Thursday 3/25/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca and Babe are both in the hospital. Kendall blames Erica. But Jack convinces her not to shut her mother out because the family needs to pull together. Tad corners Paul, knowing he did a secretive dirty deed in order to be spiteful to Babe. Adam Chandler is very happy to believe he has a baby granddaughter. But JR cannot be as happy believing Bianca's baby is gone. Erica goes and privately prays to save her granddaughter. Anita helps the two new mothers and informs Bobbie that it's very important for her to be there for them. David reveals that the loss of Miranda is just like the loss of Leora for him.

ATWT by Boo

Jack and Craig make progress with their investigation in New York, while Paul, Carly, and Craig pretty much bomb out in St. Barts. Chris finds a smashed Alison with her mother at Lakeview and smoothes things over with her. Katie, Mike, Margo, and Pilar have a few heated discussions at the old mill while they try to straighten things out. Mike warns Katie not to mess with Pilar again. Henry fakes a black eye to try to get Katie to stop obsessing about Pilar also.

B&B by Lea

Jackie eavesdropped on Ridge and Nick’s argument. Ridge continued to rant and rave – Massimo tried to calm him down and to see reason. Nick told Ridge he only wanted to give his child security – the kind he never had growing up.

Samantha dropped by to see Stephanie – but found Brooke. Brooke told Samantha that Nick proposed. Samantha offered Brooke her shoulder. Though told her honestly she wouldn’t be upset if Brooke and Nick sailed off into the sunset together.

Days by Danielle

Kate receives a visit from Roman’s ghost who urges her to move on with her life. Lexie arrives to check on Jennifer, revealing that Patrick’s use of a hot water bottle saved Jennifer from going into early labor. Patrick decides to stay when Jennifer offers to forgo the rent. A dark spirit overtakes Celeste’s body and talks to John about Marlena’s prior possession. Celeste’s tarot cards reveal Alice’s picture as the next to die. John consults Father Jensen for advice. Marlena repeatedly stabs a pile of pillows under a blanket, believing it to be Alice asleep in bed.

GH by Suzanne

Sonny and Sam fly to his island, where he intends to spoil her. She is overwhelmed by his generosity and wealth. Sonny and Sam have sex. She marvels at seeing him smile and be charming for the first time. He gives her a pretty dress, some diamond earrings, and some casino chips to gamble with. Carly and Jason bring Morgan to the hospital because of his high fever. Carly rants and raves about Sonny being gone with Sam. Lorenzo arrives to comfort her. Emily freaks out about Nikolas being missing, maybe drowned. Lucky has to tell her not to run off and search herself. Alexis arrives and chats with them, trying to help keep Emily calm. Mary takes Nikolas' jacket and throws it in the river, so Lucky finds it. Emily is right behind him and freaks out, wanting to jump into the river. Nikolas has lots of questions for Mary when he wakes up; he's very suspicious and frustrated. She burns most of the photos of her husband, Connor, so Nikolas won't know that he's not her husband. Nikolas assures Elizabeth that he wasn't trying to kill Zander.

GL by Megan

The missing rings cause Marina, Michelle, Reva and Harley to wonder if Carrie might still be alive. They hurry to Carrie's room where Marah meets them. There is no sign of Carrie, but she's left them a surprise, a gift left for "her murderer." The women are very unsettled and Harley vows to get to the bottom of the mystery. Jeffrey summons Christopher to commence damage control. Cassie knows they are feds, and Reva will soon know too. Christopher must cut her off at the pass. When Reva returns home, she finds Christopher waiting for her with a confession. Jeffrey meets with Ross, who fills him in on the incriminating photos of him and Marah. Ross believes that Jeffrey is Marah's weak spot and could cost her if they get to trial. Election Day is growing closer and Danny is gaining on Ross. Ross suffers a minor setback when Ed informs him that he's joining Danny's campaign. Danny meanwhile is less than pleased when Salerno shows up at his fundraiser. Bill finally pops the question and asks Eden to marry him. An emotional Eden accepts, but Salerno's presence makes her fear for Bill's safety.

OLTL by Kathy

Bo and John watch the video tape, and it turns out that a cop claims John hired him to kill Haver. Later, the cop evidently committed suicide. John and Bo discuss the fact that Haver could have hypnotized him. John is put in jail, and Natalie hires Evangeline to defend him. Dorian receives a letter, and must leave town, so she drugs David so he won’t follow her. Daniel is still out to get Rex and close Ultraviolet, but he doesn’t know that Riley is about to have a concert there. Viki and Blair discuss New Years Eve night, and Blair says she thinks it’s possible Todd didn’t rape her. Starr is still afraid and calls Todd, but he isn’t able to ease her fears.

Passions by Brenda

Eve runs a few medical tests on Pilar, who seems very tired and dizzy lately. Luis is worried that his mother may have taken on too much work by running the bed and breakfast while Grace is in Italy. Rebecca tells Gwen not to worry about Ethan's refusal to adopt little Ethan. In the meantime, Ethan goes to see Theresa's attorney, Woody. They are trying to come up with a plan to give Theresa back her son. Ethan says he will die trying to help Theresa regain custody of little Ethan.

Fox tells Theresa that she has to walk the "straight and narrow" if she hopes to get little Ethan back. He looks up jobs and apartments for Theresa on the internet. However, Theresa is back to plotting and scheming to kidnap little Ethan and says she won't get caught. She also said that walking the straight and narrow never worked for her before.

Y&R By CallieKim

Nikki finds Sharon on the ground and brings her in. After getting her checked out by Dr. Olivia, she and Nikki talk about why Sharon has been taking sedatives. Sharon tells Nikki that she fell through the window because she saw Cameron chasing her. Sharon questions whether Cameron is really dead ,and it slipped out to Nikki that Larry took the body out of the trunk. Sharon tells Nikki that the only way she would feel better is if she saw the body herself. She HAD to see it. Lauren told Paul that she is bailing Kevin out of jail. Paul tries to get it through her head that Kevin is dangerous and she will have to deal with the consequences. She said Kevin would never hurt her. Ashley tells Jack that she is telling Victor that Abbey is his child. Jack tries to stop her but can't. Nicholas tells Victor that he told Phyllis to beat it when she tried to get her job back and Victor told him he made a big mistake. Phyllis and Damon are talking cozily in bed and Damon tells her to emphasize the positive.

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