Wednesday 3/31/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall is distraught and unable to do anything in her home. Ryan comes to help her. Krystal reveals her vulnerability to Tad and he shares with her how he got through losing Dixie and his baby. Maria and Edmund are at the movie theater, watching a classic flick, when the projector breaks down. And they each envision their own movie. Aidan shows Anita some boxing techniques. But she gets the idea that he's trying to get her in bed. He convinces her that he does not mess with women who are in love with other men. And she apologizes. Reggie's friend Danielle gets him into some mischief, hiding in a record store, but also helps him to laugh again for the first time in a long time.

ATWT by Lea

Margo apologized to Mike for setting him and Katie up. She also said Katie agreed to leave Pillar alone. Mike was concerned because Pillar was not there – and her life was in danger. Pillar and Katie talked at the park. When Pillar returned to Mike’s he wondered why she would be out alone. He didn’t believe her story. Craig asked Jack about De Grassi. Jack didn’t give him any information. Carly called the police station to let Jack know Rosanna was okay – Craig overheard.

Rosanna told Jordan that Paul was not the man he seemed. She also planted seeds of doubt about working for BRO. Paul told Carly he was the one who called the police about Cabot. He tried to convince Carly to continue their relationship. She would be a world famous designer as soon as Barbara was removed from BRO. He told her Rosanna was at the Lakeview. Carly went to see her sister. Rosanna gave Carly a choice: give up working with Paul or give up her sister forever.

B&B by Boo

Jackie and Hudson discuss Nick and Brook. Jackie tells Hudson about the song that Nick is probably playing as they speak. Deacon watches from the shadows as Nick sings his new song to Brook. After the song, Nick tells Brook it is all due to her that he is writing music again. Nick gives her a quick kiss and heads out to take the band fishing. Deacon approaches a hostile Brook to give her his thoughts on her and Nick. He approves and thinks that Nick will be a good father figure for Hope. Brook leaves in a huff. Deacon tries to call Jackie to tell her of the new developments, but Jackie hangs up on him for calling her at home. Deacon decides to go to Jackie's house to tell her.

Caitlin appreciates the offer but isn't sure she should take a 'hand-out' job. She earned her position at Forrester. She finally agrees to take the position on a trial basis. After expressing her concerns about her fathers feelings, her and Thomas agree not to tell him about her new job until the trial period is over. Hector and Amber are having lunch out together. He admits to her that his heart was broken by a 'rich' girl, and he doesn't want to see Caitlin's heart broken by a 'rich' boy.

Days by Danielle

Lucas brings Sami back to his apartment to try and keep her from going after John. They rush over to Alice’s house when they hear the news. Lucas pays his respects as Sami urges Belle not to tell Shawn the truth. Sami gets frustrated and decides to head out in search of John. John confronts Marlena about killing Alice. Marlena insists that Alice lied about her being the killer. John neglects to tell Bo that he is with Marlena in order to give her a chance to prove her innocence. Marlena pretends to give a teary confession to John but suddenly grabs his gun. Marlena leads John out on the terrace and orders him to jump but John grabs the gun and they struggle. Marlena ends up being the one to fall off the balcony.

Nicole deserts Jan, who begs for Shawn to help her. Jan fantasizes about what Shawn would do to her when he found out about Victor. Jan calls Nicole to declare her decision of taking a plea bargain by turning Nicole in. Brady confronts Nicole about the damaged model of the opera house. Brady steals Nicole’s phone to figure out the identity of her accomplice. Nicole tries to head out of town but Brady stops her. Jan contemplates hanging herself. Bo and Hope find Alice still alive. Despite Lexie’s aid, Alice dies. Belle refuses to believe that Marlena is the killer. As Shawn, Belle, Bo, and Hope remember their life with Alice, Hope sees Alice’s spirit led to heaven by Tom. Lexie determines that choking on a donut killed Alice.

GH by Antonia

Skye discovers Dillon sneaking food from Tracy's, so she offers Dillon spending money. Just then Tracy walks in and accuses Skye of bribing Dillon. Sonny arrives at the penthouse to find Sam laying on the couch next to Jason. She jumps up and over-reacts, but Sonny doesn't make anything of it. Tracy meets with Sage. Tracy orders Sage to post nude pictures of Georgie on the hospital computer to make it look like Georgie is selling pornography. Courtney shows up at the hospital to see how Carly and Morgan are doing. Carly asks Courtney to make an effort to get along with Alcazar. Just as Alcazar and Courtney are about to shake hands, Jason comes up to them and pulls Courtney's hand away. Courtney take off and runs into Sam. She accuses Sam of rubbing her and Sonny's relationship in Carly's face. Sage uses her camera phone to take pictures of Georgie in the shower in the school locker room. Sonny and Alcazar offer to drive Carly and Morgan home, but she asks Jason to drive them home since he drove them there. Later on, Alcazar shows up at Carly's. Michael tip-toes downstairs and sees Alcazar and Carly kiss. He then calls Sonny and asks him to come over. The line is suddenly cut off, so Sonny decides to go check things out. Carly sees a man outside. Alcazar tells her to go upstairs, then he grabs a poker by the fireplace and ducks. When the intruder, the man Alcazar hired to plant the bomb in Sonny's limo, walks in, Alcazar tells him to go away, but the intruder tells him that he's there to eliminate Alcazar before Alcazar has a chance to
kill HIM. Alcazar then jumps on his back and stabs him, but the hit man throws him down. When Carly hears the noise, she runs downstairs with a baseball bat. As Carly's coming around the corner, Sonny opens the front door and shoots the intruder twice in the back, killing him. Ned tells Skye that Edward is going to double cross her once he is back in charge of ELQ. At the penthouse, Sam is crying because she knows Sonny doesn't love her. As she's crying she spills wine all over her new designer dress, so she starts flipping out and yelling for Jason to help her take off the dress. Just then, Courtney walks in. Edward tells Justus he wants to write a new will.

GL by Boo

Olivia arrives home to find that Emma is missing. Her and Sam head to Beth's house and demand to know where Lizzie has taken her baby. All are stunned to hear that Olivia's baby is alive. Beth and Lillian both assure her that if Lizzie does have Emma, she will not harm her. Christopher is not sure. Lizzie takes Emma to Phillip's loft and tries to get the baby to stop crying. When she realizes there is nothing to feed the child, she piles pillows around her on the floor and leaves her alone to run to the store. When she returns, even the bottle will not keep Emma from crying. Lizzie wants to get Emma settled so she can take 'her gift' to Phillip. Reva and Harley find Carrie in the tunnels. She is alive. Harley goes to get help, leaving Reva to watch Carrie. They both think she is close to death. As Reva turns to get Carrie a bottle of water, Carrie hits her over the head leaving her unconscious.

At towers Edmund and the cast of the play are annoyed that Lizzie is so late for the lunch. While they wait on her, Tammy and Joey go out to enjoy the view of Springfield from the balcony. Edmund and Sandy talk about Cassie. When Edmund notes that Sandy called her 'Aunt Cassie' Sandy explains that he was trying it out to see how it sounds. Edmund goes to call Tammy and Joey back in to order, he too thinks Springfield looks lovely from there. He assures Tammy that he feels richer here than he ever has. Bill and Eden go to see Mel and Rick's new baby. Eden runs into Gus and they have a little talk about how much they miss spending time together. Gus encourages Eden to tell everyone about her engagement to Bill, and not to worry about Vinnie. As Frank is promising Bill not to tell anyone about their engagement, Harley arrives to inform Frank that she needs his help. Gus meets up with a dealer in the park.

OLTL by Kathy

At Rodi’s, John, Eve, Michael and Marcie are celebrating John’s release. John asks Natalie to join the celebration, but she declines. John tells Natalie he doesn’t want their friendship hurt due to a misunderstanding. The Buchanan's are having a christening party for Ace at the country club. Todd crashes the party, and privately speaks to Kelly, saying that some day, he may need a favor. Todd then tells Paul to make sure he says nothing, or Todd will “hurt” him. Todd makes a comment about Duke to Kevin, and Kevin tells Kelly he wants to repair his relationship with Duke. Kelly suggests they invite Duke to visit Ace. Todd later makes a call to Duke, but the call doesn’t go as well as Todd would have liked. Lindsay asks Rex to take the fall for their relationship, saying he was blackmailing her. Rex refuses, saying because he slept with her, his club was closed down. Rex meets with a loan officer, but his loan is denied. RJ encourages Lindsay to make Rex rue the day he met her. Haver’s attorney delivers a note to John, from Haver. The note says: “You missed one – may be dead, may be alive. Cops always think they are the hunters.”

Passions by Brenda

Theresa goes berserk in jail and chokes Rebecca. The guards rush in and zap her with stun guns several times. Fox yells at the guards when they demand that he leave, and tells them that he is a Crane and he will call his grandfather unless they let him stay. Charity's first attempt at on-line fashion is criticized and she becomes discouraged. Pilar and Eve give her some advice and encouragement, and Eve is impressed by Charity's second attempt.

Ethan receives another slap from Theresa, and she is venomous when she tells him she hates him. Later, Ethan goes into little E's room and makes a promise that he will return him to Theresa after the adoption, and when Gwen holds the surrogate baby. Kay is beginning to wise up that she created her own problems and that her future life is going to be nothing like she fantasized about.

Y&R By Callie

Bobby wanted to talk to Brittany so Raul leaves. Bobby told her that Angelo lied about him looking elsewhere. He tells Brittany that he can't stop thinking about her. Brittany lets him know that she needs Raul right now and she and Bobby can just be friends. That hurt Bobby's feelings. Vanessa comes to Neil and asks for a job at Newman Enterprises to work on her hair straightening idea. Dru shows up at Damon's place and Phyllis brags about them being an item. Dru does not believe her until Damon comes down and kisses on her.

Ashley has made up her mind and is determined to tell Victor tonight about him being Abbey's father. Brad tries to stop her, and Nikki tries to stop Victor from meeting with Ashley. Colleen tells Lilly that she is cool with J. T. going alone to LA with Shiloh. J.T. feels bad that he is going without Colleen and shares that feeling with Raul.

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