Friday 3/26/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Dr. Joe tells Erica that Bianca will be o.k., but he has to inform Krystal that Babe is running a high fever and has an infection. Everybody still believes that the baby who is really Bianca's Miranda is JR and Babe's child and they call her Bess. Adam is happy that his granddaughter is o.k. and doesn't seem to care about anything else.

Erica really changes her attitude and wants to be there for Bianca and Miranda. A search party informs Bianca's family that they found a crush incubator in the river and believe that the baby who was supposedly in it has died. Bianca wakes up right after they've gotten the news.

ATWT by Boo

Barbara thinks that her eyesight is just fine, but she is horrified to discover that it is only getting worse. Walker agrees to take her to see a specialist. Jack and Craig are able to get De Grassi arrested in New York and ready to be transported back to Oakdale. De Grassi will tell them nothing about Rosanna, or who he is working for. Paul, Carly, and Lucy meet with a dead-end in St. Barts and board a plane to come back to Oakdale. Jessica visits Sarah and is saddened to realize that Sarah is happy where she is and doesn't need her.

B&B by Boo

Jackie has doubts about keeping her secret, yet she is afraid she will lose her husband and her son if she talks. All of this, she confides to Deacon. Ridge goes to Eric for advice and tells him of all that has happened. Eric encourages Ridge to fight for what he wants. Nick goes to Brooke and tries to convince her that the only way to stop all this madness is if she will accept his proposal and marry him.

Days by Danielle

Jan eavesdrops on Sami and Belle’s heart to heart talk during a pajama party. Jan plots to kill Belle the same way that she killed Victor. Sami tries to convince Belle that she shouldn’t tell Shawn the truth. Kate overhears the call between Eric and Sami as Eric tells Sami that Marlena left Colorado before Abe’s murder. Celeste warns Shawn that lies will kill the love for him.

John goes to Roman’s old house to look for Marlena and surprises Kate. John and Kate discuss John’s theory about Marlena. Alice tries to convince Marlena to stop killing. Celeste calls on the ghosts of Salem’s departed to protect Alice. Tom’s ghost orders Marlena out of the house before she can harm Alice and Alice calls John to tell him about Marlena’s recent behavior.

GH by Suzanne

The doctor tells Carly that Morgan has scarlet fever. Jason and Lorenzo try to calm Carly down. Lucky prevents Emily from throwing herself in the river to look for Nikolas. The police continue to search for Nikolas. Ross suggests to Ric that chances are slim that Nikolas survived and that he be honest with Emily. Alexis gets ticked off at Ross' attitude. Emily finds the wedding rings that Nikolas bought, so she takes it as a sign that he's still alive.

Mary tells Nikolas that the police are looking for him because he's a deserter. Nikolas doesn't believe him because he knows he would never shirk his duty, even though he doesn't remember who he is. He wants to turn himself in but she begs him not to. He takes off when she leaves the room and is very close to where Emily is. Sonny and Sam have a good time at the casino. Jason phones Sonny to tell him about Morgan. Sonny naturally blames himself. Jason tells Lorenzo to back off from Carly, but Carly doesn't think Sonny's feelings about Alcazar should matter right now. The man who blew up Sonny's limo finds Alcazar to ask him again for his money; Carly interrupts so Alcazar pretends he was just asking for directions. The doctor tells Carly that Morgan should make a full recovery. Sam and Sonny return; Jason tells her that she shouldn't hang around to make Carly upset. Carly thanks God for Morgan's recovery in the chapel. Carly, Sonny, and Jason each talk to Morgan. Sonny finds Carly hugging Lorenzo in the chapel so he and Carly go at it again. Sam is on the pier when she spies the hit man; she overhears his conversation with someone about how he plans to take out all the witnesses, even though his boss wants him out of town.

GL by Megan

In a secluded spot in the park, Jeffrey orders Marah to throw him to the wolves and save herself. Using his skills as a prosecutor, he shows her how Doris will be able to twist the facts and use Marah's feelings for Jeffrey against her. Jeffrey forces himself to be cruel and their parting is devastating. Alone, Marah is surrounded by the paparazzi just as it seems there's no escape, a mysterious man on a motorcycle rides to her aid. Jeffrey, meanwhile, makes a cryptic call and throws himself back into his work. Christopher reveals to Reva that he works for the feds and that he targeted her from the beginning. Cassie arrives and informs Reva that Christopher's superior is none other than Jeffrey O'Neill. Reva throws Christopher out of the house and is tempted to give up on her abilities all together. But Cassie makes an emotional plea for Reva to hold onto who she is. Alan schedules a print interview so that he and the rest of the Spaulding family can show a united front. B ut Olivia throws a curveball when she arrives and introduces herself as the outsider who will clean up Spaulding. Despite his great reservations, Alan is forced to admit he might need Olivia. Lizzie surprises Beth by seemingly accepting Olivia into the family fold. She's willing to give her a chance. But, when Olivia returns home to baby Emma, someone is watching through the window.

OLTL by Kathy

Todd arrives at Viki’s house, and Viki and Todd argue about Todd seeing Starr. He tells Viki that he is worried about Starr, and asks Viki to visit Starr to see if she can help. Blair comes back downstairs after Todd leaves, and she and Viki continue to talk about her relationship with Todd, as well as Starr’s issues. After Blair leaves, Viki nearly collapses. John agrees to allow Evangeline to defend him, and the two discuss his case. Antonio talks to Jessica about being hypnotized. Daniel prepares to raid Ultraviolet, unaware that Riley is playing there. Natalie and Jen finally come to blows at Ultraviolet, and as Rex is trying to break up the fight, the cops raid the place. Todd meets with an employee from Buchannon Enterprises. After a drink, Todd begins to flirt with her, and she starts talking about B.E.

Passions by Brenda

Pilar delivers the news to Pilar that she is suffering from a rare, sometimes fatal, blood disorder. Pilar and Eve have a heart to heart talk about Eve's past with Julian, and Pilar suggests that Chad might be Eve and Julian's son. Luis goes to see Beth and vows to bring down Alistair Crane so that he and Sheridan can be reunited. Beth goes to see Alistair and tells him of Luis's plan. Alistair gives Beth a passionate kiss.

Fox helps Theresa sneak into the Crane mansion so that she can kidnap little Ethan and take him out of the country. Of course, Rebecca has anticipated Theresa's moves, and the Crane security guards hold her at gunpoint. Gwen and Ethan discuss hiring a surrogate mother so that they can have a child, without having to adopt little Ethan, since Ethan refuses to do so.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

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