Tuesday 4/6/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Jack and Greenlee ask Bobbie what he knows about Erica. He honestly tells them he has no clue where she is but that she told him that she wants to get away from Jack and her family. Jack and Reggie both forgive Greenlee and try to convince Kendall to do the same but she refuses.

Bianca tells Lena she needs to find out what happened to Miranda. Lena goes to confront Paul Kramer and can tell that he's hiding something. Ryan helps Tad find Erica. It looks like they have a lead at last.

ATWT by Lea

Pilar continued to play head games with Mike. She sent Russ to fetch food. He went to the diner – and Henry recognized him from an artists’ drawing Katie had commissioned. Henry followed Russ back to the motel where Pilar is staying. While Henry is trying to find a phone to call Katie, Mike arrived to bring Pilar back to his house. Henry got Katie to the motel. She arrived with a camera. As Mike and Pilar left the room – Katie snapped their picture. Jessica told Bonnie that Sarah could not move to Florida with her. Later she overheard Sarah and Bonnie talking and changed her mind. She knew Bonnie and Sarah belonged together.

Lily had visions of Rose – who told her she should keep on singing. Dusty said he had to pick up a check for the foundation in Chicago the next day. Lily volunteered to go in his place – because of Rose’s advice. Carly told Jack she was not in business with Paul anymore. Jack was disappointed she let Rosanna force her into that decision. Craig picked up the box of items from the New York pawnshop and found everything was not there. He went to the Lakeview to talk to Jack and Carly about the box. He wondered why Rosanna would hire someone to steal Cabot’s silver comb and brush set.

B&B by Megan

Sally is insulted and outraged when Massimo offers her the position of interim CEO during Brooke's maternity leave. Later, when Sally talks to Darla, she calms down and cultivates a plan, and accepts Massimo's offer after all. Priscilla insists that Samantha forget about Hector for good. Meanwhile, Hector confides in Amber about how much he loved Samantha but that she broke his heart. Hector feels that Priscilla had a hand in manipulating the situation. Later, Hector is annoyed but not the least bit surprised when Priscilla shows up to talk to him.

Days by Danielle

Belle tries to defend herself to Shawn but he insists that it’s over. Philip rushes to comfort Belle as Kate and Lucas argue about his relationship with Sami. Jan dresses up as a nurse to be able to hang out at the hospital unrecognized but is almost found out by Philip, Shawn, and Belle. Jan text messages Nicole to insist that she get to the hospital right away where she tells her the news that Shawn is dumping Belle. Nicole revels in the thought that Marlena is not only accused of being the serial killer but had died from the fall off the terrace. She is shocked to learn from Brady that Marlena will recover.

Lexie insists to Jennifer that they terminate the pregnancy immediately. Patrick arrives at the hospital to check on Jennifer and ends up saving the baby by having Jennifer hold the mysterious coin and concentrate on her and Jack’s love. Sami continues her efforts to convince everyone that John tried to kill Marlena. Marlena continues to claim that John tried to kill her and that she is innocent of the serial murders. Bo and Hope discuss arresting John for attempted murder.

GH by Suzanne

Lucky and Emily go back to Mary's house to get the scarf Em left. Nikolas calls Emily on the carpet for having lied to him about the scarf, but she makes up a good lie to cover her tracks. He can tell she's sad so she explains what it felt like to learn he was dead, and how she now fears losing him again. He decides to take charge and be the one to comfort her now. Sonny tells Sam why he wants her to stay. She tells him that she's falling in love with him, and he is honored. They discuss their relationship and make love. Later, Sonny has a dream/fantasy about Carly coming back to him and making love with her. Carly figures out that Lorenzo is the one who put the car bomb in Sonny's car, and that he can now see. He admits both, but says his sight just came back, which she doubts. She yells at him and says they're over, but he refuses to give up, saying that he put the bomb there to get her what she wanted: sole custody of her kids. He starts to leave, but she hits him over the head with something, knocking him unconscious.

Monica shows Dillon at the hospital that she found a site where people can download naked pictures of Georgie. He knows she didn't do it, so he immediately suspects Sage. She denies it, but he figures out that Tracy is really the one behind it, so he goes to her. She doesn't deny it and points out that without her help, Georgie's reputation will be ruined. Edward gloats that at midnight, control of ELQ will revert back to him. Skye, Ned, Alan, Edward, and Tracy all bicker as they await the deadline. Dillon comes in to cast his vote for Tracy, even though he is appalled at her actions.

GL by Megan

Reva, channeling Maryanne, suffers nearly the same fate as the young girl did -- suffocation at Carrie's hands -- but Christopher's quick efforts at CPR save the day. Reva is stunned by what she's learned and summons Jeffrey to give him the surprising news: Maryanne survived the car crash over the bridge, only to be murdered by her own aunt. Jeffrey orders an immediate exhumation of Maryanne's grave to prove Reva's story. It's Election Day and things are not looking good for Danny. He encounters Ross at the voting booth and the two men pose for an awkward photo-op. Back at the Beacon, Michelle gets Danny alone in the suite they reserved to remind him that he is always a winner to her. They make love oblivious to the results being flashed on the TV: due to a late surge in voters, Danny's been elected.

OLTL by Kathy

Viki visits Nora, and asks her to recommend someone to update her will. Nora recommends Evangeline. Viki tells her about her health problems, but assures her she is doing everything the doctor tells her to. The two hug, and Viki leaves. Bo comes over for another dance practice, and they ask Matthew if he is trying to play match maker again. Matthew denies that he is. Michael reports that John is going to recover, thanks to Natalie. After John is back in his room, Natalie comes over to stay with him. John thanks Natalie for saving his life, but again says they can’t be more than friends. Paul invites Natalie for a ride in his helicopter, after Natalie broke their date. Natalie goes, and when they return, Paul tries to kiss Natalie, but she runs out. She returns, and plants a big kiss on Paul. Jessica and Antonio argue about his moving in to Llanfair with her, but he still refuses. They kiss and make up, looking forward to having dates, and sneaking some alone time. Jessica moves back to Llanfair. Bo asks John if he is OK with Bo having dinner with Eve – John says he thinks he is. Marcie learns she is about to get a roommate. She and Jen talk, and Jen invites her to move back in, and Marcie accepts.

Passions by Brenda

Hank and Luis pay a late-night visit to Crane Industries. Luis has police equipment to help open security doors and to blow the door off Alistair's safe (which has at least a million dollars inside). They almost get caught by a security guard, but manage to hide just in time.
Fox and Sheridan come up with a plan to help Theresa get out of jail. Sheridan is now in charge of Crane charities, and gives Fox a check, which she will create a charity for later. The charity will be to reunite mothers and children.

Gwen is overcome with grief as she enters little Sarah's nursery for the first time since her death. She sobs for her child and vows that Theresa will feel some of the pain she is suffering. Kay, Simone, and Tabitha take a walk by the coffee shop, where they see Charity and Miguel together. Miguel asked Charity if he could use her computer and then wanted her to help him with his class-work. Kay's co-workers torment her about Charity and Miguel being together.

Y&R By Kate

In a morning meeting, Nikki and Ashley argue bitterly, and soon realize that their husbands have been talking. They confront Brad, who has just been warned by Victor to keep his mouth shut, and the two women demand that he tell them what he knows. Meanwhile, Victor needs time to think this out, and has refused to talk to either woman, but admits his anger against all those involved in the deception, especially Jack Abbott.

Daniel finds the living arrangements with his father’s ex-wife to be a bit odd, and is unaware that the two are seeing one another again, a fact that Danny wants Christine to keep to herself. The boy sets off on his own, despite his father’s concern. Phyllis, after discussing the situation with a very supportive Damon and making a fruitless call to Danny, stands at Crimson Lights, clutching a photo of a young Daniel as the tall blond young man who is her son walks in the door. After convincing Nick and Cassie that her problem is behind her, Sharon meets with Larry Warton to ask him for a big favour. She wants to see Cameron Kirsten’s body!

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