Wednesday 3/24/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca and Babe are finally found. However, they discover that although they both gave birth, there is only one baby. JR instantly knows Paul Kramer did something to his baby and threaten Paul with Adam by his side. Afraid of the threats of the Chandler father and son, Paul tells them that the baby they see is JR's. The other one, which is Bianca's, died in the crash. But it's the other way around. Believing Bianca lost her baby, her family is distraught.

Maria and Edmund get the romance back in their marriage, and Edmund is able to get Maria to accept his decision to go through with the surgery so he can walk. Bobbie charms Anita with a romantic dinner and tells her he wants things to get back to the way they used to be.

ATWT by Boo

Alison gets pretty drunk at Aaron's place and thinks she has come up with the perfect solution to get Chris' money back for him. When Chris comes looking for her, she runs off looking for her mother. Susan and Kim argue again about the kids. Katie steals Pilar's address book and calls someone in the book pretending to be Pilar. She sets up a meeting with the mystery man. Pilar is very upset to learn what Katie has done and Mike promises to keep Katie under control. Molly has some advice for Lily that makes Lily take a second look at her life. Lily asks Holden to be her partner in the foundation.

B&B by Lea

Ridge tried to talk Brooke out of marrying Nick. Jackie found Stephanie in Nick’s office – Stephanie told Jackie about the marriage proposal. Nick told Massimo he proposed to Brooke. Massimo tried to talk sense to Ridge.

Samantha accepted the puppy from Thomas and Caitlin. She named the puppy Annie – as in Little Orphan.

Days by Danielle

Jennifer and Abby bake cupcakes for Alice as Patrick makes plans to leave. Jennifer tries to convince Patrick to stay but he refuses. Jennifer is suddenly overcome as her baby goes into distress. Tek becomes aware that the killer is breaking into the police mainframe and orders it shut down. Tek confronts Marlena at her penthouse.

Hope insists that Shawn tell her his theory about the killer. They pour over Tek’s notes about Marlena. Celeste and John discuss the clues that lead them to Marlena as the killer, calling on the dark forces for help. Doug’s ghost and Tom’s voice warn Alice that she is in danger. Alice leaves a message at the police station for Hope to call her. Marlena heads out to kill Alice.

GH by Suzanne

The police shoot Zander, who pretends he's reaching for his gun. Emily gets upset and accuses Ric and Elizabeth of wanting him dead. Ric reminds her that Zander was responsible for the fire, which injured, killed, and endangered people, including Nikolas. She gives Ric her statement. Nikolas is in his car wreck; he wakes up and staggers away, then collapses at a woman's door. The woman has recently lost her husband in the war. She drags Nikolas in, intending to go for help. When he wakes up, not remembering who he is, she says that he's her husband. Nikolas' car is found and Lucky is called. The paramedics tell Lucky that Nikolas may have fallen into the river. Emily finds out and so Lucky has to tell her that Nikolas may have drowned. Elizabeth feels both relieved and upset about Zander's death. She ask Ric if he wanted him dead.

Sam and Jason have a talk; she tells him that she intends to stay with Sonny; he tells her that he thinks Sonny and Carly should be together. Lorenzo is visiting Carly; Sonny sees them kissing through the window when he drops off their final custody papers. He is cold to Carly but then tells Jason he had hoped for a reconciliation. Carly, upset about the way Sonny acted, tells Jason that she fears she will always love Sonny. Carly wonders if Lorenzo really loved her or just wanted her away from Sonny, and he admits it was both. Sonny asks Jason to keep an eye out on Carly for him and that he doesn't want to feel for her any more. Sonny invites Sam to go away with him to his island. Jason notices that Morgan has a fever. Dillon runs to Kelly's to get away from his family, but Tracy and Edward track him down. He threatens to give Mike (and thus Sonny) his proxy if they don't leave him alone.

GL by Megan

Reva and Harley redouble their effort to clear her name. They focus their attention on the drugs in her system the night of the shooting. It occurs to them that perhaps Marah wasn't the only one drugged by Carrie. They summon Michelle and Marina and confirm that they too felt disoriented that night. Jeffrey visits Marah and breaks the bad news about the bullet found in the back of Carrie's cloak. Ross arrives to counsel Marah and Jeffrey takes his leave. When Ross explains to Marah the rules of the grand jury, she insists on testifying. In an attempt to change her mind, Ross plays prosecutor and grills her on the stand, but Marah refuses to back down. Michelle deals with her crisis of faith. How can she work on the hotline when she can't even help the people she loves?

Tammy, looking through Beacon personnel files to find Sam's number for Lizzie is caught by Cassie. Tammy covers well and with some trepidation, delivers the number to Lizzie. Lizzie uses the number and her Spaulding security staff to find an address. Cassie and Edmund reconnect after a night spent apart. Edmund apologizes for not having enough faith in Cassie and their relationship. Cassie tracks down Jeffrey at the gym and shows him the photo. Jeffrey plays it off and calls it no big deal. But he later phones Christopher and it is clear he is rattled by Cassie's discovery.

OLTL by Kathy

At the hospital, Dorian is finally able to track Kevin down, after Kelly suggests she call Blair. Kevin arrives at the hospital, and finally meets his son. Kelly asks if they can name him after Asa. Todd bribes a workman at Dorian’s, dresses up as a painter, and sneaks in to talk to Starr. Starr says she’s scared, she hears noises. Todd tell her she is safe, and has nothing to be afraid of. Later that night, Starr instant-messages Todd that she is afraid. Todd tells her she has the magic ring, and she is safe. Blair has flashbacks of New Years Eve, and wonders if she recalled the events accurately. Evangeline tells Blair that Todd wants shared custody – Blair says no. A video tape arrives at the police station, and after viewing it, Bo interrupts a dinner between John, Natalie, Jessica, and Antonio, to arrest John for Haver’s murder. Lindsay tries once again to end things with Rex – both business and personal, but the two end up at Capricorn, going behind a curtain. Daniel walks in and sees them together, calls someone, and tells them to dig up the dirt on Rex and Ultraviolet, and shut the place down – tonight. Todd makes a call to ensure that Kelly’s story about giving birth is secure, and then says that now Kelly owes him.

Passions by Brenda

Kay plans a quiet evening with Miguel until she gets called back to work. The other workers at the cannery tell Kay not to expect her life to change - working at the cannery is now her life. Ivy seems to be able to get through to Charity by mentioning that after her surgery, she is the one with Timmy's heart. Charity agrees that Timmy would not be happy with the way she has been acting, and Ivy tries to find a career that Charity would like. They finally agree on "fashion".

Sheridan calls out for Luis, while she is in bed with Antonio. He doesn't get too upset and says he understands. Sheridan keeps having flashbacks of Luis. Beth sets up a romantic dinner for Luis and requests the radio station play the song they used to dance to in high school. Luis has a fleeting memory of Sheridan and decides to leave. Beth gets very upset, but Edna is pleased that Luis didn't fall for another of Beth's plans.

Y&R By Callie

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