Wednesday 4/7/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca persuades Greenlee to take her to the crash site, where she discovers a memorial for Miranda. Yet she still keeps sensing that Miranda is still alive. Kendall tells Ryan that she will never forgive Erica. But Ryan sees Erica's side where Kendall cannot. Ryan, Kendall and Tad are able to tell that Palmer Cortland has some information about Erica's whereabouts, but he refuses to tell them.

Bobbie runs into Simone Torres at the airport, believing at first that she is Anita. Simone uses Bobbie to make Tad jealous. But surprisingly, Anita finds her husband. Babe sounds happy to be ready to take her baby home, but she keeps having a premonition that there's something that's not right.

ATWT by Lea

Sorry, no recap today

B&B by Megan

Samantha suggests to Caitlin that she should tell her father about her new internship at Logan Designs. Meanwhile, Priscilla and Hector argue. She warns him to stay away from Samantha. Priscilla is shocked when Caitlin walks in, as she knows that she is her granddaughter. Rick tells Nick he believes that Nick and Brooke have a future together. Later, when Brooke admits to Rick that she still feels like the baby is Ridge's, he firmly says that a future with Nick is her best chance for a fresh start.

Days by Danielle

Bo checks Alice’s phone records to verify that she had called John. Hope hears Alice’s message left at the police station. Shawn considers ending his relationship with Belle while Philip visits Belle to offer food and comfort. Belle refuses Philip’s efforts at first but eventually gives in. Hope insists that Shawn face Belle and work things out. Unknown to Belle and Philip, Shawn witnesses their tender embrace and decides that he will never be able to forgive Belle.

Sami and Lucas fill Will in on what happened to Marlena. Lucas declares his true feelings about Sami during their attempt to console Will. Sami asks Lucas to spend the night with her. Celeste offers to get inside Marlena’s mind but John refuses to let her. John eventually gives in and Celeste declares that Marlena is innocent. John suddenly realizes who the killer is and rushes off to bring them in.

GH by Antonia

Carly handcuffs Alcazar to a pipe in the basement. Courtney goes to Carly's house and makes Carly tell her about Alcazar. Courtney tells Carly that Jason will kill Alcazar if she tells him what he did. Carly tries to convince Alcazar to go away and never get in touch with her again because if Sonny finds out about his ties with the hitman he will kill him. Alcazar gets mad when Carly tells him Sonny's the only man she loves. Sam gets mad when Ric tells her that Sonny is ashamed of her and asks her how much Sonny is paying her to sleep with him. Sonny assures Sam that he isn't ashamed of her. Ric tells Sonny that not that Elizabeth isn't in the picture, he has no reason to hold back his hatred. Nikolas begins to get comfortable with Mary and starts getting used to the idea of being Connor. After going the accident site with Jason, Emily says that she accept that Nikolas is dead. Dillon decides to leave the Quartermaine mansion and in a way disown his family.

GL by Megan

Danny and Michelle are shocked when they look at the TV and see that Danny is the projected winner of the race. Bill arrives and informs Danny that Ross is already grumbling about the last minute influx of votes from Fifth Street. Danny goes to greet well wishers but Jeffrey is waiting and asks to speak to him, alone. Back in the suite, Jeffrey informs him that he needs him to go undercover in the mob. Over Danny's protests, Jeffrey tells Danny that he has evidence that Danny used dirty money to fund his company and that Cassie Winslow unwittingly took out government loans for him that could land her in trouble. Danny is furious to see that he is trapped into doing what Jeffrey demands. Following Reva's vision, Rick examines Maryanne's exhumed body with Frank and Harley as witnesses. They are surprised to see that she was buried in the method of ancient Egyptians and her body is remarkably well preserved. Rick discovers ligature marks on the neck and a crushed windpipe that convinces them she died of strangulation, and not by drowning. Reva is recovering in the emergency room from the effects of her regression. She wakes to find Carrie bending over her trying to strangle her. Josh bursts into the room just in time and Frank and Harley take Carrie into custody, leaving Josh and Reva together, relieved to know that it's finally over.

OLTL by Kathy

Jessica tells Viki how frightened she is about her illness. Viki assures her she is doing everything the doctor has told her to do. Todd visits Blair, and they talk about Starr’s visit to the therapist. Starr was locked in a locker at school all day, and has been bullied by her classmates. Blair vows to make sure Starr gets through her troubles. Todd asks Blair to call if Starr needs him. Blair is noncommittal about calling him. Todd goes to see Viki, asking her to go see Starr. Kelly and Kevin tell Asa they are moving out, but Asa is adamant that they stay. They decide to stay with Asa. Kelly visits Todd to make sure the blood test issue has been taken care of, and Todd says it is no longer a problem. He tells Kelly to get the parent’s medical records. Kelly calls Paul, and he gets Babe’s medical records, but reminds Kelly that she still needs to prove David and Dorian killed Aunt Betsy, and Adrianna is not Dorian’s daughter. Kelly talked to David, and told Paul she thinks they are telling the truth.

Dorian returns home, and finds that David is moving out. She convinces David that there is not another man in her life, and David pressures her to set a wedding date. Starr continues to chat with the older boy, and sent him a picture of Adrianna, claiming it was really her. Starr lit a cigarette, and Blair later found her in her room, barely moaning, and Blair rushed Starr to the hospital. She called Todd, asking him to meet them at the hospital. Todd met with a former Buchanan Enterprises employee, who had a failed attempt at whistle blowing. Todd made a mysterious deal with the guy, to help him bring down Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian pays Viki a visit, bringing her a lovely basket of heart-healthy treats. Viki confided in Dorian that she is really scared.

Passions by Brenda

Gwen overhears Ethan tell Julian that after little Ethan is adopted, he is going to drop the charges against Theresa and give her back her son. Gwen tells Rebecca and they decide that Gwen should never agree to Ethan's plan.

Chad and Whitney take the love-noodle test at Sally Chin's restaurant, and the noodle breaks in two places, which has never happened before. Sally Chin tells them that not only is their love destined to fail, that a tragedy will occur that neither one of them will ever recover from. Luis finds Alistair's safe but cannot open it without the key. He overhears Alistair making plans for the evening and devises a plan to get the key from Alistair. While Luis is in the old-man disguise, Sheridan is overcome with feelings that she knows him from somewhere.

Y&R By Kate

When Daniel meets Colleen, Lily and Sierra at Crimson Lights, Daniel is shocked to discover that his father was once married to Colleen’s mother. Lily thinks Daniel is really cute, while Sierra has reservations. Meanwhile, out on the patio, Phyllis, still unaware of her son’s presence, chats civilly with Jack, who offers to speak to Danny on her behalf. Jack is left puzzled when Phyllis turns down his dinner invitation.

Larry tries to convince Sharon of the foolishness of her request, but understands it after she tells him about seeing the dead man. He’s still, however, reluctant to follow through with returning to the body. Brad tells Ashley that Victor knows, and that it was Abby who told him; Victor begins to trace the path that his sperm sample traveled, beginning with blackmailing Diane into telling him the truth about the theft.

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