Friday 4/2/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca has a dream that she is with Miranda. When she awakens and hears Babe's baby cry, she somehow knows that it's Miranda. Babe sees the baby that is supposed to be hers' but JR and Krystal are very surprised to notice her expression of believing something isn't right. Bianca goes to see her. She asks Bianca to take care of her baby if something happens to her.

Greenlee tells Ryan and Kendall she'd like to see Bianca and apologize for what she did. Although they don't let her, she gives Ryan a necklace to give to Bianca, that was given to her by Leo. She tells him that it's from Leo who is in heaven with Miranda, taking care of her. Jack gets a letter from Erica and needs to find her. Kendall urges him to stop giving Erica the attention she wants but he is determined to find her.

ATWT by Lea

Susan presented Chris with a check for a down payment on a house. Chris refused the money – he said Allison should use it for school as Susan intended. He later invited Allison to the Rose Foundation benefit with him and some people from the hospital. Jordan went to BRO and broke into a file cabinet to try and find information (it was amazingly easy to break the lock with a letter opener). Before he could find anything incriminating, Barbara and Walker had a meeting about her health issues. There was a shadow found by the MRI – Barbara may have a brain tumor. Jordan told Barbara he overheard everything. He tried to convince her to get care, but she refused until after the show. He agreed to help her anyway he could.

Jessica told Sarah the judge decided she could return home to her and Ben. Sarah agreed and when they got home, they found a home cooked meal from Ben and Bonnie released. Bonnie had more news for Jessica, but would tell her in the morning. Carly told Paul she was choosing her relationship with her sister over a partnership with Paul. Carly later told Rosanna about her decision. Rosanna told Carly she gave her a blank check because she believes in her talent. Rosanna also helped DeGrassi with Jack at the police station. She dropped all charges concerning the “robbery” at Fairwinds. DeGrassi was released – the DA dropped the assault charges. Paul went to Metro to find out if Molly had been the one to tell Rosanna about the authorities. She didn’t even know Rosanna was in town. She also told Paul she had given a sizeable donation to the Rose Foundation – she wanted to make amends so she can see Jake again someday.

B&B by Megan

Brooke is unsure of whether to go to Steffy and Phoebe's birthday party but Nick convinces her it's a good idea saying that they need to know they are still important to Brooke. Meanwhile, Ridge, Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe try to enjoy themselves but they all miss Brooke's presence at the party. Jackie breaks from the kiss and reminds Deacon that she is happily married to Massimo. Later, Massimo suggests to Jackie that they throw a party cementing Brooke and Nick's relationship and their baby, in the eyes of the public.

Days by Danielle

Mimi and Rex discuss their botched proposal plans. Shawn asks to borrow the Brady wool rings from Rex for a surprise proposal for Belle. Kate urges Philip to go after Belle.

Lexie announces that Marlena will recover. Sami is convinced that the serial killings were a conspiracy between Kate and John. The Salem PD find John’s gun with Marlena’s fingerprints all over it to corroborate John’s story. Hope delivers the news about Alice and Marlena to Mickey, Julie, and Jennifer. Hope blames herself for not getting to Alice’s house sooner and Julie blames herself for going to Marlena with the news that Doug knew the identity of the killer. Jennifer goes into early labor.

GH by Antonia

Carly suspiciously questions Alcazar about seeing the hitman at the hospital with him. Alcazar unintentionally reveals that he's beginning to see light. Carly and Alcazar make love. Carly wakes up and sees the papers that Alcazar took from the hitman. Ric gets a search warrant to search Sonny's penthouse. He wants to charge Sonny with murder. As Elizabeth overhears Ric and Sonny arguing, she hears Ric say he's with her to prove he's better than Sonny.

Sonny wants Sam to stay at the penthouse. Sam asks Jason what he thinks she should do. Jason tells Courtney he wants her to have alimony. They are both openly reluctant to sign their divorce papers because they still love each other. Mary stops herself from making love with Nikolas because she feels he is only doing it for her. Lucky is on the verge of seeing Nikolas in the woods as Emily arrives at Mary's house looking for Nikolas.

GL by Megan

As Olivia, Alan, Gus and the Springfield police continue their hunt for Lizzie, she turns up at Ravenwood to ask her father for help. Phillip soothes the crying baby and bonds with his two daughters until Olivia arrives, enraged. Olivia laces into Lizzie but Phillip rouses to Lizzie's defense. Alan, Beth and Gus arrive and Olivia tries to get Lizzie prosecuted for kidnapping, but Phillip thwarts Olivia by taking full responsibility for Lizzie's actions. Olivia is furious with him and Lizzie but can do nothing further. Danny is behind in the early exit polls on Election Day. Bill has lined up an exhausting agenda for the day to turn it around, starting with interviews. Danny arranges a secret romantic evening for him and Michelle to be alone in Cassie's honeymoon suite when the returns are in. Reva and Josh worry about Marah's sense of disconnection from reality. Marah takes the news that Carrie is alive very badly, at first flipping into denial and then panicking and leaving the house. Marah goes to Jeffrey's room where he comforts her. Cassie wonders why Reva is ok with Marah and Jeffrey's relationship and Reva explains that he makes Marah feel safe. Later, Reva summons Christopher to the house, telling him that because he lied to her, he owes her and they have to help Marah, now.

OLTL by Kathy

Todd breaks into Starr’s closet with a crowbar, and gets her out. Her fears continue, but as Todd comforts her, she begins to relax. After Todd leaves, Starr gets back on the computer, and begins chatting with “Realmad,” and he requests a picture. She has it in her head that when she’s 15, these problems will go away – so she pretends to be 15. She gets herself all made up, takes a picture, promises “Realmad” that it will melt his screen, and sends it to him. Viki is released from the hospital, after some tests are run. Jessica, Natalie and Kevin discuss the fact that Viki should not be left alone. Natalie volunteers to move back in to Llanfair, but Kevin quickly says that Jessica would be a better choice. Jessica informs Antonio that she is moving to Llanfair, and invites him and Jamie, but Antonio declines. David enlists Adrianna’s help in locating Dorian, and Adrianna agrees. David and Adrianna continue to bond, discussing her relationship with River, as she is annoyed with Shannon’s flirting. Kelly and Kevin take Ase for his checkup, and Kelly is panicking when it is discovered that the baby has a different blood type than either Kelly or Kevin. Marcie continues to work on her novel, and Nora gives her grief for working on it during working hours. Nora and Bo decide to go to the dance contest Matthew entered them in New York City. Blair is torn between her problems with Todd, and her problems with Starr.

Passions by Brenda

Woody comes to see Theresa in jail and tells her he has arranged a meeting with a different judge, hoping her sentence can be overturned. Woody warns her not to lose control and to show that she is a stable person. On their way to the meeting, Theresa runs into Ethan. She slaps Ethan and tells him that he is her enemy. The judge sees Theresa lose control again and tells Woody the meeting will be a waste of time. Gwen starts the interview process with surrogate mothers, most of whom are psycho. There is one, Heather, who seems perfect, and Gwen wants to introduce her to Ethan. Rebecca has her doubts, but keeps quiet about it. (For a change)

Luis goes to Beth's house to do his investigation of the Crane Industries schematics, but he doesn't tell Beth how he got them. Before Luis arrived, Alistair had already paid a visit to Beth and told her he is going to collect on the debt she owes him, when he masqueraded as Charlie to help her kidnap Sheridan and steal her baby. Beth calls Alistair to tell him she knows exactly what Luis is planning to do.

Y&R By Callie

Kevin confesses to Lauren about his involvement with Lily and that he burned down Gina's, but he swore he had nothing to do with Brittany's electrocution. He made Lauren promise not to go to the cops. Paul hounded Lauren when he saw Kevin leave her parking lot. He sensed that Kevin confessed and that they should go to the police now! Lauren tells Paul she will never turn Kevin in. Micheal approaches Bobby about testifying in court on Kevin's behalf. He is not being cooperative and thinks Kevin did electrocute Brittany.

Nikki is crying and tells Katherine the whole story of Victor being Abbey's father and that Ashley is going to tell him. Katherine thinks Ashley is being very selfish. Olivia and Ashley discuss what Ashley is going to reveal to Victor and Olivia tells her not to tell him. Colleen is baby-sitting Abbey and takes her for ice-cream. She runs into Victor at the restaurant. Colleen has a phone call and has Victor keep an eye on Abbey. He talks to her and she tells him that she heard her mommy on the TV say that he was her father!

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