Monday 3/29/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall goes to deliver the devastating news to Bianca that Miranda died in the crash. When JR holds the real Miranda whom he believes is his own child, he keeps remembering Bianca and her baby, with a sensitivity like it's his own. Babe is having nightmares in the hospital room, remembering Paul telling her that her baby was gone. Paul assures his sister Kelly that she needn't feel bad for the mother of her new "baby", and she will be a better mother. David lashes out at Erica, telling her she "got what she wanted". Bianca is not ready to see her mother nor forgive her for what she said to her before the baby was born

ATWT by Boo

After much persuading, Alison enlists Emily's help in talking Susan into giving her college fund to her so that she can 'pull her weight' in the relationship with Chris. Even though Chris had told her not to ask Susan. Reluctantly, Susan agrees to give Alison the money after Alison promises to never drink another drop of alcohol. Susan invites Alison and Chris to dinner at her house. Bob convinces Chris that he and Alison should start socializing with colleagues so that Alison could get comfortable in his world. Holden scolds Aaron about getting Alison drunk until he hears the whole story. Lily attempts to patch things up with Molly by inviting her to the benefit. Molly declines but does give a very generous donation. Jennifer has a nice visit with her father at the station where she learns that it is possible that Rosanna is missing. Jordan literally bumps into Rosanna. They sit down to have coffee as Jennifer joins them. Jennifer tells an unconcerned Rosanna that everyone thinks she has been kidnapped.

B&B by Boo

Deacon and Jackie share a kiss, and then get a bit uncomfortable with each other. Deacon assures Jackie that he understands she is just trying to help her son. Amber goes to Hectors to thank him for saving her life, and ends up accepting Hector's offer to crash at his place for awhile.

Brook tells Nick that she is not ready to be his wife. The two of them feel the baby moving. After Nick leaves, Brook daydreams about what their life together might be like. Nick rushes to the Marone mansion to share with his mother about the baby moving. He assures Jackie that he can make Brook happy if Brook will let him.

Days by Danielle

Sami lashes out at Kate because of her accusations about Marlena. Roman’s ghost visits Kate. Jan continues her plot to kill Belle. Shawn rushes to the loft to protect Belle. Marlena returns to Alice’s house to kill her. Alice is determined to put up a fight. Roman’s ghost offers to help Marlena stop the killings but Marlena insists that Alice must die. Celeste tries to remember who is in danger but can only recall that Marlena is the killer. In a frantic search to get to Marlena, John accidentally crashes into Sami’s car. Sami threatens to shoot and kill John in an effort to keep him away from Marlena because she fears that John is planning on killing Marlena.

GH by Antonia

 Luke stops the hit man from finding Sam. Carly gets upset when she finds out Sonny took Sam to their island. Alcazar encourages Carly not to let Sonny to see Michael and Morgan anymore. When Sonny finds out that Sam went after the hit man alone, he gets mad at her. Nikolas and Emily barely miss seeing each other by the riverbank. Nikolas asks Mary questions about their past together. Mary starts to cry when she starts to remember the happy times she had with her late husband. Mary informs Nikolas that she wants them to leave together, but he tells her he feels he can only regain his memory if they remain there. Nikolas asks Mary to kiss him, and they share a sort-of awkward kiss. Skye tips off the police of Faith's money laundering. As Skye tries to blackmail Faith into leaving town in exchange for dropping the charges, Luke shows up and ruins it for Skye. Luke tells Skye that she can't stop or protect him from a life that HE wants to live, so Skye tells Luke that she was only trying to blackmail Faith to keep her away from HIM.

GL by Boo

Alan tells Buzz, Ed, Billy about the agreement he made with Gus. He is taking the blame for Maryanne's death. They are all off the hook. Mel goes into labor. Gus questions Rick about antimonies. Lizzie follows Olivia to her house.

Marah is on everyone's mind. Cassie promises Jeffrey that she will look out for Marah, and then asks Edmond to stop investigating Jeffrey. Cassie thinks Jeffrey will take care of Marah, Edmond thinks he will bail on her. Tony rescues Marah from a mob of reporters in the park and takes her back home. They talk abou the shooting. Tony then goes to Josh tries to explain to him how he thinks Marah feels. He tells Josh that Marah has convinced herself that she is guilty of Murder. He tells Josh that he will be there if the Lewises need him.

OLTL by Kathy

Blair admits to Kevin on the phone that she may have been confused about the rape. Starr overhears, and instant-messages Todd to come over to the house. When Todd arrives, Starr tells Blair to tell Todd what she said on the phone. Blair and Todd talk, and while Blair says she may have been confused, too much has happened between them, that they don’t have a future. Outside, Todd tells Starr to be patient, they will be a family again. Jen walks into Ultra Violet and catches Lindsay and Rex in a compromising position. The three of them argue, and Lindsay calls it quits with Rex. Daniel catches up with Lindsay at Angel Square, and Lindsay tries to apologize, telling Daniel he is important to her. Daniel walks Lindsay home. Jen has Natalie arrested for the fight, and Natalie is put in a cell next to John. John comforts Natalie, telling her not to bottle up her feelings. Antonio discovers the security tapes from Haver’s cell, and sees him stealing the sleeping pills from Jessica’s purse, and drugging the cop. He tells John this may be enough evidence to have John released.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa gets caught breaking into the Crane mansion with the intent to kidnap her son. Rebecca has her arrested.

Ethan refused to adopt little Ethan, and Gwen accused him of putting Theresa's needs ahead of hers.

Pilar tells Eve that Chad may be her son - the evidence points to Chad.

Y&R By CallieKim

Rose, the girl at the park with Cerebral Palsy, persuades Brittany to not give up. Brittany goes back to her old jobsite at Marsino's and daydreams about her good times there. Angelo sees her and tells her that she should not be there anymore and that she should move on. He tells her that Bobby has already started to look for another girl.

Shiloh gets into an argument with J.T. because he insisted that Colleen come with them to LA .She tells J.T. he will be busy every second and it is important that he be introduced alone because he is an unknown. The board meeting is all set up and all Victor has to do is sign to settle out of court for $75 million to go to Jabot. Jack walks in late and shoots off his mouth, saying things about Victor and how there shouldn't even be a meeting. Victor decides to drop the deal and walks out.

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