Monday 4/5/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca asks Kendall and Ryan to take her to see Babe's baby, although they believe it will cause her too much pain. When she sees "Bess", she breaks down crying. She seems to have a premonition that Miranda is still alive and nearby. She asks Dr. Joe to give her Paul Kramer's number and leaves a message for Paul. Jack is determined to find Erica although others tell him she does not want to be found. Liza is fighting her feelings for Tad and gets caught red-handed snooping through his home and on his computer. Bobbie urges Anita to trust him and get their marriage back. But she tells him she cannot allow herself to be hurt or feel betrayed again.

ATWT by Lea

Dusty and Lily got ready for the Rose Foundation benefit at Metro. He showed her a check from Paul – he didn’t want her to accept it. Holden said he believed Rose would have forgiven Paul – but he left the decision about Paul to Lily. Paul arrived just as Lily was going to give her speech. He said his prison was remembering the hateful things he said to Rose at the church. He wanted Lily to take the check – she never had to mention where she had gotten it. At the end of her speech Lily acknowledged the large donation Paul had made to the Foundation – Dusty was not pleased. The band arrived without a lead singer – Lily was disappointed because they were supposed to perform Rose’s favorite song. Lily stepped in for the lead singer.

Rosanna told Jordan that she had proof Paul was going to take BRO down and Barbara with it. Paul had hired her sister Carly to replace Barbara’s designs. She offered Jordan a job at Cabot. Bonnie told Jessica and Sarah she was moving to Florida to marry Isaac. Bonnie also told Jessica she wanted Sarah to come with her. Barbara had another attack with her eyes while talking to Jennifer. She sent Jennifer to the benefit. Later Jordan got her home.

B&B by Megan

Sally tells Darla and Thorne how she regrets her decision to sell Spectra Fashions and wants to fight to win it back. After Clarke attempts to pitch himself to Massimo for the interim position of CEO while Brooke is on maternity leave, Massimo calls Sally to discuss business. Brooke, Ridge, Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe enjoy the birthday celebration. Brooke gives the twins a special gift and lovingly explains that they can always approach her if they ever need anything.

Days by Danielle

Lexie tells Jennifer that she is starting to miscarry. Jennifer insists on being given medicine to stop the contractions, which helps for a while until the contractions start up again. Lexie delivers a grim prognosis for the baby. Abby prays for Jennifer and the baby as Father Jansen, Hope, Sami, and John pray for Marlena.

Shawn tries to propose but Belle refuses to accept until she tells him the truth. Shawn takes the truth hard and storms out. Marlena goes into distress as Sami urges her to tell everyone that John tried to kill her. The staff is able to sedate her but insists that she needs peace and quiet. Bo’s comment about it being good if Marlena didn’t make it through an interrogation makes John lunge at him. John calls Father Jansen in to check as to whether Marlena could be possessed again. Marlena seizes as she dreams of being attacked by the tiger. When Marlena wakes again, she tells everyone that John pushed her off the terrace.

GH by Antonia

Carly finds a bloody piece of paper in Alcazar's pocket. Sage arrives at Carly's and thanks her for making her uncle Alcazar happy, and she tells her she would like to be friends. When Sage leaves, Carly calls the phone number on the bloody paper. She realizes the cell phone she called is inside her house. Carly accuses Alcazar of hiring the hitman when she sees him holding the cell phone. Alcazar admits to hiring him. Jason doesn't give Sam a clear response to her question as to whether she should stay or go. Faith shows up at Sonny's and thanks Sam for telling Sonny the hitman was a man. Faith also gives Sam advice on how to keep Sonny around. Sonny asks Sam to stay after she tells him that she's leaving. Ric admits to Elizabeth that he still has a VERY strong hatred for Sonny. Elizabeth tells Ric that she lied to herself by thinking that their marriage would work, and that she wants a divorce. Outside of Kelly's, Elizabeth tells Jason everything about her and Ric. Lucky doesn't see Nikolas in the woods. Emily accidentally leaves her scarf at Mary's house when she stops there looking for Nikolas. Nikolas questions Mary about the scarf and the perfume on it. Emily and Lucky later go back to Mary's house when Nikolas is alone.

GL by Megan

Reva corrals Christopher and tells him they must put aside the recent strain on their relationship to help Marah. Reva feels if she can find out why Maryanne Caruthers is reaching out to her, she can clear Marah's name. Christopher is concerned but agrees, partly out of guilt for having lied to Reva for so long. He hypnotizes her and she finds herself not only making contact with young Maryanne – but also experiencing, side by side with her, the fateful night she went over the bridge. Reva sees Maryanne's encounter with young Josh, the other young men and, surprisingly, a young Carrie. In a heated discussion, Carrie tries to exert control over Maryanne and make her come home, but Maryanne takes an independent stance and goes off with the men. Reva then witnesses the real murder of Maryanne Caruthers as Carrie finds Maryanne on the riverbank after the car went over the bridge. Carrie and Maryanne continue the argument from before but a weakened Maryanne is no match for Carrie who suffocates her with a shawl around her neck. Reva, who is experiencing all that Maryanne is, begins also to suffocate as Christopher races to break the hypnosis and save her life. Josh tracks down Harley for help in locating Carrie but Harley has little to offer. Tony arrives with an alternative: he knows some people who might be able to help. Josh finds himself tempted, if only for a moment, before rejecting Tony's help, saying that he won't compound the mistake he made 30 years ago by commissioning a hit.

OLTL by Kathy

Blair turns to Nora for advice on Todd, admitting that due to the tumor, she may have misinterpreted the events of New Years Eve. Nora says she cannot give an unbiased opinion of Todd, and urges Blair to think long and hard before making any decisions. Matthew gets Bo and Nora together to practice for the upcoming dance competition. Paul and Natalie makes plans to get together later in the evening, and each talks about the families they have discovered. Paul asks Natalie if she is using him to make John jealous, but she assures him she isn’t. Kelly is concerned about the blood test, but Todd tells her not to worry – but that in exchange, she must do a favor for him. Kelly calls Blair, and asks her to meet her at Ultra Violet. Blair shows up, but Kelly is not there – Todd is, and has prepared a video show of their children and the four of them together. Blair says she cannot go on loving Todd, that there relationship is not healthy. After arriving home, Kelly and Kevin share some intimate moments, and toast to their family. John gets increasingly ill, and collapses outside of Rodi’s. Natalie finds him, along with Antonio and Jessica. They call 911, and find John’s prescription bottle, and Antonio thinks John may have been poisoned. Natalie goes to the hospital to be with John, saying she cannot lose him.

Passions by Brenda

Woody tells Theresa that she caused herself to be in jail this time - while the cameras were rolling, she slapped Ethan and the judge witnessed it. Pilar is getting weaker from her blood disorder and gets a nosebleed. Theresa is worried that Pilar is not taking good care of herself.

Gwen tells Ethan that she found a surrogate mother, and he is anxious to meet the woman, Heather. Rebecca keeps reminding Gwen that she will also have little Ethan to raise. Luis takes the blueprints of the Crane Industries building over to Beth's house and he and Hank begin to study them for the location of Alistair's secrets. Beth calls Alistair to tell him what Luis's plans are, but Luis takes the phone and Alistair hangs up. Beth brings coffee to Luis and Hank and "accidentally" spills coffee all over the blueprints.

Y&R By Kate

Nikki tries to talk to Victor, but he refuses to talk, stalking out of the room in a huff. Meanwhile, Ashley takes a tongue-lashing from Brad over allowing Nikki to take the meeting, and over the way she’s treated Victor and him. He also leaves the room.

When Arthur barbeques leftover hot dogs, for the Katherine and Jill, Jill sets herself on fire, they end up in a water fight and all three of them end up soaked, and wrapped in blankets. Mother and daughter experience a real breakthrough. Kevin lets Lauren know that he’s leaving her in the lurch, while he lets his mother know he’s coming home. Michael has a heart to heart with Christine, telling her of everything short of Kevin’s guilt.

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