanan Enterprises in paper, infuriating Asa. Harry McKenzie meets with Antonio, telling him that Nora accepted a $50,000 bribe to get Buchanan Enterprises off the hook. McKenzie later gives Evangeline a retainer to represent him. Marcie continues to question people for research on her book. Michael trades shifts, picks Marcie up at work, and says he has a most romantic evening planned. Todd calls Kelly, asking for her help again with Blair. A mystery woman, Kathryn, comes to see John, afraid that someone is trying to kill her. Natalie sees this woman come in, and appears to look a little jealous.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa and Fox go out to eat, where Gwen and Ethan also show up. When Gwen goes to the powder room, Theresa grabs a knife and follows Gwen, where she threatens her, then begs her to return little Ethan. Gwen is not sympathetic to Theresa. Julian and Eve rush to Sally Chin's restaurant because of information that their son will be there. It was another of Alistair's pranks to torment them.

Luis pays a waitress to "lift" the key to Alistair's safe. She is caught with her hand in Alistair's pocket, but she quickly tells him she was only slipping her phone number in his pocket. Luis gets the key, but Beth is petrified that she will be found out.

Y&R By Kate

After Ashley discovers how her daughter learned her secret, she rushes to see Victor to "straighten things out". Victor shares the secret with Phyllis, who is a strong supporter. Michael and Lauren discuss Kevin's disappearance, while Kevin drops in on his mother, who is startled by his return.

JT finally leaves for LA, accompanied by Shiloh, who appears to have more than music on her mind. JT is reluctant to leave Colleen. Sharon and Grace have another confrontation, where the ghostly face in the window makes another appearance.

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