Tuesday 3/30/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica makes a futile attempt to comfort Bianca. But Bianca tells her mother she will never forgive her and does not believe she is her mother. Jack is devastated and talks to Tad about his similar experience with Dixie and their child dying.

Greenlee catches Reggie's new friend, red-handed in her home wearing her clothes and calls the cops to get her arrested, until Reggie persuades her to have compassion. Greenlee suddenly reveals that she might care about her foster brother and his new friend. Maria and Anita observe Ryan and Kendall ducking it out. Maria urges them to do something else with their anger and frustration, and to see that after what has happened to Bianca's baby, that life is too short.

ATWT by Lea

Margo set up Katie and Mike to make them talk about their relationship. Pillar whined about her stabbing and about Katie investigating her. Mike assured her Katie would not bother her anymore. Katie told Mike she still loved him – but she couldn’t deny still loving Simon. Mike said he loved her too, but they couldn’t be together. Lily and Dusty talked to John about attending the Rose Foundation. John told Dusty he didn’t trust him being in charge of the Foundation. Lily defended Dusty to John.

Jack told Carly that she and Paul needed to stop their investigation. Jennifer informed Paul that Rosanna had returned to Oakdale. Paul went to see Rosanna. She told him she knew he was the one who called the police about Cabot. She never wanted to see Paul again. Paul went to see Carly and told her Rosanna was okay though they were not friends anymore. He was concerned that when he told Carly why Rosanna was upset with him – he would lose her too.

B&B by Boo

Massimo goes to Brook's office to change the name-plate on the door. He and Brook discuss Nick's proposal. Massimo thinks she should accept. He also thinks the two of them need to take a vacation together. Brook still isn't sure. Brook gets a call from Nick and excepts an invitation to meet him at Chucks. Nick explains to Jackie that he plans on getting through to Brook with a song wrote just for her.

Hector and Caitlin argue over her association with the Forresters. Amber overhears part of the conversation before Caitlin storms out of the house and tries to get Hector to talk to her about it. Thomas tells Samantha and Clark why Caitlin is no longer working at Forrester Creations. They both agree that Caitlin should intern with them at Logan Designs. Samantha calls Caitlin to ask her to come to their office. Samantha offers a very pleased Caitlin the job when she arrives. Caitlin is thrilled also to see Thomas is there.

Days by Danielle

Kate is relieved to find Lucas safe and fills him in on Marlena being the killer. Lucas’ first instinct is to find and protect Sami. Alice tries to convince Marlena to stop the killing and spare her life. Marlena speeds away from Alice’s house and heads over to Belle’s loft to make amends with Shawn but finds Jan and Nicole instead. Marlena hints to Jan and Nicole about knowing what really happened to Victor. Sami refuses to believe that Marlena is the killer. In an effort to get away from Sami, John handcuffs her to her car. Neither John’s nor Sami’s car will start so he heads off after Marlena on foot. He heads to the penthouse and confronts Marlena.

Hope fills Bo in on Celeste’s predictions and the recent conclusions about Marlena. They head to Alice’s house after a tip from John. They find Alice’s body in the kitchen. Shawn rushes to the loft to tell Belle about Marlena. Nicole pulls Jan out on the fire escape at Belle’s loft to warn her that killing Belle the same way as Victor was killed would point right back to them. They argue about Nicole holding up her end of the deal to get Shawn for Jan.

GH by Brian

Helena tells Emily that she will kill her if Nikolas is dead.  Emily threatens to tell Jason about Helena’s threats and then asks her to pray for Nikolas instead of making threats.  Carly tells Sam to stay away from her kids and Sonny advises Sam to stay away from Carly.  He has Jason take her to the penthouse for protection.  Justus arranges Faith’s release from jail and Faith asks him to get Luke released too.  Dillon goes to the casino to escape his family and he and Skye discuss relationships.  Skye says Luke is running away and Dillon says it looks more like she is running from him.  Luke walks in as Skye is criticizing he and Faith.  Edward comes to the crash site to offer his help in finding Nikolas.  Sam says she is unable to leave Sonny and is surprised when Jason responds “Then don’t.”  Carly tells Sonny to stay away from Michael, but he goes to see him anyway.  Skye tells Luke and Faith that she quits and Luke tells Faith to leave.  The helicopter pilot spots something in the river, but it ends up just being camping supplies.  Ross asks Mary if she has seen anyone and Mary says no.  Nikolas hears the conversation and tells Mary they should assist in the search.  Luke and Skye argue and she leaves but Luke finds her and asks her to stay with him.  Nikolas tells Mary they should sleep in bed together.  Sam asks Jason to leave but he refuses.

GL by Boo

Lizzie bides her time outside Olivia's until the coast is clear. She finally gets in and finds baby Emma all alone. Everyone is gathered at the hospital awaiting news that Mel has delivered the baby. Rick comes out to ask Ed to join them in the delivery room in time to watch Mel deliver a baby girl. Announcements are made along with requests for names for the baby.

Reva dreams of Maryanne again. Maryanne shows her a headstone for Carrie that indicates Carrie is still alive. Harley calls her to meet her at the funhouse. The two of them find a trap door that leads to tunnels. They both decide to explore the tunnels before going to the police with what they have found. Christopher knows that Phillip has not been taking his meds and argues with Phillip about taking a shot. Christopher wins and gives Phillip the shot. Olivia and Sam disagree over whether Lizzie has changed or not.

OLTL by Kathy

John is finally cleared, and released from jail. Jen has dropped the charges, and Natalie is also released. Asa and Renee come to see the baby, and Asa is thrilled that Kelly and Kevin have decided to name the baby after Asa. Jessica, Antonio and John are celebrating his release, and Jessica mentions Natalie may have feelings for him. John says he is aware, and both have agreed not to ruin the friendship. Todd convinces the editor-in-chief to resign, and Viki appoints Todd into the position until she can find a replacement. David is running all over Llanview, trying to find Dorian – but no one seems to know where she went. Bo is concerned that even though John has been cleared, Haver may have yet another surprise for them.

Passions by Brenda

Gwen and Ethan go to see Dr. Russell for information about the surrogacy procedures. Eve tells Gwen that she will have to start taking hormone shots. During the discussion about children who are raised in terrible foster homes, Eve breaks down and cries. Ethan convinces Gwen that they need to go see Theresa in jail to tell her they are adopting her son. Ethan wants to tell Theresa before anyone else does, but Rebecca beats him to it. After she delivers the news to Theresa, Theresa attacks her and chokes her.

Whitney and Chad watch a TV talk show about brothers and sisters who fall in love without knowing they are related, and then are expecting a child. Whitney says she doesn't believe that can happen, but even if it did, it would be their mother's fault for keeping such a secret.

Y&R By CallieKim

Victor proposes a new offer of $20 million in damages with promise not to sue. The board completely rejects his offer after trying to make him reconsider the $75 million settlement. Victor blames Jack's behavior for not considering the original offer and so does the board. Nikki, however, takes it personal with Victor.

Damon takes Phyllis into a spiritual practice which massages all her
internal energies. Angelo confesses to Bobby that he told Brittany that she should move on and that Bobby was looking for her replacement. Bobby gets very angry and storms over to Brittany's, interrupting Raul and Brittany's finally intimate moment in the bedroom. J.T. tells Colleen about Shiloh's decision for her not to come to LA and she agrees with that decision, being very supportive of J.T.'s career

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