Thursday 4/1/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Reggie asks Greenlee to help him and Danielle when they get caught by the cops staying overnight in the record store. Danielle has some special secret plan to convince the cops to drop the charges. Ryan stays with Kendall and encourages her to believe that she is a great sister to Bianca.

David urges Krystal to let him treat Babe, which would involve taking her out of the hospital where Dr. Joe Martin has suspended David from practicing cardiology. He tells Krystal her daughter will die if she stays in this hospital. Tad also admits that only David can help Babe. And Dr. Joe temporarily grants David authorization to treat Babe to save her life. Paul Kramer is snooping around, making sure that Babe does not find out that he switched the babies and get him in trouble. But Adam Chandler is onto him, as are David, JR and Tad.

ATWT by Lea

Katie again tried to convince Margo that Pillar was up to no good. Katie suspected Margo knew something – Margo would not tell her any information. Pillar continued to lie to Mike – who found her story suspect at best. Pillar left Mike’s home because of his disbelief. Katie tried to convince Mike that Pillar would hurt him – he kicked her out of his house. He called Pillar and told her to come back – she refused.

Paul and Jordan’s talk was not pleasant. Paul reminded Jordan he was an employee and Paul did not answer to him. Rosanna made her ultimatum clear: she would bank roll Carly in any enterprise – but not with Paul. Carly tried to justify some of Paul’s actions, but Rosanna was not buying. Craig arrived as Carly left. Rosanna handed him divorce papers. Craig said he wouldn’t sign. Rosanna told him she would take everything he had if he didn’t sign. Paul told Lucy he was the one who called the authorities about Cabot. Rosanna went to the police station to stop Jack’s interrogation of DeGrassi.

B&B by Boo

As Jackie and Massimo gush over the thought that Brook just might accept Nick's proposal, Deacon calls Jackie to tell her he is waiting at the end of her driveway to speak to her. She goes to meet him and is told of Brook's reaction to Nick's song. She is very happy to hear what Deacon has to tell her. Deacon kisses her, leaving her a little bit stunned.

Thomas goes to his father for advice about Caitlin and her father's attitude toward the Forresters. Ridge remembers Hector, but has no idea why he feels the way he does. He tells Thomas to stay out of the middle of it. At the restaurant, Samantha and Hector come face to face. Hector is not happy to see her and tells her to stay away from him before storming off. Back at his house, Hector explains to Amber that Samantha is the 'rich' girl that broke his heart. Samantha cries as she throws a picture of her and Hector in the fire, and then snatches it back out before it burns.

Days by Danielle

Nicole declares to Brady that she is leaving Salem for good. Nicole tells Brady it is because she loves him and he turned against her. Nicole reconsiders leaving when she believes that Marlena won’t be able to incriminate her anymore. Jan fantasizes about Shawn trying to convince her not to hang herself. Despite the fantasy, Jan still considers suicide. She reconsiders the idea when Nicole calls with the news about Marlena.

Hope and Bo try to fathom the idea that Marlena is the killer and ponder what that would mean for Belle and Shawn. Hope and Bo try to convince Shawn that Belle lied to him. Marlena lands on Sami after falling from the penthouse terrace despite Lucas’ attempt to push Sami out of the way. Lucas rushes to get help. Philip, Lexie, Shawn, Belle, Bo, Hope and Tek rush over to Marlena’s building. John fills Bo and Hope in on what happened prior to the fall. Bo is determined to send Marlena to death row. John pulls Belle aside at the hospital to tell her the truth about Marlena. Brady rushes to the hospital and also hears the news from John. Lexie contemplates not treating Marlena but does so upon John’s insistence. Sami gets a clean bill of health and is discharged. Sami continues to declare that John is the serial killer but everyone attributes it to her having hit her head.

GH by Suzanne

Nikolas almost catches Mary looking at a picture of her dead husband. He finds a carved box and she tells him he did it. She goes out to the store, so he looks for and finds Connor's old carving equipment. He tries to finish carving a duck but he ruins it. He is upset when she returns, saying this isn't his life. She soothes him and they end up kissing. Ric explains to Emily that they might need to call off the search soon because he needs his men on other cases. The Quartermaines rally their forces to visit Emily at Windemere and ask her to come home. She tells them she's not giving up looking for Nikolas. Elizabeth visits Emily and tells her she is not sure that Ric will ever give up his vendetta against Sonny.

Sonny shoots the hitman just as he was about to shoot Carly; he had struggled with Alcazar and knocked him to the floor. Sonny recognizes him and accuses Alcazar of being his boss. Ric and his police arrive and want to arrest Sonny, but both Carly and Alcazar back up Sonny's story, so Ric decides to wait and investigate first. Jason and Sam chat about Sonny and his family. She spills wine on her dress and gets up, asking Jason to help her get it off. Of course Courtney walks in right then and hits the roof, accusing Sam of trying to seduce Jason. They argue until Jason tells them to knock it off. Later, Sam talks to Jason about how much Courtney clearly still loves him. He tells her that Courtney can't accept his job. Justus gives Mike and Jason divorce papers. Mike has a talk with Courtney; she decides she has to think about letting Jason go. Mike gives her the papers. Sam overhears Sonny tells Jason that if he had stayed with Sam tonight, he would have lost his whole family. Sonny tells Sam that the hitman is dead, so she says that she guesses she has no reason to stay now.

GL by Megan

The search continues for Lizzie who is hiding out in Phillip's loft with baby Emma. A frantic Olivia lashes out at everyone: Alan, Beth, Lillian, Cassie and even Tammy. Alan pulls Gus off his undercover drug buy to track down Lizzie. Lizzie is beginning to have trouble taking care of her baby sister. Emma's crying intensifies throughout the day until Lizzie has no choice but to seek help. She brings Emma to the Beacon to find Tammy, but changes her mind at the last moment and disappears into the night. Reva lies unconscious in the tunnel. When she starts to come to, she sees Maryanne's ghostly image reach out to her. Harley and Rick return to find Reva injured and Carrie gone. Reva is horrified that she'll have no way to prove that Carrie is alive. Harley reveals that she left a recorder running and caught everything on tape. Doris emerges from the courtroom and announces that the grand jury voted to indict Marah on murder charges. Josh's anger builds until he erupts at Doris. Josh and Jeffrey break the terrible news to Marah who is eerily accepting of her situation. Ross takes Marah out of the courthouse just before Reva arrives with the big news that Carrie is alive.

OLTL by Kathy

Starr’s problems are reaching near panic proportion, as Blair tries to help her daughter. Blair leaves Starr alone in her bedroom, and Starr tries to instant message Todd. Instead of getting “Realdad” she gets “Realmad.” Thinking she is chatting with Todd, she talks about the voices she’s hearing. Several people begin to I.M. her, seeming to encourage her to chat. She tells the people in the chat room that she is actually 15 years old. Blair comes back in the room, and the electricity flickers off. Starr locks herself in her closet, and in a moment of desperation, Blair calls Todd for help. John is very concerned about Haver’s note, and he and Bo discuss what they could be missing. Both agree that they need to safeguard Jessica and Natalie. David is still looking for Dorian, and turns to Carlotta. David finds a phone number at the diner, with the initials “D.L.” David calls, but gets no information. Marcie tells Michael she loves him, and the two begin to get intimate, but are interrupted when a repair accidentally comes into his hotel room. Viki sits down at the diner with Kevin, and begins to once again experience some pains, and asks to be taken to the hospital.

Passions by Brenda

Fox goes to see Theresa in jail and is so tender and caring towards her. Pilar also visits and Theresa cries on her mother's shoulder. Theresa tells Pilar that she doesn't know what she would do without her - Pilar tells Theresa that she will be there for her as long as God gives her life. None of Pilar's children know that she has the possibly fatal blood disorder. Luis gets into Alistair's private office and searches for secrets to bring Alistair down. Sheridan comes to see Alistair to ask him to unfreeze her accounts. While she is there, she senses Luis and goes to the closet where he is hiding. Alistair thinks the shock therapy has made Sheridan delusional also.

Kay's co-workers tease her unmercifully about Miguel. They tell her it's very convenient for him to have Charity living next door, and that while she's slaving away at the cannery, he could be spending time with Charity. While Kay is defending Miguel, he is indeed at the Bennetts - he brought Maria to see her grandfather, Sam.

Y&R By CallieKim

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